Subby has been caged for several weeks and I am going away for the weekend.  Should I:

Leave him caged and explain that he will be given a treat upon my return, provided he doesn't cheat?
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Uncage him but say "If you relieve yourself whilst I am away then your freedom is gone for a month"?
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Leave him caged and offer no reward except his continued servitude and loyalty to his beloved KH?
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Something else which will tease and frustrate him whilst I am away?
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New to being a keyholder

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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #30 on: August 13, 2021, 08:13:10 PM »
Hello KHs et al,
I'm calling today's posting "Shopping Trip"
As our vacation draws to an end and we have just 1 day left,  I thought that Hubby (as Subby) should take me shopping tomorrow.  We are leaving the kids with friends so have the day for some fun.
Subby has been instructed to find a good local attraction, restaurant and shops.  The latter must include a sex shop and when we go in he is to make it very clear that he is my sub and will be buying to please me.
What are your suggestions? You have just over 12 hours and money is no limit as he is paying;-)
Yours impishly,
Mistress Dominique xxx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #31 on: August 14, 2021, 02:55:03 AM »
Mistress Dominique, I feel it only proper to point out that having Subby 'make it clear' that he is your submissive is "forcing" your kink on an unconsenting person. This is a person in a retail sales position.... would you expect Subby to do the same thing at the grocery store?

If you want to have a humiliation aspect to the shopping trip, maybe consider having Subby ask about items you think would embarrass him (i.e. strap-on dildos or strap-on harnesses). Something that keeps the kink aspect just between the two of you.
Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it and not in the way you expected.

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #32 on: August 14, 2021, 09:39:22 AM »
Hello Odslutpuppy,
Sounds advice,  as always:-)
Kind regards,
Mistress D xx

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #33 on: October 29, 2021, 11:30:45 AM »
Hello Chastikey et al,
Rekindling and re-establishing our roles…
It has been what feels like forever since I last wrote on what has become for me and Subby the “fun and saucy” posting.  These conversations have become very much about the fantasy and creative thoughts that chastity role play has given us.  A place where we enjoy sharing our experiences to get ideas and guidance from you, it has also become part of the disciplining of my naughty little slut of a husband; me posting Subby’s antics is a combination of humiliation and sexual release.  As I type, my impish imagination grows wings, which the wise amongst you readers give me guidance on how to make them safe and sensible.  For this I am, and definitely Subby is, always very grateful.  The discussions are as sexy and interesting as the delivery.
Hubby and I have both been too busy and tired to spend the time on chastity for the last couple of months.  We have found that time and thought are essential in making this relationship work and so the cage and various other toys have been neatly stored away in their suitcase, out of the way of prying eyes of cause.  Fortunately, we have been able to take a break from work, which is all absorbing, and now give each other time.  A weekend away, from the kids and friends, was greatly needed and that is what we have done.
Initially, neither of us thought that we would have the energy for ‘fun’ and considered collapsing at home, with the TV and hot drinks, instead.  The effort put into finding a hotel, with a room tucked away from causing anyone else embarrassment, took a great deal of will power.  But we managed it and boy, was it worth it!
The day before, packing our suitcases was fun and all part of the build-up.  I made Subby watch me pack my very best, and most enticing, lingerie and dresses.  Making a great show of flattening the fabric, holding it against my petite body, I could see how desperate he was to feel it too; even, possibly, imagine wearing it for himself!  The latter still makes me feel uncomfortable, the distinction between maleness and femininity are too engrained within me.  However, Subby knows that he is not allowed to wear woman’s clothing without my permission, or supervision.  This doesn’t stop me from teasing him with it, all of the time😊
Once packed, I explained that there was one thing left to do: “Darling, haven’t you forgotten something?” This produced a puzzle look on his face and a “No, I think that is it?”
“No, what!” Then a look of worry appeared, the sternness in my voice indicating that more was going on here than he had considered.
Instantly the shoulders dropped, the eyes became averted and in a quieter voice “Sorry Mistress,  please explain what my inadequate mind has overlooked.”
“That is better, slut.  Now, is it not time that you locked your tiny self away?”
“Of cause, sorry Mistress!  I will do it now.”  Slightly rushed but also showing a satisfied relief, Hubby was packed away in his silver cage and was handing me the key in a very short time.
“Much better.” I said, giving his package a quick inspection and tug.  I love making it clear to him that I own his freedom and the tug is like underlining this fact.
“Now, shopping, some time with the kids and an early night; you are going to need your energy for the next couple of days darling!” 😊
The balance of fun and mundane is all part of the process.  When my head is in the game, I am very good at this.  Just when Subby is relaxing into one thing, a short reminding comment, a look or touch, keeps the role play alive.  The build up takes effort and the longer it goes on for the better the high is but also the more energy is consumed.  For me, it is less tiring, the fun of being the Mistress I suppose: giving orders, having Subby at my beck and call, only takes thinking time.  However, though tiring for my hubby, the end release is always so much more intense.  The journey, with the many pleasurable experiences for me and the explosive finale for him, is why chastity has become such an important part of our marriage! 😊
Unfortunately, I have to dash now but I will continue the story soon, I promise.
Yours dominantly,
Mistress D xx

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #34 on: October 30, 2021, 07:33:57 PM »
Hello Chastikey et al,
Rekindling and re-establishing our roles…part 2
The first day away started off a little awkwardly: thoughts of work and home chores took time to fade into the background.  I had given the break away some thought and instructed Subby that he was to woo me for the first 24 hours and not rush into anything too quickly.  He enjoys being overtly gentlemanly as much as I enjoy being pampered, I especially love the looks that I get from other woman, with their less attentive husbands, as he opens doors, carries the bags and the like.  I know, smugness is not something to be proud of but if every woman, and man, could put their socially induced sensibilities to one side, I think that everyone would have a far more fulfilling life!
We had about an hour’s drive to the hotel and being chauffeured is always nice; I hate driving anyway.  The advantage of riding shotgun, of cause, is being able to tease Subby by showing a little thigh, making the occasional inuendo and giving him the most smouldering of looks whilst at traffic lights.  Listening to his wanton groans and looks of panic, is simply divine!😉  By the time we arrived Subby was clearly aching.  Check in went smoothly and he could not have taken our suitcases up to our room any more promptly if he had tried, and it was not a short walk with two cases, a dress bag and bottles of fizz!
Our room was certainly out of the way, which put my sensibilities at rest.  The hotel was built in the Victorian era and though tired at the edges, has beautiful lines and décor.  The room was smallish but serviceable to our needs: warm, no adjoining rooms and an ensuite.  Closer inspection revealed some other handy features such as bed posts, a very sturdy towel rail and a soft leather chair of useful proportions.  Hubby could see me inspecting the room and, I suspect, was able to guess at some of my thoughts.  His demeanour was one of excitement and apprehension, he-he, I play him so well!
As I warmed up in a bath with a glass of bubbly, Subby unpacked and organised the room.  From the bath I was able to give him the occasional instruction which he responded to with an enthusiastic “Yes, Mistress!”
“Bring me my towel slave and then you need to take a shower.  Make sure that you are shaved and the like.  You have 10 minutes and when you come into the room, keep your eyes to the ground.  You will only be wearing your cage.”
For my part, I dried my thick brown hair off a little and plaited it whilst damp; Hubby has a thing for wet hair (I know, right!).  I decided not to waste time dressing and instead laid on the bed with the thick towel around me.  I am proud of my body and very comfortable in my nakedness.  I’m not an exhibitionist and definitely am an introvert; you would possibly not notice me in a crowded room.  However, I have lots of self-confidence, which is important during role play.  I am very empathic and can imagine what Hubby wants, feels and sees.  I knew that seeing my rounded calves and hair over the shoulder would drive him wild!  The towel would heighten his desire as it was only one short tug from revealing my nakedness.
As he entered, eyes down, I told him to halt and turn 360.  “Hmmm, I can see that you have let yourself go a little over the last few months, you will need to restart at the gym when we get home.  We can work on some of the toning up over the next two days my little puppy dog…  I am pleased that you are trimmed and well presented, though.”
“Yes Mistress, I am here to please you.  Can I look up, I would like to see Mistress’ beauty?”
“Yes, you may.”
Yep, his eyes definitely widened as he saw my legs, his breathing started to increase as well.  “Mistress is beautiful.  Please instruct me as to what you desire from me.”
“Come to the side of the bed.”  I removed the towel and heard a pleasing groan from my slave.  “You are going to be my slut for the rest of the day, do you understand?” A nod.  “Do you understand!”
“Yes Mistress.”
“I want you to make my skin tingle. You may now touch my body with your mouth but no hands!”
“Yes Mistress, I will enjoy pleasing you.”
“Oh, one other thing, rewards and punishments.”  I said, using my eyes to draw his attention to the crop which was at my side.  “If you please me then you will get strokes, if you linger too long and start to bore me, or miss something important, then you will feel the sting of my disappointment, do you understand puppy dog?”
“I understand, I will work very hard to please you Mistress.”
The next hour went well, very well indeed.  By the end of the session, my skin felt electrified, Subby is not afraid to explore every inch!  Judging from his leakage, my dirty little slut of a husband had fun too!  The mixture of strokes and slaps from the crop heightened rather than hindered his enthusiasm. He-he, and it was only mid-afternoon!
“You have pleased me.  Wash off your seepage and then you may lay next to me.  My glass needs filling first and then we can talk…we need to discuss some of your failings over the last couple of months…”
“What Mistress?  I thought we were taking a break, it was work!”
“Oh, you poor, poor little thing.  I never stop noticing you dear and I want you to know that it is all to help make you a better slave.”
I swear his hand was shaking when he filled my glass😉
The rest of the weekend was very special and Subby got a treat which he had asked for but I had not been able to do at home; the walls are too thin and kids are always home! 
If you would like me to share further, then please add a comment to this posting.
Mistress Dominique xxx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #35 on: October 30, 2021, 09:59:21 PM »
Wonderful to hear that things went well, Mistress Dominique - I suspect that your imagination has much to do with that. It always warms my ❤️ to "see" what good self confidence can result in.

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your weekend, Mistress Dominique. And I'm pretty confident that there's many more interested as well. 😘😘
Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it and not in the way you expected.


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #36 on: October 30, 2021, 10:05:56 PM »
The journey, with the many pleasurable experiences for me and the explosive finale for him, is why chastity has become such an important part of our marriage! 😊

I think you've now found your answer to the question you asked; "Why do men like to be caged" :-)

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #37 on: November 11, 2021, 04:48:15 PM »
Hello Chastikey et al,
Rekindling and re-establishing our roles…part 3
Without doubt, when Hubby is caged and when I am able to really make him feel his servitude to me, life is very intense and deeply rewarding.  In the busy day-to-day life that most of us lead, it is difficult to really dominate my sub.  When a weekend crops up (I do giggle when I think of the work ‘crop’), it offers a chance to tick so many passionate and primal boxes.
The first night of our break away from being parents was fun, awkward at times and even down tight clunky, but fun.  However, in the morning we were both woken by the rude sounds of crates being banged around by the catering staff (now we understood why there were not many guests at this end of the hotel).  That aside, we both loved the fact that there was no cat asking for breakfast or kids on Xbox’s shouting out “Head Shot!”.  Plus, the advantage of waking up early was, my slave had more time to pamper his Mistress. ;-)
“Would Mistress like me to run a bath before we go down for breakfast?”
“Yes, Mistress would.  I also want you to straighten the room up, it looks like an orgy has taken place here!”  We both smiled at that one.
After a lovely warm start to the morning, Subby having heated up my towels on the radiator for when I emerged from the bath, I went to get dressed.  Just as Subby was about to jump into the shower I had a thought.  “Stop.  Put these on behind your back.” I said, handing him some cuffs, “And sit on that chair whilst I dress.  I want you to describe how you are feeling and what you are hoping will happen today.”
Still wrapped in my towel, I took my time selecting first my underwear and then a warm woollen dress which would go wonderfully well with my heeled black boots.  I teased him endlessly as I dressed; pulling up stockings should never be rushed and the latches can be so troublesome;-)  The constant dialogue from him gave me further ideas of how to make him aroused and excited. Finally, when I put my foot against his cage as he sat, and slowly zipping up the boot, I thought he was going to faint!  Being a woman is amazing and you guys are such slaves to your manhood’s!
The morning was wonderful.  After a filling breakfast we took a stroll along the waterfront on an unseasonably mild Autumn day.  I flirted with Hubby endlessly, smouldering looks, girly giggles and strokes of the arms; he loves being touched on his arms and back.  The funniest point was walking past an elderly couple who were holding hands, clearly still in love, and the gentleman commented to Hubby on what a fine day it was for “walking, talking and courting”.  Just as he said this, I pinched Subby’s arse and made him jump.  Whispering in his ear “I think you enjoyed the pain from that” he actually blushed.  Was he in for a treat tonight!
After a bit of shopping, which neither of us were particularly inspired in doing, we went to a pub for lunch.  A pint at lunchtime always makes Hubby sleepy, which I was planning for, and so upon our return to the hotel I suggested a short nap.  Very quickly he was snoring away to himself and I carefully got out of bed, so as not to disturb him, to get his treat ready.  Hubby had explained previously that the crop is fun but he would love to be disciplined harder.  This was never an option at home with kids constantly around and so today he was going to get what he asked for...possibly more than he hoped for!
Got to dash now, I’ll explain more when I get the time.
Yours impishly,
Mistress Dominique xxx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #38 on: November 11, 2021, 10:07:58 PM »
Shame, Mistress Dominique... You're supposed to tease Subby..... not the rest of us! 😜

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.
Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it and not in the way you expected.

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #39 on: December 12, 2021, 07:41:09 PM »
Hello Chastikey et al,
Rekindling and re-establishing our roles…the finale😊
“Ah-hum, wake up sleepy head” I purred in my hubby’s ear.  Possibly louder that I’d intended because he sat bolt upright, almost.  Subby got to about 45 degrees and was then chocked by a collar and leash that I had slipped around his neck and buckled in his sleep.  The leash was tied to the bed leg so vertical movement was greatly limited.  The look of shock on his face was very empowering.  Laying back onto the bed, he raised his hands to his throat to work out what had happened and was then distracted by his wrists making a rattling metallic sound.  I had also bound his wrists with leather cuffs but left the hooks free; I wanted him to ponder why these were loose.
“Mistress, what…how…eh?”  His half-asleep brain was struggling to comprehend what had happened to him.
“This morning you explained to me some of your thoughts as I dressed?  That was very helpful of you my dear.  I also pointed out that you have been undisciplined too regularly over the last couple of months and that there would have to be consequences for this.  Well, I am ready to pay you the consequences!”  The last sentence I said very deliberately and held his eyes with my gaze.
It was at this point that he noticed how I was dressed: high heeled black leather boots over stockings and the shear black panties framed my pert arse well and felt sexy.  The corset restricted my movement a little but the message that it told my subby was that I meant business and this gave me tremendous control over him.  Finally, my makeup was very visible as my dark hair was severely pulled back and tied with a ribbon.  For once I also had gloved hands.  As I fidgeted with the crop, the PVC creaked and had the desired affect of drawing his eyes to my tool of punishment.  Seeing this, Subby was now very clearly fully awake.
“Your slut is at your disposal mistress.”  He said is a resigned and subdued voice.
“Yes, you are!  Now, I am going to untie you from the bed and you will stand by the bed.”  Bending down to untie his leash was not easy in a corset, especially in high heels!  I had to make very deliberate moves for fear of face planting, which would have certainly spoiled the mood😉  That said, the slowness of my movements and the closeness of my pert and deliberately dressed body had the desired affect on my Hubby.  His eyes were darting around my body, he was starting to pant and the cage around his junk was clearly starting to strain.
“Look away slut, I haven’t given you permission to stare at me.”  I hissed.  With a look of shock, his head turned and his eyes dropped.  Gosh, he was becoming so obedient, have I broken him?  I want him to be my slave but not my sissy…have I gone past the point of no return?  We will have to discuss this later, re-establish the rules and boundaries possibly.
Untying the leash, considering that I was wearing restrictive PVC gloves, was easier than I had expected.  To be honest, I was liking the tightness of the gloves and the sheen was devine.  They felt strange against my legs, but nice strange.  I am very new to the bondage scene so expanding my wardrobe has been a task of research.  I’m allergic to latex, leather is way too expensive and getting quality PVC items requires careful research.  The gloves were definitely worth the effort.  But I digress, back to Subby who was now standing by the bed with his head and eyes averted.
“Do you understand why I have leashed you?”
“Because I am your slave and I have been naughty?”
“Yes.  In future, and there will be future times, if you are leashed I want you to remember this evening and what the leash means.”
“Now follow me slut.”  I led him to the ensuite.  As I previously mentioned, there is a very sturdy towel rail in there.  Leading him in by his leash I turned and stopped him by pushing the crop against his bare chest.  Firmly pulling the leash down and only having to slap him once with the crop, I tied it around the rail.  He looked like he was bowing to me, quite befitting wouldn’t you say?  I then buckled his wrists around the rail and now he was quite secure.  I only hoped that the old dear’s back could take this position for an extended time, and it was going to be an extended time.
“Wait here”…he-he, not like he had a choice.  “Yes Mistress.  Sorry Mistress for letting your done over the last couple of months.”  He said with a slight waver in his voice.  My god, he was actually starting to get scared!  “Oh, stop grovelling, it is too late for apologies now slave!”
Should I stop?  Was this going too far?  “Sub, what colour are you?”  Red is our safe word and amber is ‘I’m close’
“Amber Mistress.  You are in charge and I am feeling vulnerable but I am fine with this.”
“Good.  Let’s see how close we can get you to red!”  At this point I swear he shivered.
I went back to our leather suitcase to retrieve a couple of devices inspired by 50 Shades.  Returning to the bathroom I instructed Subby to spread his legs apart, using the crop to get the distance that I desired.
“I am going to use this spreader to keep you exposed, do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress.”  Again, trying to buckle the straps on the spreader bar took concentration and focus.  The slowness only built the tension and I could see that he was starting to dribble from his cage.  “Oh, dear slut, you appear to be leaking.”  Catching it on my gloved hand, another advantage of PVC, I wiped the pre-cum across his lips.  This was new for him but I think he actually liked it.  Strange, the thought of tasting cum has always been quite repellent to me but in his heightened state of tension, I think that doing this actually took him to the next level of being under my control.
“Now I am going to blindfold you.  You won’t need your eyes for this.”  Tying a blind fold over his eyes, I made a deliberate fuss about him being plunged into darkness.
“Can you see anything?”
“No Mistress.”
“Is it comfortable, not too tight?”
“It is comfortable Mistress.”
“Now, slave, I am going to discipline you.  This is going to be slow and all through this I want you to remember that even though I am half your size I have enough power to make you beg for forgiveness.”
His leg actually started to twitch uncontrollably.
I have never fully disciplined my Subby and this was going to be a new experience for both of us.  I had done my research and knew that the skill was all in the build up and getting him to the point where he didn’t think that he could take anymore.
Starting with some stroking, from my gloved hands and the crop, I showed my Subby that his whole body was exposed to me.  It was particularly rewarding causing a gasp from him as my gloved hand wrapped around the base of his caged junk and gave it three firm tugs followed with a determined squeeze.
Standing back, I gave him three hard smacks across his toned arse.  Seeing my hand prints left behind was actually quite sexy to look at, even if it did also make my own hand sting.  Back to stroking him with the crop, I concentrated on the insides of his legs and his dangling junk.  I could guess, after the 3 earlier tugs, that he was worried that I might start whipping his exposed caged self.  Instead I started to whip his taught cheeks near his balls.
Starting light, the crack from the leather end of the crop worried me at first:  what about the neighbours?  But there were no neighbours!  Now I could relax.  I decided to work in sets of 5: easy to count and easy to keep the force consistent.  Between each set I stroked and massaged his butt with my gloved hand.  By the end of the 3rd set, portions of his cheeks were starting to go a deep crimson.  Subby had only yelped twice, and one of those times were when I misplaced a swing and caught his balls by mistake, oh well, at least it reminded him that I was in control.
“What colour slut?”
“Amber Mistress but please, not my balls again, they ache but not in a good way.”
“Silence, I decide, not you.  However, I will consider this if you can take the next two sets in silence.”
Now I had to really work.  I’m not unfit but I had discovered a problem with the crop: its short length meant I was getting to the limit of how much pain I could inflict.  I would have to review this for next time.  The next 5 swings were just about as hard as I could do and the last 5 definitely were not the usual increase in level of pain.  That said, his arse was going purple and the last two swings were rewarded with a whimper.
Massaging his bum again I whispered in his ear “Good boy, now to finish off.”  I had the idea of flipping the crop.  It was a little trickier to hold onto but the weighted end created a different sensation, a much deeper thwack.  By the third swing Subby asked me to stop, but no ‘Red’ so I completed the last two swings instead.  It was then that I realised that Subby’s hands were grasping the towel rail hard, causing his knuckles to go white, he was actually panting.
Removing the various restraints and leash, facing my Subby, I removed the blindfold.  There were tears in his eyes but also something else: fulfilment and…lust!  Without exchanging words, Hubby scooped me up and threw me onto the bed.  “Where are the keys!”  Pointing at the suitcase, I was getting quite excited.  There was an energy coming off him that I had not felt for a long time.  Removing his cage, I could see no sign of ED from him now!  My god, the next 10 minutes, where his animal urges were put onto me, were incredible!  Boy, were we exhausted though.  Struggling to get my corset off, we both collapsed into a deep sleep and nearly missed breakfast the next day, prrrrrr.
Wow, just WOW!
Mistress Dominique xxx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #40 on: December 12, 2021, 11:08:54 PM »
WOW indeed, Mistress Dominique!

Thank you for sharing the rest of the story. You write with such feeling that it's almost like being there (but without the pain poor Subby endured).

So nice to hear how well a re-connection can go. 😁😁

On a side note - hope you both are recovering and feeling better these days.
Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it and not in the way you expected.

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #41 on: December 13, 2021, 09:51:25 AM »
Hello odslutpuppy!,
So good to hear from you!  i hope that you are well?  Yes, we are both on the road to recovery: thank god, and the amazing scientists, for AstraZeneca and Pfizer!  We have both been incredibly lucky.  Apart from me getting very tired by the end of each day and Hubby says that everything tastes like plastic, we appear to have come of lightly.
Thank you for your comments on the last posting.  I really enjoyed writing this episode of our story; reliving the experience on 'paper' reminds me of how much passion we have and also gets my imagination going...poor Subby:-)  Don't be too sympathetic of the silly man, he teases me on a daily basis and encourages the kids too!  A tanned backside is the very least that he deserves;-)
As I am sure you are aware, ChastiKey now has a limited life:-(  Hubby and I have grown through the trusted members of the site and I really enjoy posting on it.  Can you recommend another similarly safe and trustworthy site which I can continue to use?  The writing I do and the feedback from the wonderful ChastiKey members, has helped in so many ways and I want to continue even after it closes.
Kindest regards,
Mistress D xxx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #42 on: December 17, 2021, 05:09:25 AM »
Hello Mistress Dominique,
If he's teasing you on a daily basis, it may be that he is looking for that spanking. 😜

Good to hear that both of you are recovering - hopefully you won't have any long term issues.

As far as site recommendations, I don't have anything that is strictly chastity based, but my "go-to" is a strictly Femdom site - Collarncuffs.com. Lots of information and resources, the ability to blog about experiences and interests, a chatroom, and a community of like-minded individuals of varying degrees of knowledge and experience.

If it is mainly chastity that you are interested in, I do know that Fetlife has a lot of groups dedicated to that aspect of kink. And it remains to be seen what the spin-off sites from Chastikey are going to be like.

Hopefully you will find a place where you feel comfortable and can help you continue to grow in your journey. 😀
Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it and not in the way you expected.

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #43 on: December 17, 2021, 10:55:30 AM »
Hello odslutpuppy,

Good to hear from you.

You might well be right about the teasing and spanking!  Perhaps I will point that out to Subby the next time that I am tanning his backside and add an extra set in for good measure;-)

Thank you regarding the two sites.  I believe that you have recommended Collar N Cuffs before and I did find that one quite interesting, certainly in terms of getting ideas from their their  story section.  I will investigate the other to see whether it is a good fit for us.

We're both on winter vacation so there will be plenty of time for new adventures, and postings.  Subby has also booked us a couple of nights away again so I will certainly need to get prepared for 48 hours of fun, pampering...and pain;-)

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas,

kind regards,

Mistress D xx

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #44 on: January 23, 2022, 12:53:56 PM »
Hello Chastikey et al,
I entitle this story as “A ladies weekend end away, a sissy’s weekend in servitude.”
As I write this, I am snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea.  After a night of dancing and singing, my feet are pleasingly tired and my voice slightly husky, perhaps even a bit sexy too😉 I am in no rush to use either so am taking this time to write a posting for you.
I recently asked you, the readers, for your views, via a poll, on what I should do with Subby whilst I am away on a ladies break from the demands of needy husbands, oh, and kids.  The latter are a very distant second to husbands, who are just big kids but are way more capable with getting themselves into trouble. Men!  Anyway, I am sad to say that the poll didn’t throw up any suggestions and therefore I was left to make the decision: this is proving to be much tougher on Hubby that perhaps it would have been with your help, he-he.  I hope you enjoy the story.
I made my own decision which was option 1: “Leave him caged and explain that he will be given a treat upon my return, provided he doesn't cheat.” Subby knew that I had posted the poll and this is how Friday ended:
“Right then darling, I am packed and ready to go, have you checked my car?”
“Yes beautiful, all fluids and so forth.” He paused and I could see that he wanted to ask something but was worried about my response.
“Yes, what do you need to ask?”
“Well, I have tried really hard this month, I was wondering whether I would be allowed to be uncaged?”
“You know that I asked the Readers for their views?” A worried nod and just a little more fear in his eyes.  “Well, the votes are in and I have taken them into consideration.  Of cause, you understand that I will make the final decision, don’t you?” Again, another nod. “Do you understand!”
“Yes Mistress.  Please, be kind Mistress, what is the decision?”  Now frustration and fear: what word describes that best...?
“Before I tell you, know that this decision is only because you have been so honest and attentive this month.  It will be very rewarding for you.”  A rapid nod and now excitement from the innocent puppy dog.  I was loving this: a weekend away and total domination of my husband, sooooo sweet! 😊  “You will remain caged but…”
“What! But Mistress, you said…please, I am so horny I am about to explode! I…”
“Do not interrupt!” I said sternly, cutting him off mid-sentence.  “I said that the decision would be rewarding, and when you let me finish, you will understand why.”  Shoulders slumped and resignation setting in, I had his attention again.  “You will remain caged for the weekend and provided you can keep your hands off your junk, including your prostate, then you will have an amazing treat when I return.”
Now pouting, “What will that be?”
“You will have to trust me on that but I promise that you will like it…as long as you follow the rules.  Oh, and that other thing, keep your hands off my clothes!  I have put something on your pillow.  You may wear that and any of your clothers”  As I said this I took my car keys from his hand and started playing with a particular key: this attention to detail did not escape Subby.  “Right, I am leaving now.  My bags?”
With a resigned intake of breath, Subby kissed me on the cheek and followed me to the car with my bags, which he carefully put into the boot.  “I will be in touch when I arrive.  I will also be sending you something so check your phone regularly.  Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress.  Safe journey and I look forward to hearing from you.  I will be good, I promise.”
“Oh, I know that.  Otherwise it is a second month in metal.”  My smile was like honey.
My journey was uneventful.  After picking up my bestie, we chatted non-stop.  Mostly she was moaning about her husband and what state her house would be in when she returned.  “How do you stop your husband from destroying your house!”
“Oh, you know, training, lots and lots of training.”  Both of us laughed at that one.  If only she knew what she was missing out on but how on earth would that conversation happen?
Upon my arrival and when I was settled into my room with a glass of prosecco by my side, I sent my first text of the weekend.
“Hello darling, arrived safe.  Lots of chat about husbands along the way (that would get him thinking).  Did you see the list of rules and tasks on your pillow?  Are you wearing the clothes?  Send me your views and rating: 5 is high.”  I bet he was gulping at this point.  I am sure that he was very aware of his cage too!
He-he…more to follow upon my return this evening. 😊
Yours, and feeling slightly smug,
Mistress Dominique xxx