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Title: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on October 28, 2020, 01:19:51 PM
Hello all,

I need your advice as I am new to being a keyholder and have only trialled a small number of devices.
I have been trying to train my partner but he stills keeps escaping from his cage. I have tried different devices and though he can't get his balls out he still manages to wiggle his penis out! One device is metal and appears very secure but I saw him get some oil on his finger, wiggle it between his scrotum and penis and out it popped! Obviously there was punishment but this is annoying me and is defeating the purpose of the device. Can you recommend a cage which simply can't be wriggled out? Piercing is a last resort but there must be something out there that keeps me in control and him nicely tucked away.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: CuckAlucard on November 01, 2020, 06:31:34 PM
Piercing is definitely the end all certain way to stop it, i have found my mature metal jailbird pretty secure but i never actually tried to escape it before.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on November 02, 2020, 11:12:50 AM
Thank you, I will have a look at that cage.  Currently trialling a new one called the Bondage Locker which has a piercing option.  Having discussed his naughtiness of escaping, my sub is now considering my proposal of a piercing.  We will have to do a little research on that first though as I don't want to upset his 'functionality'...  If you have any advice on this then that will be gratefully received.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: Dom on Pause on November 30, 2020, 03:01:08 AM
I got my PA for the same issue. could put a small(piercing grade?) padlock like I have.  So even when he’s not in chastity he will be reminded of who he belongs to.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on January 22, 2021, 06:55:44 PM
So, several months on and a few hiccups along the way, Covid being one of them, I think that I am getting quite good as a keyholder.  We, as in the royal we, have decided that the naughtiness of escaping from his cage will stop, as it was only spoiling the tension.  Instead, gaps have been built into 'caged time' to cater for our busy lives.  Guilt of escaping has now been replaced by ball aching tension and an occasional, very occasional, time of explosive joy. 
I think that it is time now for my sub to share his view on this matter.  I am hoping that you can share some ideas with me and to him about what the future can look like.
With devilish kisses,
Domonique xxx

"When we first started experimenting with chastity, I think I was a little naïve with the length of time that I could stay caged from day one.  The first couple of hours were exciting, the night was painful/exhausting and the next day inconvenient for work.  Lesson learned here: "Don't jump in!  Instead: lower yourself in slowly and enjoy the slow build of tension over days and weeks."  I discovered all sorts of things about being caged, some functional, some not worth discussing and others incredible.  I knew that I have reached a point of no return about 2 months in.  On a day of no cage, I felt like something was missing, on a psychological level: I wanted to be caged!
Finding the right cage helped: metal for the day and plastic at night.  The metal cage is less obvious under my clothes, even at work, and the weight is teasingly wonderful and, strangely, liberating.  The plastic cage doesn't choke my balls during night time woodies and the pressure on my cock is so...intensely teasing. The best thing of all is when mistress lets me out: my orgasms just go on and on!  I still struggle over the next 2 weeks with feelings of 'this is silly' and 'I can't be bothered' but week 3 arrives and wow, hello aching balls and tingling tension!  If I could go back to a vanilla sex life with the freedom of self-gratification, I would not.  That said, I would like mistress to spice things up now but not sure what to do next as her caged sub?"
Mr Submission
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on February 01, 2021, 02:17:38 PM
From Mr Submission (Mistress Dominique has instructed me to write again)
“I managed a new personal record of being continuously caged for a full 8 days!  This was certainly a journey for me and my cage as my previous record was only 3 days in a metal cage which was torture!  This time I was wearing the Bondage Locker (bought on Amazon) and though in ‘Buzz Lightyear’ colours, it is very comfortable and I love the closeness during those night time woodies.  Now out, I must admit that my ball sack feels rather bruised, is that normal?  I am also missing the reminder that Mistress owns my ‘equipment’.
The Bondage Locker is still escapable and I was tempted several times… Ok I found a way to release a little tension, in so far as it wasn’t exactly pleasurable and actually just led to more tension, if you know what I mean.  This is why Mistress has instructed me to write, not for forgiveness, I’ve already done that and what a sour experience that was.  No, I am writing because the Bondage Locker has an attachment for a PA piercing.  My questions are about getting pierced:
1. In the current climate, how safe is it?
2. How long does it take to heal?
3. How do you ‘vet’ the piercers?  Do I come right out and say “How much experience have you of doing a PA piercing?” or is that just weird?
4. How uncomfortable is it wearing a cage with a PA attachment long term?
5. Those of you with the piercing, did it affect your libido at all?
I welcome your responses as Mistress is getting impatient with my indiscretions.”
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on February 03, 2021, 07:41:40 AM
Why are men so stupid?  I have been married to my husband for 23 years and not once has he realised that I have made him do everything that I want him to do, when I want him to do it.  I’m not tall but I know how to use my body and he knows, simply from a particular look I give him, when I mean business.
So why did my child of a husband suggest trying a cage?  The silly puppy dog has been under my lock and key from day one of him seeing my, even if I do say so myself, well-shaped legs and butt.  When you are not tall and you are a woman, being the one in charge takes practice and, in my line of work, I have learned how to oversee a lot of puppy dogs and keep them in line.
When the lockdown came along, I thought that it would be a bit of a vacation from working with silly ‘boys’ and their infantile antics, but no!  Instead, I have been stuck in a house with a ‘grownup' child with too much time on his hands, access to the internet and a ready supply of bathroom breaks.
Take yesterday for instance.  I have an important job and need to be up early to prepare and get things in place.  I find that dressing business like helps to put me in the right mind set.  My job doesn’t lend itself to ‘hard core city business lady’ attire so over lockdown I am taking the opportunity to wear some rather tight skirts and blouses with buttons that are, shall we say, teasing.  You should have seen the look on husbands face when he came down in the morning, I thought his eyes were going to pop out but, having 3 wonderful children of our own, there was nothing he could do about it at that time.
After the children had gone into school and work, I caught him trying to take a ‘toilet a break’.  The noises were not normal noises and fortunately we have locks on the doors that prevent children getting stuck in the bathroom.  As ours were in school I didn’t hesitate to unlock the door.  The look of shame and guilt on his face!  Likewise, he must have seen the look of steel in my eyes as the apologies came fast and strong.
Ordering him to the bedroom and to lean over the frame of our rather sturdy and multifunctional bed, I distracted him from his indiscretion with 10 rapid swings of a riding crop; a riding crop that he bought I will add, fool!  Thinking that this was role play and his ship had come home, he then made a few suggestions.  I had my own and since he was rather exposed and going nowhere, did I mention that his hands were tied?  Oops, another one of his gadgets.😉  I then proceeded to lock him up.  He did squirm and complain that I pinched him a few times, so I pointed out that everything so far was his own doing.  I did add a twist.  My knicker drawer was open and there were a pair of incredibly uncomfortable red frilly thongs sticking out that he had bought ‘me’ last valentines.  Slipping those on to his pert arse was fun, a few quick strokes of the crop were even more fun but the 20-megapixel close up of his raw butt will remain with me for quite some time…unless I decide to share it with his friends that is.
He appeared to have a rather settled sleep last night, but I have some fun ideas that might leave him feeling a little drained tomorrow.
Men are so stupid!
Mistress Dominique
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on February 09, 2021, 07:13:12 AM
So, a week on from his ‘caught in the act’ experience, hubby, or should I say ‘subby’, has been nicely locked up in his cage and is definitely starting to feel horny.  He currently has two cages and has been wearing his favourite plastic ‘Buzz Lightyear’ one for the week.  As a side note, I have ordered a third cage, from Amazon, which will be an interesting surprise for him but I will explain how that turns out once it arrives, hehe.  Last night, whilst watching TV, I gave him a choice: “You can have me, but you have to spend the night in your steampunk steel cage”.  He hates sleeping in this one as the night-time boners cause his balls to be choked and he never sleeps more than two hours in a row.  Surprisingly, there was no arguing and off he trotted to get his silver cage.  Once nicely locked in, and after inspection by yours truly, I commented on how silly and little his man-piece looked.  Ah, how to undermine my puppy-dogs self-image.  I suggested that taking one of the tanned pills was the only way that he was being let out to have me the next day!  Why should I not have fun too?
Before the silly boy could think it through, I was depositing the pill into his hand with a nice drink of water, which just happened to be on hand.  Those of you who use Cialis, or similar, will know that once you have a boner, it does not go away quickly: designed by a woman, for men to please woman!  Now imagine that boner whilst caged😊.  So, off we went to bed for an early night to be fully rested for tomorrows fun.  Still no arguments…
The next morning, I am pleased to say that subby had a very restless night and I am sure that there was a whimper during one very early hour in the morning.  I had a wonderful night’s sleep and though my poor old hubby had very read eyes, strained balls and a look of hope this morning, I rather enjoyed dashing his dreams with one stern look.  After a slightly worried enquiry as to my health, I explained in no uncertain words that waking me up every 2 hours had left me drained, grumpy and would be sleeping alone tonight to catch up on my beauty sleep.  I have never seen him pout before, but he came close at that point.  How I kept a straight face at that point I do not know, perhaps I should return to drama school.
So, what do you think, release him, or keep him caged for a little/lot/very lot longer?  I am worried that he will injure himself trying to relieve his tension if I don’t.  I welcome your views.
Loving my hubby- nominated role,
Mistress Dominique
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: Gamelover24 on February 10, 2021, 01:38:28 AM
So, a week on from his ‘caught in the act’ experience, hubby, or should I say ‘subby’, has been nicely locked up in his cage and is definitely starting to feel horny.  He currently has two cages and has been wearing his favourite plastic ‘Buzz Lightyear’ one for the week.  As a side note, I have ordered a third cage, from Amazon, which will be an interesting surprise for him but I will explain how that turns out once it arrives, hehe.  Last night, whilst watching TV, I gave him a choice: “You can have me, but you have to spend the night in your steampunk steel cage”.  He hates sleeping in this one as the night-time boners cause his balls to be choked and he never sleeps more than two hours in a row.  Surprisingly, there was no arguing and off he trotted to get his silver cage.  Once nicely locked in, and after inspection by yours truly, I commented on how silly and little his man-piece looked.  Ah, how to undermine my puppy-dogs self-image.  I suggested that taking one of the tanned pills was the only way that he was being let out to have me the next day!  Why should I not have fun too?
Before the silly boy could think it through, I was depositing the pill into his hand with a nice drink of water, which just happened to be on hand.  Those of you who use Cialis, or similar, will know that once you have a boner, it does not go away quickly: designed by a woman, for men to please woman!  Now imagine that boner whilst caged😊.  So, off we went to bed for an early night to be fully rested for tomorrows fun.  Still no arguments…
The next morning, I am pleased to say that subby had a very restless night and I am sure that there was a whimper during one very early hour in the morning.  I had a wonderful night’s sleep and though my poor old hubby had very read eyes, strained balls and a look of hope this morning, I rather enjoyed dashing his dreams with one stern look.  After a slightly worried enquiry as to my health, I explained in no uncertain words that waking me up every 2 hours had left me drained, grumpy and would be sleeping alone tonight to catch up on my beauty sleep.  I have never seen him pout before, but he came close at that point.  How I kept a straight face at that point I do not know, perhaps I should return to drama school.
So, what do you think, release him, or keep him caged for a little/lot/very lot longer?  I am worried that he will injure himself trying to relieve his tension if I don’t.  I welcome your views.
Loving my hubby- nominated role,
Mistress Dominique

I think you should definitely keep him locked for longer. He obviously needs to learn some respect if he actually pouted & whimpered throughout the night. Maybe continue with this form of punishment (since he obviously hated it) but make him sleep tied up in a different room so he doesn't bother you.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on February 10, 2021, 08:15:17 AM
Gamelover24, I love your line of thought and there must be a level of synergy here because that baby-cock is still behind bars; all be it small shiny ones.  I did consider making him sleep at the end of the bed, on a little dog blanket.  I even went as far as putting one there, with a gag (one of his other amazon orders) and cuffs, before he came back into the bedroom.  The look on his face when he came into the room, part fear, part excitement!  The requests for forgiveness, which turned into pleading, convinced me otherwise.  However, I have not yet put the dog bed away.  He did fidget a bit last night, but I know that he was working hard, hard being the operative word here, to not wake me.
I have one question, shall I let him put the ‘Buzz Lightyear’ cage back on as a gift for some service?  And if so, what should the service be?
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on February 18, 2021, 10:53:16 AM
This episode of our chastity story is not the most exciting, but it does put my new relationship with my husband into context.  It might also be of interest to other woman with husbands in need of becoming submissive and handing over their ‘freedom’ to their strong wives/partners.
Previously, I asked the question “Why are men so stupid?”  I am now adding to this, “Why are men so lazy?” especially when they are horny?  For clarity, I am not talking about chores around the home, my subby-hubby has always been a bit anal about cleaning and tidying.  No, what I am talking about is being distracted by their horniness and not tidying up after themselves.  Let me explain…
A while back, before all of this Covid horridness and hubby asking to become my sub, we were away on a week’s family holiday.  It was a lovely winter break which meant long evenings in front of the fire reading books.  I’m a traditionalist, preferring paper books with a leaning towards cheap sexy novels.  Hubby, as you might have gathered, likes gadgets and tech’ so opted for a Kindle and has traditionally read non-fiction and very dull technical books.  He doesn’t read tonnes but this holiday his eyes were glued to the screen and was quite furtive when quizzed about what was so interesting: “Oh, you know dear, usual books to help with the job.” Soooooo boring!
Thinking back on it, it was about a month later that he started making different requests in the bedroom, such as denial, being ordered about and the occasional spanking.  I never, pardon the pun, read much into it.  I was ok with his requests as long as he fulfilled my needs.  It became apparent that the more I denied and got rough him, the more he would request next time he was horny.  His reading also increased, and I started to notice more payments being made for online books.
About 2 months ago and before chastity was on the table, I found an odd thing in the bathroom which resembled a small penis with two arms.  When I challenged him on it, he acted very vague and dismissive.  This then turned into defensiveness and an argument about laziness and “what if the kids had seen it.”  There was much apologising that night I can tell you!
I forgot about the black thing and then came across his Kindle which happened to be left on my side of the bed.  Curious, and because he is too lazy to put a password on it more complicated than 1234, I thought I would take a look at what he was reading. Wow! Now I know why he was so glued to the screen and was making these increasingly unusual bedroom requests.  There was book after book of female dominance, male chastity and slutty novels about wives reducing their sissy husbands to becoming cuckholds (a term that I had to look up).  There was one very interesting book called Taming the Caged Beast, which I recommend to any woman thinking of putting their husband into chastity, and has become my bible of leading this relationship.  Another book, called “Confessions of a Dominatrix”, has some interesting punishment ideas in and will crystalise for me in the future.
Rather than telling him that I now understood what his new reading genre had become, I put the Kindle back and filed some of the ideas away into the naughty part of my brain.  I am actually quite pleased that he has been lazy with his tech and toys as my creativity, mixed with some of the pretty far-fetched  fantasy ideas from his books, have manifested into some rather interesting actions which have brought me a level of satisfaction and my husband a new level of ‘tension’ and occasionally, discomfort😉  Of these I will talk about in more detail in my next posting and I will also elaborate upon the purchase that I made last month and arrived this week.
My lazy hubby still thinks that chastity was all his idea.  True, he started his journey by himself and he would have eventually perked up the courage to ask for me to take the dominant role.  In reality I used my manipulative skills to speed things up.  I remember well the look of happiness on his face during these decisive times and how I kept a straight face as I led the conversation towards me taking more control, is again testimony to my acting skills. 
To all woman: men are so easy to manipulate when they are horny: their brains shut down and they follow instructions without question!  This sometimes makes me laugh out loud, which I refuse to explain to hubby, much to his annoyance.  He describes a deep feeling of relaxation about being caged and for me, life is becoming simpler, more passionate, and certainly humorous!  I don’t consider myself to be a dominatrix, I don’t get a great kick out of causing pain, but I am certainly the boss and get profound satisfaction from making my submissive husband aware of that each day!
I would love to hear from other woman and their experiences.
Mistress Dominique
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on March 02, 2021, 05:01:48 PM
A fortnight of impishness
Hello fellow dominants and, if you are interested, locked-away-subs.  I will admit that I rather enjoy using Chastikey as a chat room and for recording my FLR journey.  Judging by the number of views, I can surmise that some of you are also finding amusement in them too.  I am a little surprised that few people are willing to add their thoughts or advice, so please: be bold and share a thought, I won’t bite… other than my subby that is😉
I mentioned previously that I had made a purchase for my subby and this arrived a couple of weeks back.  It was a lovely shiny cage with a urethral catheter.  The idea came from seeing that subby had been researching ‘sounding’ (god knows why as it looks painful!) and there was also a chapter in one of his stories about a cage, similar to this, being used as a punishment to prevent “sneaking out”.  As I have explained, I do actually love my silly-subby and don’t really get a kick out of causing pain but there is no harm in a little impish fun now is there?
When the parcel arrived, we were just on our way out for the food shop.  I refused to explain to subby what it was, only that I would show him later that evening.  I even put it in a place where he would view it throughout the day, knowing full well that his overly active boyishness would be going crazy with anticipation.  Even whilst performing all of the safety checks and a thorough sterilisation, I still wouldn’t let him see.
After the kids had gone to bed, I went to the bedroom (or can I start to call it the playroom?) instructing him to follow me in 15minutes.  Donning a rather sexy steampunk corset that I had bought, dimming the lights and preparing the room for my pleasure, I was ready.  Never, not in his entire life, has subby been on time to anything but at 14mins59secs there was a light tap on the door and a quiet question of “Can I come in?”.  “Yes, but no further than 2 steps in and close the door firmly behind you.”
When he came in and saw me stood there, crop in hand and a steely stare, his eyes almost popped out of his head!  It was adorable and so difficult not to smile.  To cover this up I sternly instructed him to strip and kneel.  His eyes were also darting around the room and quickly he noticed the ropes on the bed and the new cage on his pillow.  I read somewhere that pace is everything and so, taking my time, I explained in great detail what the new cage was and why I had bought it.  The thought of no escape clearly bothered him but a quick flick of the crop stopped him from dwelling on it.
Instructing him onto the bed and as I tied his hands and ankles, I noticed that he was getting very aroused.  Was this going to be a problem?  I removed his favourite cage, no easy feat with the boner that he was starting to have, but even the pain that this caused seemed to please him.  Putting the new cage on was a new experience for me as all the other times I have made him do it.  Judging from some of the wincing caused by me getting his tackle through the ring, clearly I might need practice: is your scrotum really that sensitive?
The fun part was putting the catheter section in.  My husbands ‘sounding’ research helped me here and judging by the intake of breath as it slid in, he clearly had not gone any further than research!  I untied him and told him to stand for inspection.  I was rather pleased with the look, with his wrinkled scrotum and the shortness of the cage, his tackle looked rather like a grumpy old man.  He didn’t like the analogy, but the name will stick, much to my impish pleasure.
When I instructed him to parade around the room, I thought that he was going to lose control.  Clearly the rubbing in his japs-eye was very intense and it was starting to dawn on him that a prolonged amount of time caged in this cage was going to drive him insane with desire!
There is more to follow in this story…
I am fascinated to learn from you, with regard to this style of cage, as to the length of time that it can be worn, what the health risks really are and whether the sensitive effects lessen with time.  I’m also interested if longer catheters are more painful, fun or better at keeping the ‘old-man’ locked away.
Please share your knowledge, as I am still a fledgling, and I look forward to using it for fun.
Yours impishly,
Mistress Dominique
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: Wanx on March 03, 2021, 08:16:12 AM
Your posts are a nice read.  :) Regarding sounding I have tried it and I enjoyed it, not something I will do every day but with precautions taken it can be good fun. With urethral cages I have no experiences and I am not sure if I will try it out. Getting something put there for longer periods of time isnt something I feel is healthy. I have read about this topic and there are different opinions about it, some say it is not healthy, others say its no problem and quite enjoyable. Maybe just try it out, be careful and write about the experience.  ;)
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on March 03, 2021, 01:13:15 PM
Thank you Wanx for your reply and encouraging feedback.  I hope that my next impish escapade also make for a good read ;)
Regarding your last comment, I might set Subby to writing about his experiences.  I know that it always makes him feel a little embarrassed and self-conscious talking in 'public' which is a good thing in my mind and gives me a little more hold over him.  His spelling and grammar are questionable which will mean some interesting consequences will be dished out!
Kind regards,
Mistress D
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: odslutpuppy on March 21, 2021, 04:27:34 AM
Greetings Mistress D - have very much enjoyed your posts on the progress of your journey. :)

To add to what Wanx mentioned, the biggest issue that I am aware of when it comes to cages with urethral inserts is a) an increase in the possibility of urinary infections (which really takes the fun out of the whole process), and b) the urethral insert doesn't add much to the security of the ball trap device. Piercing, and subsequently locking the PA to the end of the cage is pretty much the only way to prevent escape. Keeping in mind that lack of escape does not preclude 'release' by other means.

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on March 22, 2021, 08:43:57 PM
Hello odslutpuppy,
Thank you for your thoughts and advice, it is certainly something that concurs with the research that I have undertaken.  I'll be honest, I am not keen on piercings so a PA is unlikely.  Upon reflection, I quite enjoy dishing out the punishment when Subby shows his indiscretions and I know that this certainly tickles his perverse satisfaction ;)
I'm pleased that our journey is of interest/entertainment; I certainly enjoy the writing which gives me a chance to chuckle at my impish actions and also stimulates my thoughts to come up with new 'tortures' for Subby.
I am very aware that I have not posted for some time.  Work has been crazy busy for both of us and the only recent adventures have involved falling asleep before our heads even hit the pillows; I know, dull, dull and DULL! 
I promise to write again soon so watch this space!
Kind regards,
Mistress Dominique xx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: odslutpuppy on April 01, 2021, 12:46:22 AM
Hello Mistress Dominique,

Isn't it frustrating when life gets in the way of our fun? But in this environment, crazy long hours seem to almost be the norm. Good thing you're aiming for the pillows, otherwise you might end up with a serious headache.  :P

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for future updates when life gives the opportunity for frustrations in a "fun" way ;)

Take care - stay safe. :)
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on July 19, 2021, 10:29:47 AM
Hello Subs, KH's and interested readers,
It has been months and I am so sad that I have not written sooner.  Work has been intense but I am now on a break, had enough sleep for my impish side of the brain to start working and have been pondering how much my subby has had it easy recently.  Oh, he's worked hard, never a concern there, but I fear that he has been slipping back into old ways again.  It is about time to remind him of what a FLR is, and more importantly, feels like😉
I have finished work a week earlier than he has and it is clear that his workload is dropping off, judging by the longer shower times he has been having recently.  Saturday morning, he made a move on me but I had already been planning and, looking intensely under my rather lovely eyelashes said "Can we wait until tomorrow evening darling and I will make it really worthwhile?"  There is the beauty of being uncaged for several months: he had totally forgotten what servitude, which he had asked for, really meant.  His answer was a boyish “Oh, ok, yes, that sounds nice.”  My following grin though received a lovely double take and I refused to elaborate further; this increased the tension for sure.
Last night, after the kids had tootled off to bed, fans on for the heat and also to blanket any…whimpers, I sent subby to have a shower.  I followed him up and quickly got the playroom, formally crash-off-to-sleep room, ready.  This didn’t take long and nor did tightening the strings on my corset: feeling the lovely pressure on my ribs and breasts and then slipping on my silk dressing gown to hide the stockings and heels felt like a release for me.  This had me thinking “Why have I waited so long?”  Gliding to the bathroom door, I tapped twice and subby responded with a surprised “Yes?”
“Open the door and it is “Yes mistress”!”  I was impressed that he didn’t slip up, considering the speed that he travelled from the shower to open the door.  I boldly walked in, closed and locked the door and stood staring at his naked body with hand cuffs swinging from one hand and crop in the other; he appeared to like the scrutiny, judging from his inflating manhood. 
“Slave, you have let your body go.  Your muscles are weak, there is fat on your waist and you are way to hairy.” 
This was not the response that he’d been expecting and his boner soon dissipated.  “I want that forest gone, now!”  I scrutinised the whole process, perched on the bath side, and gave professional instructions on how to keep the ‘bikini line’ smooth, Brazilian style.
Once shaved and quickly dried, I cuffed his hands behind his back and made him pick up his towel with his mouth.  As he bent over, he received a brutal stroke of the crop across his arse cheeks, instantly leaving a bright red line and causing a surprised cry and the towel to drop to the floor.  “That is for not taking care of my property correctly slave!”  As he bent over again, retrieving the towel, Subby warily watched me as I tapped the crop in my hands.  I opened the door and instructed him with a glance to go to the bedroom.  The look he gave me was “What if the kids come out of their room?” but a narrowing of my eyes and the commanding comment of “Then don’t dilly-dally dear” got him moving quickly.  Watching those bum cheeks wobble slightly with a darkening red line across them made me smile; oh how I had missed this!
In the room I pushed him onto the bed, pulled his legs apart to secure them with rope to the two bottom corners.  I like to leave a little slack in the ropes so that Subby can wriggle but not escape.  I dropped the gown and seeing my short but nicely rounded form clearly made him believe that he was going to get the ride of his life.  Climbing onto the bed and straddling his form led to more thoughts of a fun night for him and he started to wriggle and get himself into a better position.  What he hadn’t noticed was the cage that I’d stashed under the pillow.  Reaching forward and giving him a chance to look at my small but nicely shaped corseted cleavage, I reached under the pillow.  The sound of the two stainless steel cage components, tinging against each other, changed his look of lust into instant chagrin.
“But mistress, you said yesterday that you would make the night worthwhile!”
“And I am, for me, not for you slut!”
Whilst he was still trying to protest I had the cage ring on him in a jiffy: the shock of a lost night of passion had the desired effect of making his dick nice and small and allowed the cage pieces to slip on without incident.  My favourite part is always seeing his dick slide into its new home and then turning the key.  I love watching the look go across my Subby’s face, one of resignation and frustration.
Visibly putting the key onto it’s necklace around my neck, I untied his ankles, told him to stand up and promptly inspected his smoothly shaved groin and silver restraint.  I like to walk around him, scrutinising him up and down, always with the crop in hand.  The final stage always ends with a caress of his balls with my hand, followed by a short but firm tug that causes him to flinch and grown.
Following GameLover24’s suggestion, I made Subby sleep at the end of my bed, still cuffed.  Don’t worry, I gave him a pillow😉  I slept well, even in all of this heat.  Subby did not and looked quite bleary eyed this morning.  I removed the cuffs but not the cage.  “But I’m at work today, what if people spot the bulge of the cage?”.  A short and curt reply of “That is your problem.” Ended that discussion. 
“I also want you to send me a photograph at lunchtime to show me that the cage is still snugly in place.  If you are back home in a timely fashion and compete your chores before I am too tired, then you might earn the chance to sleep in the bed tonight.”
Notice that there was no mention of cage removal.  The look he gave me clearly showed that he was starting to remember the servitude that I had trained into him several months ago.
Oh, I am feeling so relaxed today.  I want some ideas for tonight though.  I want Subby to fail and there to be a punishment.  What shall he fail on and what shall his punishment be?  Please let me know.
With love,
Demon-Dominique xx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: odslutpuppy on July 20, 2021, 02:00:23 AM
Thank you for taking the time to update us, Mistress Dominique - how very nice to see you once again.

*What should he fail on?* I'm fairly confident that with the length of time between that his performance of his chores would not meet YOUR high standards. *What shall his punishment be?* - sounds like a perfect time to remind him of what he is missing, but that you don't have to. Have him pleasure you in whatever fashion you please until you are fully satisfied - stressing to him that he will remain unsatisfied. His own mind and desires will help with your punishment.

Looking forward to further updates.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on July 21, 2021, 09:17:38 AM
Dear Sluts, KHs and anyone else interested in reading,
Thank you Odslutpuppy for your encouragement; gauging how strict I can be is still slightly unchartered territory for me.  You and I certainly have synergy regarding expectations, as you will read.
So Subby went to work, bleary eyed and a little forlorn.  It didn’t help that I had sat studying him during breakfast over a cup of herbal, in my short summer dressing gown.  I said little, thought loads and he knew that the focus was on him; he looked worried.  Giving me a light kiss on the cheek and a “Enjoy the sun dear, you’ve earned it. I won’t be late home”,  he walked to the car.  Just as he was about to get in, I reminded him of the photo and the importance of time keeping: “What time should I be back?” he asked to which I replied “Oh you know.”
Without specifying a time, it put Subby on edge and I continued to hold all of the keys still.
The day was beautiful and, after either dropping off children at school or ensuring that they had left on time, I decided to sunbathe.  I am not somebody that can sit for long without getting the fidgets; an overly active mind and doing a job that is nonstop the moment I get in, I suppose.  Checking emails, mostly out of habit, I then took a look through the Chastikey forums.  Not really looking for anything in particular, after a while I was drawn to one chat about ‘Self-Bondage Ideas’ and in particular a comment by LockMeDaddy.  My brain exploded with creative ideas and after a bit more surfing through Amazon, a little extra money on earlier delivery, I had some fun items coming my way…or Subby’s ‘end’ way😉  More about that in a couple of days though.
The day flew past, the kids came home and disappeared onto their electronics; I was too preoccupied to challenge them on that today.  I had decided that Subby should be home by 5:30pm, if not, then there would be consequences.  5:15 and I heard the key go into the door and my husband came in looking slightly flustered: “Hello dear..?”  I just gave him a stern look; how dare he be early!  Fortunately, my brooding thoughts were interpreted as “You are late!” so a great recovery.
In a sweet voice I replied, “Go up to the bedroom and change dear, you must be hot.”
I followed him up in measured steps, clearly making him feel uneasy, into the room.  “Where was the photo that I told you to send me?”  Instantly the little puppy dog had a look of chagrin and replied with “I thought you were joking?”  I simply crossed my arms and I swear he was trembling.
“Strip, I want to check that you have not cheated.”  I love it when he just stands naked.  Inspecting him always makes him self conscious.  I made a big show of checking his cage, inspecting the lock, pulling on it to check the fit and indifferently letting is drop with a tut: “I will know if you have cheated, don’t you?”  A rapid nod of the head showed that he was very worried.  “Now, about this fat.  You need to exercise, put these on.”  I handed him a pair of panties and an old bra.
“I can’t wear these, the kids will see!” 
“Maybe, that is not my problem.  Try hiding them with these.” And gave him a pair of ladies lycra shorts combined top: “Tell them that you are trying out the latest in impact training wear.  I don’t care, just start boiling off that fat, slut!”
The kids obviously didn’t notice but Subby certainly trained hard and fast in the garden on the rowing machine; I am sure that the cage and panties were chaffing as he walked strangely afterwards.  I gave him a long list of chores to do which didn’t end around the kitchen and house.  In the bedroom I explained that the cage was not coming off tonight but he could earn a release if he could pleasure me to the right standards.  My god, what a motivator that was, he has never shown me that much passion in one sitting!  An hour into sleep and he had me awake again trying to please me!  Oh, thank you to whoever invented the chastity cage and concept of submission!
Please send me other ideas for chores and punishments.  Subby now knows that I am posting his ordeals which is making him look even more furtive.  Be as creative as you like, the dirtier the better!
Well, Amazon has delivered, the sun is out and I have plans to make.
With kisses and strokes (of the crop),
Mistress Dominique xx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on July 23, 2021, 09:15:14 AM
Dear Sluts, KHs and slaves that are allowed to read,
Sorry that there has been a delay in writing.  I have been approached by a slut in a cage to become his KH so I have been busy training him.  This is my first slut, ignoring my Subby of cause (who should be ignored) and has been an interesting learning journey for both of us.  I might tell you about this journey or I might not, it depends upon how naughty this caged slut has been today.
So back to Subby…
As you all know it has been rather warm recently and apparently sweaty balls make for uncomfortable cage wearing.  This concerns me not but does interest me.  With all of that additional water, what fun can I have?  Oh lots!
The other day Subby returned from work saying that he was going to “Take a shower.”  He didn’t even ask how my day was or whether I needed anything!  Tut-tut-tut😉
“Hello dear.” I said, barely looking up from my magazine “I was reading today about the effect of heat on males and I am aware that your cage must be getting uncomfortable.  The advice is to keep yourself dry.  What do you think?”
Oh, I forgot to say, the kids were both in the garden, within ear shot too! He-he.  Subby looked around furtively, muttering under his breath “Please Mistress, the kids might hear.”
Now looking straight into his eyes, I commanded “Go to the bathroom cabinet and inside you will see that I have mixed some prescribed powder which will help to soak up the moisture.  Do not leave any on the floor and no showering!  Come back down and sit with me…slut.”
Oh how I love that look of 'naughty school boy' on his face that shouts "I have been caught doing something wrong."  Off he tootled and returned with acceptable swiftness, with a slight frown on his face.
“Thank you Mistress, the powder has soaked up the moisture nicely.”
“And your mess?”
“Oh, yes, I did that properly, I promise you.  I also spilt some on the sink and thoroughly cleaned that too.  What was the powder Mistress?  It is making my skin feel warm and a bit itchy.”
“It should not concern you, just know that it is your own doing.  What did you do wrong?  Remember the washing machine that I told you to set this morning?  It is still on pause, you useless slave!”
The powder was mostly Baby Powder.  No, I’m not getting soft, I had also mixed in some chilli powder and cayenne pepper😊 Oh how he started to itch and fidget.  Apparently, the more you fidget and sweat, the more the ‘herbs’ take effect.
I acted indifferently towards him for an hour.  His face became increasingly red and he looked like he was going to start pleading to me right there and then as I sat sipping my G&T that he had fixed me.
“Enough of the fidgeting already, go and shower, dear.  The cage stays on!  However, you will be offered a chance of release after you have made dinner, if you feel that you have earned it.”
Gosh, he almost ran to the bathroom!  ;D
More about the evening later.
I am feeling very impish today so what do you recommend that I do next?  I welcome your views.
Yours Impishly,
Mistress Dominique xx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on July 24, 2021, 04:49:47 PM
Dear Sluts, Slaves and Trainees,
Today’s post is with the above audience in mind.  I previously mentioned that I had been trialling a new slut, which I will refer to as CS, and I am pleased to say that he made some improvement.  Trainees can be a bother, I think, and this one still has much to learn!  I was very kind with him, I will admit, but the build up to ever more impish and cruel punishments is all part of the process.
CS asked me whether Subby was aware that I had a trainee.  I replied “Of cause, this is where I get some of the more basic chores and punishments from.”  When I told Subby, I was surprised to see him act petulantly about sharing my time.  My hubby jealous?  When I challenged him about this his reply was, with his bottom lip sticking out I will add, was “I hope that you are punishing him in the same way as you do me!” Obviously, I very clearly stated to him that “This in none of your business!”
Because Subby has limited internet rights, due to various porn infractions, he can only see stories that I let him see.  This makes it fun for me as I only share what I know will make him uncomfortable.  Equally interesting is a couple of suggestions that CS suggested and a ‘fun’ punishment that I set for him.  One of his suggestions I have already done and the other I will talk about on Monday.  I will elaborate…
Subby has now been caged for over a week.  Following the talc punishment, he has certainly stayed on top of the washing!  I have had a rather easy time for the last couple of days and this is unfortunate for Subby as my brain has freedom to roam.  I have delayed using the Amazon delivery, that came last week, until Sunday night: Subby has to go into work for one day on Monday and I want to make it memorable for him😉
This morning, after Subby brought me my herbal in bed, we sat chatting.  One great thing to have come out of being caged is he has become a really good listener.  Something that I don’t like though, is how he is bitchy whilst caged, petulant and sulky.  Oh dear, another teenager in the house?  No thank you!
I raised this with him: “Dear, I have noticed some changes about you, some I like, some I don’t…”  I love seeing his soul played out on his face, one a rewarded school boy with a compliment and then a scared rabbit for the criticism. 
“This morning you are going shopping, but you will not wear boxers” (CS might like this one and what comes after it)
“But dear, people will see the outline of the cage!”
“Do not dear me, slut!”
Head down and a “Sorry Mistress” showed that he remembered who he was talking to😊
“This will be your punishment for sulking about my Trainee but I am not without care.  You must still be a little sore from the other day’s talc punishment that you earned?  I want you to take care of your skin so rub this onto the itchy areas, it will help.  Do it now!”
I squirted some cream into his hands but didn’t show him the tube.  He started to rub it in and paused, “Speed up slut, rub it in quickly and get out of my bedroom, I want to get dressed and you have not earned the right today to see me naked.”  Rapidly, he rubbed, quickly pulled up his shorts and got out of my sight.
I took my time to dress and chose a loose fitting but titillating summer dress, humming to myself: this will drive him wild when he gets home.
The cream, if you had not guessed, was deep heat, or rather an own-brand without the odour.  Apparently, it works quickly and, for Subby, has similar effects as chilli powder and cayenne pepper.  He returned in record time, red faced and sweating😊 
“Mistress I need to shower, please let me shower?”
“Not until you have put the shopping away, if the ice cream melts then there will be a problem for you.”
“What was in that cream?  My balls feel like they are in an oven!”
“Oh, just something that my trainee suggested; payback I believe for some of the punishments that you suggested…”
His face darkened at this point: CS, be worried, if you are reading this, as Subby has some suggestions for me, for you😊
Oh, I am having so much fun!  I was very apprehensive about taking a trainee on but seeing how these two sluts are becoming so creative with punishment ideas towards one another, I am wondering why I didn’t do this sooner?
Yours gloatingly,
Mistress Dominique xx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on July 26, 2021, 08:16:54 PM
Hello one and all,
Your advice please:  Hubby currently has a metal cage with a barrel lock.  We are going to be doing various water sports over next week and know that salt water and metal do not mix.  Can you recommend a polymer cage which can be locked using cable ties please?
Kind regards,
Mistress Dominique
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: Sub40s on July 27, 2021, 12:20:19 AM
Hi Mistress Dominique,
I would recommend cobra cage. Available with an optional airlock, a plastic insert in the place of the barrel lock that uses a plastic tag for lock.

Knockoff also available on aliexpress under the name of mamba cage.

Hope it can help.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on July 27, 2021, 01:11:15 AM
Hello Sub40s,
Thank you for taking the time to advise me.
Ooh, I like the look of that cage! Very modern...very strong. I love the description: "...dorsal bar resists the strongest of night time woodies". That will drive him wild. 
Now he can relax in the water with the confidence that I still own him.  Prrrrr!
Kind regards,
Mistress Dominique xx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: Sub40s on July 27, 2021, 01:11:31 PM
Glad you appreciated it Mistress Dominique.
Best regards,
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on July 28, 2021, 11:27:42 AM
Dear Ladies, Subs and KHs,
Today’s posting I am calling “Dressed in Red”, for reasons that you will see below.
Last week, whilst sunbathing and considering the needs, both for training and pleasuring my Subby, I found myself ‘flicking’ through various books on his Kindle.  The library and search history on it leans heavily towards BDSM and various other stories where the husbands are locked in chastity and sissified.  These are all courtesy of my husband who has obviously been exploring his inner needs.  I found some of the stories to be quite entertaining and could even relate to some aspects within them.  Mind you, if each of these couples actually did everything that was described in the stories then I don’t know how they would have time to work or even shop for food, they certainly have not got kids! 😉 
Many of the stories are about humiliating the husband and I know that this is what really helps my Subby to feel fulfilled.  I am growing in confidence with this aspect of my role but I still feel very awkward with it.  I’m no psychologist and worry that I am taking him down a route of no return which could damage him in some way…what are your thoughts?  I might be the dominant here but I also love my husband and want him to feel fulfilled; I am taking my role as his Mistress seriously!  It works both ways right?  I punish him, which gives him a thrill and he gives me the most amazing pleasure whenever I instruct him to, which has been a lot recently. 😊
I have been brought up in a very traditional family where ‘men are men’ and anything to do with wearing woman’s clothing or anal stimulation means that the man is gay.  I know in my brain that this is not the case but, in my heart, I still feel that it sissifies my husband in a way that is wrong.  This is a demon that I need to deal with, with the support of my husband and anyone else who has advice to share with me.  Please share your advice as your comment’s have always been helpful thus far.
Anyway, something that I have never tried on myself, nor do I ever want to, is anal play.  I had a distant boyfriend who tried to insert a finger and I almost jumped off the bed; a real confliction of my upbringing and association with what that part of the body is designed for, yuk!  However, I suspect that my hubby has explored this with himself, though he hasn’t had the courage to discuss it with me yet, out of respect I imagine.  I don’t want to rush him but I’m getting quite impatient regarding sharing inner truths so have decided to take the lead this time.  To some of you, anal play or cross dressing humiliation might be a no brainer?  For me these are two massive leaps and I am scared of how I view my hubby in the future.
I mentioned in a previous posting that I had ordered some items from Amazon; a couple of butt plugs, lubricant and a few other items.  I also added to this order, following a shopping trip in town, a skimpy matching set of bra, panties, suspenders and stockings; all in red.  I alluded to my Subby, from the previous Friday evening, that he was going to explore his needs on Sunday evening and be rewarded for it if he follows my instructions.  Suffice to say that his energy was boundless over the weekend and the house looks amazing!  He even had time to work out and his body is showing signs of toning up.  Subby has also given me much attention, which gives him a great thrill, and my skin has had a lot of contact with baby oil and his hands, lips, tongue…😉
When Sunday evening finally came, and I will admit that I was buzzing with excitement to, the kids retired to their various parts of the house and I went up to the play room, instructing Subby to come up in 30minutes, once he had cleaned up dinner and showered of cause.  I put on my outfit, corset, thong, stockings and black boots, finishing off with tying my hair back severely with a red ribbon, you get the image?  I then laid out the clothes that I had bought Subby, the ritual of which was insanely thrilling, and put the smallest plug on show.  There is such a contrast between the softness of woman’s clothing and the brutal nature of the plug, I knew that this would get my husband’s brain racing!  I actually found myself getting excited but didn’t really know why.  Everything was ready and I found myself tapping the crop in my hand with impatience; I’m starting to get into role so naturally now!
Shortly, there came the two respectful taps on the door, a pause and a whispered “Mistress, may I come in please?”
“Yes, but keep your head bowed and do not raise your eyes.”  Coming in, Subby closed the door firmly and stood at the allotted place by the bed, hands at his side now, having dropped his towel to the side of the room.  I walked up to him and raised his head by putting the crop under his chin.
“So, slut, I am going to reward you.  I am going to pleasure your body because you have earned it through hard work and obedience.  I am pleased with you.  First, let me inspect my slut.”  As I walked around him, making various comments about his body, inspecting his cage and complimenting him on his improved body toning, I could see that his eyes were darting to his rewards on the bed.
“Ah, you have seen that I have been shopping.  Go and have a closer inspection but do not touch!”
“Yes Mistress. I mean no, I won’t touch until you give me permission to, Mistress.”
“Do you like what you see?”
“Yes, I do Mistress, but aren’t the clothes a little on the large side for Mistress’ beautiful figure?”
“That is observant of you, well done. 😊  No, these are not for me, they are for you...”
“What?  You want me to wear woman’s clothing?”  Notice no mention about the plug, interesting…
“Oh, my dear slut, come on.  It isn’t me that wants you to wear it, now is it?  Be honest with me, you want to feel it against your skin, don’t you?”
He nodded slowly, eyes down.  Inadvertently his hand was stroking the fabric of the silky stockings and I could see that he was seeping a small amount of fluid from his cage; I don’t think it was cum but he was certainly in a happy place.  This was quite tough for me, it confirmed something about my husband and I had a choice to make: accept this or ban it.  If I ban it then he will feel guilty about it and this could cause him to withdraw again.  Also, will he dress in private and will this then make him feel guilty about who is and what he needs?  Oh, this is so difficult.  Or is it easy for him but difficult for me?  All these thoughts raced through my brain in seconds but, for this evening, I decided to switch off that emotion and see how this played out.
“Now dress.  I will help you if you need it.”  Oh my god, what am I doing.  I managed to convince myself that this was just a role for one night and we would explore how this makes us both feel later.  We both have to consent after all, if this is going to work and cement our marriage.  I know that he is not gay and for us to saty together for another 25 years will be down to how mature we are with communicating our thoughts and supporting one another.
I made him take his time and fussed over the tightening of his bra straps and positioning of the suspender belt.  “There, let me inspect.  Hmmm, the colour suits you, do you like the tightness and feel my darling?”  I will admit, I giggled a little here.  This seemed to relax his shoulders, so humour, as always, lessens the burden. 😊
“Yes Mistress, very much so.  May I walk a little?”  I nodded my agreement to this, though was wondering whether he would mince his way around the room.  I’m not prejudiced at all, but mincing just annoys me.  I needn’t have worried, he just wanted to feel the fabric playing against his body and enjoy the sounds it made.  Inside I was a little sad: fighting with my emotions I could see how much he liked wearing the clothes.  ‘But this is my strong husband, my brick on many occasions.  Was he going to change and become effeminate?’  Something to discuss later.
“Something is missing though.  Did you see the toy on the bed?”  Standing there, his eyes returned to the bed and nodded. “Do you know what it is for?” Another nod.  “Do you want to try this on yourself?”  He was definitely fighting with his inner emotions and I swear that his eyes were looking wet.  Was I taking him too far, too soon?  “If you want to stop then you must say red.”
“If Mistress instructs me to?” Oh, thank you very much, put the responsibility on me!  In for a penny, in for a pound… If it goes wrong then we will talk it through and work our way around it later.
Now here is a test that I read about.  If you want to know whether somebody has explored butt plugs, give them a small, inconsequential one, and if they don’t react then you know that they have tried larger ones😊
I had no intention of inserting the plug, yuk, but I was very interested in observing how he did it.  He nervously and in a rush, slid his panties down to his ankles.  “Don’t rush dear, I want to learn from you.”  After using a lot of lube, clearly not a novice, Subby played the plug against his anus before slowly but confidently inserting it, giving out a deep sigh.  Wow, I did not know that men enjoyed doing that!
“How does it feel?”
“It feels incredible Mistress.”  Again, his shoulders looked relaxed and I know that this was causing a massive relaxation and fulfilment within his body and mind.  My mind was still reeling but that is something he will have to help me with later.
“And how do you want to repay my kindness, slut?”
“With my entire body Mistress!”  And boy did he mean it.  At times it was very strange to feel woman’s clothing rubbing against me but the energy and determination that Subby displayed to pleasure me was incredible!
The next morning, I asked whether he would like to wear one piece of clothing to work.  He was worried about being caught but chose the panties al the same.  “Hmmm, too conservative dear.  I want you to wear the stockings as well.  You will feel them every time you move and when you go to the toilet, you can experience how inconvenient they are for a woman needing to pee!”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Oh, and don’t forget to hover, you never know how clean those toilet seats are.”
So where do I go from here?  Clearly, hubby and I need to talk, but at the moment this has all been about rewards, which, considering how big a thing this is, was the right thing to do on this occasion.  But I must remember my responsibilities as his Dominatrix and keyholder.  How do I use these two new additions as punishments, without causing guilt?
I have been exploring a website called collarsNcuffs, thank you Odslutpuppy, and I am sure that there is useful guidance here.  Likewise, Chastikey and it’s members have always come up trumps too, so let me know your thoughts, please.  If I get enough ideas then I will let you choose via a poll; this will drive my Subby crazy as it really turns him on when I hand his fate over to strangers 😊 😊
Yours adoringly,
Mistress Dominique xx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: odslutpuppy on July 30, 2021, 01:26:40 AM
One  way you could use them as punishments, Mistress Dominique, would be to take them away if he displeased you. This is particularly effective after he is "used" to the privilege of wearing the lingerie or using the plug openly. Going from kink to no kink can have a profound effect without any guilt association.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on July 30, 2021, 04:05:36 PM
Hello game players,
I am calling today’s posting “Blindfolded Pleasure”.
I have been struggling a little lately for inspirational ideas to continue with my Subby’s training (I am going to have to come up with a better name for him soon).  I had hoped that there would be some impish Sub’s or KHs on Chastikey which might have made some suggestions to my previous posting, but sadly these were few so tut-tut to those too shy to add a comment😉  Fortunately I was inspired by a suggestion from Odslutpuppy (thank you O’) and, over coffee, I challenged Subby to come up with a bedroom game.  The rules were to be simple and would have rewards and punishments for knowing, or not knowing, what his KH likes and wants.
As soon as I posed the challenged, he started asking me questions: “No, you are going to do this by yourself and you are going to do it well!”
Oh, how his brow furrowed😉  In the end he went off to have a shower.  Upon his return he had a cheeky and smug grin on his face.  As he gave me my ritual end of day foot massage, properly kneeling as he did so, Subby teased me with a few comments about his brilliant game idea.  He would not give many clues which was exciting for me…I hope that he isn’t starting to get ideas of delayed gratification towards me, that would make his botty very sore!
After a glass of wine and watching part of our favourite ‘get in the mood’ movie, Subby respectfully asked whether I was ready to go upstairs?  Rather than sprinting, which is what I wanted to do, I stretched languidly and agreed with indifference.  I swear I should go on stage with my performances😉
Upon arrival to the room, Subby firmly closed the door, stripped and motioned me to join him on the edge of the bed.  I am pleased that he is so relaxed wearing nothing but his cage, it shows that he is growing in confidence and isn’t self-absorbed about being in his silver device.  Next to him were just three items, a tie, crop and five pegs.  I was intrigued.
“So Mistress, this game is called ‘Pleasing your KH.’”  Not a great name since that describes the role of every sub’ in the land, but we can work on the semantics later.  “Rather than you being blindfolded as I pleasure you, this time I am blindfolded.  What I will then do is pleasure you in the dark.”
“Ok.  So what are the crop and pegs for?”
“So, the aim is for me to pleasure you to the best of my ability but you are not allowed to talk.  Instead, you use the crop and pegs to guide me.  If I find a sweet spot then you put a peg on me but when you are bored, pull the peg off.  If I rush or go in too early then the crop comes into play.”
“Carry on, what about rewards?”
“Well, if Mistress is pleased with her slave, then, if it is ok with you, you could touch parts of me..?  But only if I really earn it!”  The latter came as a result of seeing my eyes narrow slightly.
I made a big show of assessing the rules and I could see that he was starting to get apprehensive after I gave it a good amount of thought.  “Ok, I am pleased with your creativity slave.  Know this though, however much you do please me, your cage is not coming off tonight.  I will give you a choice tomorrow morning for release though.”
“Thank you, Mistress.”
The game was surprisingly good fun.  It was nice to see him move around my body with such confidence and I had to get quite picky in order to punish him.  But I have never been one for shirking my responsibility so there were enough yelps and flinches for him to also remember the evening.  And boy was it an evening, I had a glow on my face for the rest of the evening!
I am interested to know whether any of you played some reward and punishment games?  I would love to hear about them.  If you have not tried this one and find ways to make it even more impish, then please let me know.
Yours playfully,

Mistress Dominique xx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on August 03, 2021, 02:24:10 PM
Hello Trainers and Trainees,
I call today’s post “Caged Exercise”.
So far, all of Subby’s training experiences have either been within the home or to and from work.  Covid has hindered more public training, which I believe will be more intense for him.  Now that the restrictions are gradually dropping and we have both finished work for a while, I have decided to take him on a short vacation.  The plan, in addition of seeing different sights, other than the walls of our home, is to continue with his servitude in as many different situations as possible.  I am very active so this vacation will involve as many outdoor pursuits as possible.  Subby needs the exercise anyway 😊
Day one was interesting.  Apparently, putting up a caravan awning, whilst caged, takes a lot of focus.  Upon arrival and after being seated with a nice drink, Subby set to work erecting our dwelling for the vacation, with the help of the kids and, naturally, my sage advice😉.  Studying him intently, I could see that each time he squatted to hammer in a peg, his cage was pulling quite intensely on his balls.  After several incidents of discomfort, even pain, he soon learnt how to bend his legs properly.  Grinning to myself, he reminded me of the manoeuvre I use whilst wearing a tight skirt and sitting down on a chair: ankles together, bending at the knees and bum slightly extended, quite sexy really for me to watch.  His movements were becoming a little effeminate, and as much as I want him to be a man, an improved understanding of the inconveniences of being female is good for him😊
After a simple dinner, he had driven for 5 hours after all, it was out for an evening walk along the coast.  The terrain in the area is very hilly with lots of inconvenient steps both up and down.  The different stretches and movement had his junk jiggling all over the place.  I’ll admit that I was enforcing a slightly faster pace going downhill as this seemed to have the desired effect of pleasure and discomfort for him in equal amounts.  I am not very tall so usually have double the steps to his one but, interestingly, his pace seemed to shorten also.  This was partly for his comfort but also to be at my elbow for support; quite the gentlemen.
Arriving at a very rocky beach, I look with a little disdain at the bolders that we would have to cross in order to reach the waters edge.  I will admit that I have a real lack of confidence with bolder hopping and have an irritating and pathetic knee wobble during these times.  However, what I am learning, in my new role with Subby, is that the moment I start to feel weak, I make him work harder to take care of me.  Being his KH and Mistress becomes better each day!
“Dear, I’m not happy with this, you will need to help me over these bolders.”  His smirk was quickly replaced with determined support after I nearly slipped and gave him the filthiest of stares.  He was quite the attentive gentleman after that, putting my needs first with calming words and steadying hands.  The funny part was when he also tried to help our daughter at the same time.  We both started giggling, exchanging a look of “Men!”  Poor dear, his need to please me is becoming a way of life now.  😊
Naturally my daughter is ignorant of Subby’s training.  However, she is perceptive (as you would expect being a daughter of mine) and, call it woman’s intuition, she was instinctively making demands of him.  Note: Let me make it very clear now, this is not some perverse situation here, my daughter and boys are not and will never be part of Subby’s training.  However, Subby’s understanding of what it is like to be a woman is making him a more emotionally intelligent and caring man to all of our children.  I wonder whether all males should receive some level of training in order to make them better people?  The kids are certainly noticing his increased attention to me and are regularly giggling and calling out “Get a room!”  So perhaps my boys will become the wonderful young men that I intend them to be through observation and association.
The evening was equally interesting.  Lack of access to a toilet in the caravan (no awkward sounds or chemical smells for us, yuk) and the need to walk for a convenience break, meant that he was not able to leave it to the last minute.  Likewise, he also had the additional problem of going to the toilet cubicles rather than the urinals.  His solution was to time it when the kids or our besties (did I mention that he also had this scrutiny to contend with?) were returning from the toilet in order to avoid awkward questioning.
Subby was regularly checking on my comfort, it was getting quite chilly in the evening.  My bestie was very observant, as you would expect from any intelligent woman, and at one point berated her husband for not being as attentive as mine was.  I caught Subby smirking at this point until he clocked me watching him.
“Ok my love?” he enquired
Making to kiss his ear, I instead whispered “I will not tolerate smirking, there will be a consequence for that!”
Later that night, after the kids were tucked in and he had showered, Subby enquired “Dear, where is the baby lotion please?  I need to lubricate myself before I go to bed.”
“Oh dear, remember that smirk earlier?  Well, this is your consequence, no lubrication tonight.  I hope that you don’t have too many unholy thoughts.  Oh, and no fidgeting, I really do need my sleep.”  😊
Should I be punishing him like this?  Oh yes, it is important that he receives at least one consequence a day.  Mind you, he was in some pain that night and though the smirking stopped, I prefer punishments which humiliate rather than cause pain, of this type. He found a way though, judging from the lack of fidgeting, and wasn’t too tired in the morning.
The new day is going to involve some mountain biking and I am sure that will create some new sensations for him.  I also want to tap into his servitude to also include my bestie.  I want him to respect all woman’s needs and this could create a new level of stress.  The reason for this being, though he and my bestie are great sparring partners, which I normally leave them to, it should also open up opportunities for me to make his life more challenging and rewarding😉
As always, I welcome your guidance and if you have suggestions, please let me know.
Yours truly,
Mistress Dominique xx
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Post by: dominiquerichards81 on August 13, 2021, 08:13:10 PM
Hello KHs et al,
I'm calling today's posting "Shopping Trip"
As our vacation draws to an end and we have just 1 day left,  I thought that Hubby (as Subby) should take me shopping tomorrow.  We are leaving the kids with friends so have the day for some fun.
Subby has been instructed to find a good local attraction, restaurant and shops.  The latter must include a sex shop and when we go in he is to make it very clear that he is my sub and will be buying to please me.
What are your suggestions? You have just over 12 hours and money is no limit as he is paying;-)
Yours impishly,
Mistress Dominique xxx
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Post by: odslutpuppy on August 14, 2021, 02:55:03 AM
Mistress Dominique, I feel it only proper to point out that having Subby 'make it clear' that he is your submissive is "forcing" your kink on an unconsenting person. This is a person in a retail sales position.... would you expect Subby to do the same thing at the grocery store?

If you want to have a humiliation aspect to the shopping trip, maybe consider having Subby ask about items you think would embarrass him (i.e. strap-on dildos or strap-on harnesses). Something that keeps the kink aspect just between the two of you.
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Post by: dominiquerichards81 on August 14, 2021, 09:39:22 AM
Hello Odslutpuppy,
Sounds advice,  as always:-)
Kind regards,
Mistress D xx
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Post by: dominiquerichards81 on October 29, 2021, 11:30:45 AM
Hello Chastikey et al,
Rekindling and re-establishing our roles…
It has been what feels like forever since I last wrote on what has become for me and Subby the “fun and saucy” posting.  These conversations have become very much about the fantasy and creative thoughts that chastity role play has given us.  A place where we enjoy sharing our experiences to get ideas and guidance from you, it has also become part of the disciplining of my naughty little slut of a husband; me posting Subby’s antics is a combination of humiliation and sexual release.  As I type, my impish imagination grows wings, which the wise amongst you readers give me guidance on how to make them safe and sensible.  For this I am, and definitely Subby is, always very grateful.  The discussions are as sexy and interesting as the delivery.
Hubby and I have both been too busy and tired to spend the time on chastity for the last couple of months.  We have found that time and thought are essential in making this relationship work and so the cage and various other toys have been neatly stored away in their suitcase, out of the way of prying eyes of cause.  Fortunately, we have been able to take a break from work, which is all absorbing, and now give each other time.  A weekend away, from the kids and friends, was greatly needed and that is what we have done.
Initially, neither of us thought that we would have the energy for ‘fun’ and considered collapsing at home, with the TV and hot drinks, instead.  The effort put into finding a hotel, with a room tucked away from causing anyone else embarrassment, took a great deal of will power.  But we managed it and boy, was it worth it!
The day before, packing our suitcases was fun and all part of the build-up.  I made Subby watch me pack my very best, and most enticing, lingerie and dresses.  Making a great show of flattening the fabric, holding it against my petite body, I could see how desperate he was to feel it too; even, possibly, imagine wearing it for himself!  The latter still makes me feel uncomfortable, the distinction between maleness and femininity are too engrained within me.  However, Subby knows that he is not allowed to wear woman’s clothing without my permission, or supervision.  This doesn’t stop me from teasing him with it, all of the time😊
Once packed, I explained that there was one thing left to do: “Darling, haven’t you forgotten something?” This produced a puzzle look on his face and a “No, I think that is it?”
“No, what!” Then a look of worry appeared, the sternness in my voice indicating that more was going on here than he had considered.
Instantly the shoulders dropped, the eyes became averted and in a quieter voice “Sorry Mistress,  please explain what my inadequate mind has overlooked.”
“That is better, slut.  Now, is it not time that you locked your tiny self away?”
“Of cause, sorry Mistress!  I will do it now.”  Slightly rushed but also showing a satisfied relief, Hubby was packed away in his silver cage and was handing me the key in a very short time.
“Much better.” I said, giving his package a quick inspection and tug.  I love making it clear to him that I own his freedom and the tug is like underlining this fact.
“Now, shopping, some time with the kids and an early night; you are going to need your energy for the next couple of days darling!” 😊
The balance of fun and mundane is all part of the process.  When my head is in the game, I am very good at this.  Just when Subby is relaxing into one thing, a short reminding comment, a look or touch, keeps the role play alive.  The build up takes effort and the longer it goes on for the better the high is but also the more energy is consumed.  For me, it is less tiring, the fun of being the Mistress I suppose: giving orders, having Subby at my beck and call, only takes thinking time.  However, though tiring for my hubby, the end release is always so much more intense.  The journey, with the many pleasurable experiences for me and the explosive finale for him, is why chastity has become such an important part of our marriage! 😊
Unfortunately, I have to dash now but I will continue the story soon, I promise.
Yours dominantly,
Mistress D xx
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Post by: dominiquerichards81 on October 30, 2021, 07:33:57 PM
Hello Chastikey et al,
Rekindling and re-establishing our roles…part 2
The first day away started off a little awkwardly: thoughts of work and home chores took time to fade into the background.  I had given the break away some thought and instructed Subby that he was to woo me for the first 24 hours and not rush into anything too quickly.  He enjoys being overtly gentlemanly as much as I enjoy being pampered, I especially love the looks that I get from other woman, with their less attentive husbands, as he opens doors, carries the bags and the like.  I know, smugness is not something to be proud of but if every woman, and man, could put their socially induced sensibilities to one side, I think that everyone would have a far more fulfilling life!
We had about an hour’s drive to the hotel and being chauffeured is always nice; I hate driving anyway.  The advantage of riding shotgun, of cause, is being able to tease Subby by showing a little thigh, making the occasional inuendo and giving him the most smouldering of looks whilst at traffic lights.  Listening to his wanton groans and looks of panic, is simply divine!😉  By the time we arrived Subby was clearly aching.  Check in went smoothly and he could not have taken our suitcases up to our room any more promptly if he had tried, and it was not a short walk with two cases, a dress bag and bottles of fizz!
Our room was certainly out of the way, which put my sensibilities at rest.  The hotel was built in the Victorian era and though tired at the edges, has beautiful lines and décor.  The room was smallish but serviceable to our needs: warm, no adjoining rooms and an ensuite.  Closer inspection revealed some other handy features such as bed posts, a very sturdy towel rail and a soft leather chair of useful proportions.  Hubby could see me inspecting the room and, I suspect, was able to guess at some of my thoughts.  His demeanour was one of excitement and apprehension, he-he, I play him so well!
As I warmed up in a bath with a glass of bubbly, Subby unpacked and organised the room.  From the bath I was able to give him the occasional instruction which he responded to with an enthusiastic “Yes, Mistress!”
“Bring me my towel slave and then you need to take a shower.  Make sure that you are shaved and the like.  You have 10 minutes and when you come into the room, keep your eyes to the ground.  You will only be wearing your cage.”
For my part, I dried my thick brown hair off a little and plaited it whilst damp; Hubby has a thing for wet hair (I know, right!).  I decided not to waste time dressing and instead laid on the bed with the thick towel around me.  I am proud of my body and very comfortable in my nakedness.  I’m not an exhibitionist and definitely am an introvert; you would possibly not notice me in a crowded room.  However, I have lots of self-confidence, which is important during role play.  I am very empathic and can imagine what Hubby wants, feels and sees.  I knew that seeing my rounded calves and hair over the shoulder would drive him wild!  The towel would heighten his desire as it was only one short tug from revealing my nakedness.
As he entered, eyes down, I told him to halt and turn 360.  “Hmmm, I can see that you have let yourself go a little over the last few months, you will need to restart at the gym when we get home.  We can work on some of the toning up over the next two days my little puppy dog…  I am pleased that you are trimmed and well presented, though.”
“Yes Mistress, I am here to please you.  Can I look up, I would like to see Mistress’ beauty?”
“Yes, you may.”
Yep, his eyes definitely widened as he saw my legs, his breathing started to increase as well.  “Mistress is beautiful.  Please instruct me as to what you desire from me.”
“Come to the side of the bed.”  I removed the towel and heard a pleasing groan from my slave.  “You are going to be my slut for the rest of the day, do you understand?” A nod.  “Do you understand!”
“Yes Mistress.”
“I want you to make my skin tingle. You may now touch my body with your mouth but no hands!”
“Yes Mistress, I will enjoy pleasing you.”
“Oh, one other thing, rewards and punishments.”  I said, using my eyes to draw his attention to the crop which was at my side.  “If you please me then you will get strokes, if you linger too long and start to bore me, or miss something important, then you will feel the sting of my disappointment, do you understand puppy dog?”
“I understand, I will work very hard to please you Mistress.”
The next hour went well, very well indeed.  By the end of the session, my skin felt electrified, Subby is not afraid to explore every inch!  Judging from his leakage, my dirty little slut of a husband had fun too!  The mixture of strokes and slaps from the crop heightened rather than hindered his enthusiasm. He-he, and it was only mid-afternoon!
“You have pleased me.  Wash off your seepage and then you may lay next to me.  My glass needs filling first and then we can talk…we need to discuss some of your failings over the last couple of months…”
“What Mistress?  I thought we were taking a break, it was work!”
“Oh, you poor, poor little thing.  I never stop noticing you dear and I want you to know that it is all to help make you a better slave.”
I swear his hand was shaking when he filled my glass😉
The rest of the weekend was very special and Subby got a treat which he had asked for but I had not been able to do at home; the walls are too thin and kids are always home! 
If you would like me to share further, then please add a comment to this posting.
Mistress Dominique xxx
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Post by: odslutpuppy on October 30, 2021, 09:59:21 PM
Wonderful to hear that things went well, Mistress Dominique - I suspect that your imagination has much to do with that. It always warms my ❤️ to "see" what good self confidence can result in.

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your weekend, Mistress Dominique. And I'm pretty confident that there's many more interested as well. 😘😘
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Post by: bdsm on October 30, 2021, 10:05:56 PM
The journey, with the many pleasurable experiences for me and the explosive finale for him, is why chastity has become such an important part of our marriage! 😊

I think you've now found your answer to the question you asked; "Why do men like to be caged" :-)
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Post by: dominiquerichards81 on November 11, 2021, 04:48:15 PM
Hello Chastikey et al,
Rekindling and re-establishing our roles…part 3
Without doubt, when Hubby is caged and when I am able to really make him feel his servitude to me, life is very intense and deeply rewarding.  In the busy day-to-day life that most of us lead, it is difficult to really dominate my sub.  When a weekend crops up (I do giggle when I think of the work ‘crop’), it offers a chance to tick so many passionate and primal boxes.
The first night of our break away from being parents was fun, awkward at times and even down tight clunky, but fun.  However, in the morning we were both woken by the rude sounds of crates being banged around by the catering staff (now we understood why there were not many guests at this end of the hotel).  That aside, we both loved the fact that there was no cat asking for breakfast or kids on Xbox’s shouting out “Head Shot!”.  Plus, the advantage of waking up early was, my slave had more time to pamper his Mistress. ;-)
“Would Mistress like me to run a bath before we go down for breakfast?”
“Yes, Mistress would.  I also want you to straighten the room up, it looks like an orgy has taken place here!”  We both smiled at that one.
After a lovely warm start to the morning, Subby having heated up my towels on the radiator for when I emerged from the bath, I went to get dressed.  Just as Subby was about to jump into the shower I had a thought.  “Stop.  Put these on behind your back.” I said, handing him some cuffs, “And sit on that chair whilst I dress.  I want you to describe how you are feeling and what you are hoping will happen today.”
Still wrapped in my towel, I took my time selecting first my underwear and then a warm woollen dress which would go wonderfully well with my heeled black boots.  I teased him endlessly as I dressed; pulling up stockings should never be rushed and the latches can be so troublesome;-)  The constant dialogue from him gave me further ideas of how to make him aroused and excited. Finally, when I put my foot against his cage as he sat, and slowly zipping up the boot, I thought he was going to faint!  Being a woman is amazing and you guys are such slaves to your manhood’s!
The morning was wonderful.  After a filling breakfast we took a stroll along the waterfront on an unseasonably mild Autumn day.  I flirted with Hubby endlessly, smouldering looks, girly giggles and strokes of the arms; he loves being touched on his arms and back.  The funniest point was walking past an elderly couple who were holding hands, clearly still in love, and the gentleman commented to Hubby on what a fine day it was for “walking, talking and courting”.  Just as he said this, I pinched Subby’s arse and made him jump.  Whispering in his ear “I think you enjoyed the pain from that” he actually blushed.  Was he in for a treat tonight!
After a bit of shopping, which neither of us were particularly inspired in doing, we went to a pub for lunch.  A pint at lunchtime always makes Hubby sleepy, which I was planning for, and so upon our return to the hotel I suggested a short nap.  Very quickly he was snoring away to himself and I carefully got out of bed, so as not to disturb him, to get his treat ready.  Hubby had explained previously that the crop is fun but he would love to be disciplined harder.  This was never an option at home with kids constantly around and so today he was going to get what he asked for...possibly more than he hoped for!
Got to dash now, I’ll explain more when I get the time.
Yours impishly,
Mistress Dominique xxx
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Post by: odslutpuppy on November 11, 2021, 10:07:58 PM
Shame, Mistress Dominique... You're supposed to tease Subby..... not the rest of us! 😜

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.
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Post by: dominiquerichards81 on December 12, 2021, 07:41:09 PM
Hello Chastikey et al,
Rekindling and re-establishing our roles…the finale😊
“Ah-hum, wake up sleepy head” I purred in my hubby’s ear.  Possibly louder that I’d intended because he sat bolt upright, almost.  Subby got to about 45 degrees and was then chocked by a collar and leash that I had slipped around his neck and buckled in his sleep.  The leash was tied to the bed leg so vertical movement was greatly limited.  The look of shock on his face was very empowering.  Laying back onto the bed, he raised his hands to his throat to work out what had happened and was then distracted by his wrists making a rattling metallic sound.  I had also bound his wrists with leather cuffs but left the hooks free; I wanted him to ponder why these were loose.
“Mistress, what…how…eh?”  His half-asleep brain was struggling to comprehend what had happened to him.
“This morning you explained to me some of your thoughts as I dressed?  That was very helpful of you my dear.  I also pointed out that you have been undisciplined too regularly over the last couple of months and that there would have to be consequences for this.  Well, I am ready to pay you the consequences!”  The last sentence I said very deliberately and held his eyes with my gaze.
It was at this point that he noticed how I was dressed: high heeled black leather boots over stockings and the shear black panties framed my pert arse well and felt sexy.  The corset restricted my movement a little but the message that it told my subby was that I meant business and this gave me tremendous control over him.  Finally, my makeup was very visible as my dark hair was severely pulled back and tied with a ribbon.  For once I also had gloved hands.  As I fidgeted with the crop, the PVC creaked and had the desired affect of drawing his eyes to my tool of punishment.  Seeing this, Subby was now very clearly fully awake.
“Your slut is at your disposal mistress.”  He said is a resigned and subdued voice.
“Yes, you are!  Now, I am going to untie you from the bed and you will stand by the bed.”  Bending down to untie his leash was not easy in a corset, especially in high heels!  I had to make very deliberate moves for fear of face planting, which would have certainly spoiled the mood😉  That said, the slowness of my movements and the closeness of my pert and deliberately dressed body had the desired affect on my Hubby.  His eyes were darting around my body, he was starting to pant and the cage around his junk was clearly starting to strain.
“Look away slut, I haven’t given you permission to stare at me.”  I hissed.  With a look of shock, his head turned and his eyes dropped.  Gosh, he was becoming so obedient, have I broken him?  I want him to be my slave but not my sissy…have I gone past the point of no return?  We will have to discuss this later, re-establish the rules and boundaries possibly.
Untying the leash, considering that I was wearing restrictive PVC gloves, was easier than I had expected.  To be honest, I was liking the tightness of the gloves and the sheen was devine.  They felt strange against my legs, but nice strange.  I am very new to the bondage scene so expanding my wardrobe has been a task of research.  I’m allergic to latex, leather is way too expensive and getting quality PVC items requires careful research.  The gloves were definitely worth the effort.  But I digress, back to Subby who was now standing by the bed with his head and eyes averted.
“Do you understand why I have leashed you?”
“Because I am your slave and I have been naughty?”
“Yes.  In future, and there will be future times, if you are leashed I want you to remember this evening and what the leash means.”
“Now follow me slut.”  I led him to the ensuite.  As I previously mentioned, there is a very sturdy towel rail in there.  Leading him in by his leash I turned and stopped him by pushing the crop against his bare chest.  Firmly pulling the leash down and only having to slap him once with the crop, I tied it around the rail.  He looked like he was bowing to me, quite befitting wouldn’t you say?  I then buckled his wrists around the rail and now he was quite secure.  I only hoped that the old dear’s back could take this position for an extended time, and it was going to be an extended time.
“Wait here”…he-he, not like he had a choice.  “Yes Mistress.  Sorry Mistress for letting your done over the last couple of months.”  He said with a slight waver in his voice.  My god, he was actually starting to get scared!  “Oh, stop grovelling, it is too late for apologies now slave!”
Should I stop?  Was this going too far?  “Sub, what colour are you?”  Red is our safe word and amber is ‘I’m close’
“Amber Mistress.  You are in charge and I am feeling vulnerable but I am fine with this.”
“Good.  Let’s see how close we can get you to red!”  At this point I swear he shivered.
I went back to our leather suitcase to retrieve a couple of devices inspired by 50 Shades.  Returning to the bathroom I instructed Subby to spread his legs apart, using the crop to get the distance that I desired.
“I am going to use this spreader to keep you exposed, do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress.”  Again, trying to buckle the straps on the spreader bar took concentration and focus.  The slowness only built the tension and I could see that he was starting to dribble from his cage.  “Oh, dear slut, you appear to be leaking.”  Catching it on my gloved hand, another advantage of PVC, I wiped the pre-cum across his lips.  This was new for him but I think he actually liked it.  Strange, the thought of tasting cum has always been quite repellent to me but in his heightened state of tension, I think that doing this actually took him to the next level of being under my control.
“Now I am going to blindfold you.  You won’t need your eyes for this.”  Tying a blind fold over his eyes, I made a deliberate fuss about him being plunged into darkness.
“Can you see anything?”
“No Mistress.”
“Is it comfortable, not too tight?”
“It is comfortable Mistress.”
“Now, slave, I am going to discipline you.  This is going to be slow and all through this I want you to remember that even though I am half your size I have enough power to make you beg for forgiveness.”
His leg actually started to twitch uncontrollably.
I have never fully disciplined my Subby and this was going to be a new experience for both of us.  I had done my research and knew that the skill was all in the build up and getting him to the point where he didn’t think that he could take anymore.
Starting with some stroking, from my gloved hands and the crop, I showed my Subby that his whole body was exposed to me.  It was particularly rewarding causing a gasp from him as my gloved hand wrapped around the base of his caged junk and gave it three firm tugs followed with a determined squeeze.
Standing back, I gave him three hard smacks across his toned arse.  Seeing my hand prints left behind was actually quite sexy to look at, even if it did also make my own hand sting.  Back to stroking him with the crop, I concentrated on the insides of his legs and his dangling junk.  I could guess, after the 3 earlier tugs, that he was worried that I might start whipping his exposed caged self.  Instead I started to whip his taught cheeks near his balls.
Starting light, the crack from the leather end of the crop worried me at first:  what about the neighbours?  But there were no neighbours!  Now I could relax.  I decided to work in sets of 5: easy to count and easy to keep the force consistent.  Between each set I stroked and massaged his butt with my gloved hand.  By the end of the 3rd set, portions of his cheeks were starting to go a deep crimson.  Subby had only yelped twice, and one of those times were when I misplaced a swing and caught his balls by mistake, oh well, at least it reminded him that I was in control.
“What colour slut?”
“Amber Mistress but please, not my balls again, they ache but not in a good way.”
“Silence, I decide, not you.  However, I will consider this if you can take the next two sets in silence.”
Now I had to really work.  I’m not unfit but I had discovered a problem with the crop: its short length meant I was getting to the limit of how much pain I could inflict.  I would have to review this for next time.  The next 5 swings were just about as hard as I could do and the last 5 definitely were not the usual increase in level of pain.  That said, his arse was going purple and the last two swings were rewarded with a whimper.
Massaging his bum again I whispered in his ear “Good boy, now to finish off.”  I had the idea of flipping the crop.  It was a little trickier to hold onto but the weighted end created a different sensation, a much deeper thwack.  By the third swing Subby asked me to stop, but no ‘Red’ so I completed the last two swings instead.  It was then that I realised that Subby’s hands were grasping the towel rail hard, causing his knuckles to go white, he was actually panting.
Removing the various restraints and leash, facing my Subby, I removed the blindfold.  There were tears in his eyes but also something else: fulfilment and…lust!  Without exchanging words, Hubby scooped me up and threw me onto the bed.  “Where are the keys!”  Pointing at the suitcase, I was getting quite excited.  There was an energy coming off him that I had not felt for a long time.  Removing his cage, I could see no sign of ED from him now!  My god, the next 10 minutes, where his animal urges were put onto me, were incredible!  Boy, were we exhausted though.  Struggling to get my corset off, we both collapsed into a deep sleep and nearly missed breakfast the next day, prrrrrr.
Wow, just WOW!
Mistress Dominique xxx
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Post by: odslutpuppy on December 12, 2021, 11:08:54 PM
WOW indeed, Mistress Dominique!

Thank you for sharing the rest of the story. You write with such feeling that it's almost like being there (but without the pain poor Subby endured).

So nice to hear how well a re-connection can go. 😁😁

On a side note - hope you both are recovering and feeling better these days.
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on December 13, 2021, 09:51:25 AM
Hello odslutpuppy!,
So good to hear from you!  i hope that you are well?  Yes, we are both on the road to recovery: thank god, and the amazing scientists, for AstraZeneca and Pfizer!  We have both been incredibly lucky.  Apart from me getting very tired by the end of each day and Hubby says that everything tastes like plastic, we appear to have come of lightly.
Thank you for your comments on the last posting.  I really enjoyed writing this episode of our story; reliving the experience on 'paper' reminds me of how much passion we have and also gets my imagination going...poor Subby:-)  Don't be too sympathetic of the silly man, he teases me on a daily basis and encourages the kids too!  A tanned backside is the very least that he deserves;-)
As I am sure you are aware, ChastiKey now has a limited life:-(  Hubby and I have grown through the trusted members of the site and I really enjoy posting on it.  Can you recommend another similarly safe and trustworthy site which I can continue to use?  The writing I do and the feedback from the wonderful ChastiKey members, has helped in so many ways and I want to continue even after it closes.
Kindest regards,
Mistress D xxx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: odslutpuppy on December 17, 2021, 05:09:25 AM
Hello Mistress Dominique,
If he's teasing you on a daily basis, it may be that he is looking for that spanking. 😜

Good to hear that both of you are recovering - hopefully you won't have any long term issues.

As far as site recommendations, I don't have anything that is strictly chastity based, but my "go-to" is a strictly Femdom site - Lots of information and resources, the ability to blog about experiences and interests, a chatroom, and a community of like-minded individuals of varying degrees of knowledge and experience.

If it is mainly chastity that you are interested in, I do know that Fetlife has a lot of groups dedicated to that aspect of kink. And it remains to be seen what the spin-off sites from Chastikey are going to be like.

Hopefully you will find a place where you feel comfortable and can help you continue to grow in your journey. 😀
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on December 17, 2021, 10:55:30 AM
Hello odslutpuppy,

Good to hear from you.

You might well be right about the teasing and spanking!  Perhaps I will point that out to Subby the next time that I am tanning his backside and add an extra set in for good measure;-)

Thank you regarding the two sites.  I believe that you have recommended Collar N Cuffs before and I did find that one quite interesting, certainly in terms of getting ideas from their their  story section.  I will investigate the other to see whether it is a good fit for us.

We're both on winter vacation so there will be plenty of time for new adventures, and postings.  Subby has also booked us a couple of nights away again so I will certainly need to get prepared for 48 hours of fun, pampering...and pain;-)

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas,

kind regards,

Mistress D xx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on January 23, 2022, 12:53:56 PM
Hello Chastikey et al,
I entitle this story as “A ladies weekend end away, a sissy’s weekend in servitude.”
As I write this, I am snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea.  After a night of dancing and singing, my feet are pleasingly tired and my voice slightly husky, perhaps even a bit sexy too😉 I am in no rush to use either so am taking this time to write a posting for you.
I recently asked you, the readers, for your views, via a poll, on what I should do with Subby whilst I am away on a ladies break from the demands of needy husbands, oh, and kids.  The latter are a very distant second to husbands, who are just big kids but are way more capable with getting themselves into trouble. Men!  Anyway, I am sad to say that the poll didn’t throw up any suggestions and therefore I was left to make the decision: this is proving to be much tougher on Hubby that perhaps it would have been with your help, he-he.  I hope you enjoy the story.
I made my own decision which was option 1: “Leave him caged and explain that he will be given a treat upon my return, provided he doesn't cheat.” Subby knew that I had posted the poll and this is how Friday ended:
“Right then darling, I am packed and ready to go, have you checked my car?”
“Yes beautiful, all fluids and so forth.” He paused and I could see that he wanted to ask something but was worried about my response.
“Yes, what do you need to ask?”
“Well, I have tried really hard this month, I was wondering whether I would be allowed to be uncaged?”
“You know that I asked the Readers for their views?” A worried nod and just a little more fear in his eyes.  “Well, the votes are in and I have taken them into consideration.  Of cause, you understand that I will make the final decision, don’t you?” Again, another nod. “Do you understand!”
“Yes Mistress.  Please, be kind Mistress, what is the decision?”  Now frustration and fear: what word describes that best...?
“Before I tell you, know that this decision is only because you have been so honest and attentive this month.  It will be very rewarding for you.”  A rapid nod and now excitement from the innocent puppy dog.  I was loving this: a weekend away and total domination of my husband, sooooo sweet! 😊  “You will remain caged but…”
“What! But Mistress, you said…please, I am so horny I am about to explode! I…”
“Do not interrupt!” I said sternly, cutting him off mid-sentence.  “I said that the decision would be rewarding, and when you let me finish, you will understand why.”  Shoulders slumped and resignation setting in, I had his attention again.  “You will remain caged for the weekend and provided you can keep your hands off your junk, including your prostate, then you will have an amazing treat when I return.”
Now pouting, “What will that be?”
“You will have to trust me on that but I promise that you will like it…as long as you follow the rules.  Oh, and that other thing, keep your hands off my clothes!  I have put something on your pillow.  You may wear that and any of your clothers”  As I said this I took my car keys from his hand and started playing with a particular key: this attention to detail did not escape Subby.  “Right, I am leaving now.  My bags?”
With a resigned intake of breath, Subby kissed me on the cheek and followed me to the car with my bags, which he carefully put into the boot.  “I will be in touch when I arrive.  I will also be sending you something so check your phone regularly.  Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress.  Safe journey and I look forward to hearing from you.  I will be good, I promise.”
“Oh, I know that.  Otherwise it is a second month in metal.”  My smile was like honey.
My journey was uneventful.  After picking up my bestie, we chatted non-stop.  Mostly she was moaning about her husband and what state her house would be in when she returned.  “How do you stop your husband from destroying your house!”
“Oh, you know, training, lots and lots of training.”  Both of us laughed at that one.  If only she knew what she was missing out on but how on earth would that conversation happen?
Upon my arrival and when I was settled into my room with a glass of prosecco by my side, I sent my first text of the weekend.
“Hello darling, arrived safe.  Lots of chat about husbands along the way (that would get him thinking).  Did you see the list of rules and tasks on your pillow?  Are you wearing the clothes?  Send me your views and rating: 5 is high.”  I bet he was gulping at this point.  I am sure that he was very aware of his cage too!
He-he…more to follow upon my return this evening. 😊
Yours, and feeling slightly smug,
Mistress Dominique xxx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: odslutpuppy on January 24, 2022, 10:20:24 PM
Greetings Mistress Dominique,
I'm sorry that I missed the deadline to participate in your poll. Personally, I would have voted for option 3 (but when it comes to deciding the fate of someone else, I tend towards the meaner/trait building side of the spectrum).

From the teaser posted it sounds like both you and Subby had an interesting, enjoyable weekend. (Okay.... maybe enjoyable isn't the right word for his - hehehe).

You asked how "that" conversation would go with your bestie - probably easier than the conversation between you and Subby when the topic was originally brought up. We tend to gravitate towards people who are a lot like we are when it comes to picking friends (especially besties!) If my experiences are any indication, you may be surprised at how much your friends have picked up on (I know I was). It may well be a case of you not opening the subject in fear that it would be TMI and make things awkward. And your friend not bringing it up in fear of embarrassing you and making it awkward. In your shoes, I would have been tempted to respond to her question with: "training and discipline... until he knows better". Could always end it with a wink and a smile/chuckle. Opens the door for further questions but still lets you laugh it off as a joke if things get tense.

Looking forward to hearing more about how the rest of the weekend went.

Be well Mistress Smug.... I mean Mistress Dominique. 😁
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on January 30, 2022, 10:48:53 AM
Hello Chastikey et al,
I entitle this story as “A ladies weekend end away, a sissy’s weekend in servitude Part 2.”
I have been home a week from my girly jaunt and thinking back over the last week, I still can’t stop smirking or giggling at the thoughts and photos.  “Photos?” you might be asking, well read on and let your imagination run wild😉
Picture me on my hotel bed, just putting my phone down having sent Hubby my “Arrived safely” message.  I had a grin on my face as any minute now Subby was going to see a very disappointing gift on his pillow.
Whilst Hubby was checking the fluids in my car, I was going through his clothes pulling out all of his socks, pants and t-shirts to hide them away.  No, I wasn’t planning for him to go commando for the weekend, he-he, no, something much better than that.  The day before my trip, I had gone to clothes shop famous for providing attire for the more elderly lady.  There I found the most awful pop-socks, pants that would warm your armpits and polyester tops that would generate enough static electricity to power a small town😉  As some of you will know, I have a hang-up about Hubby’s cross dressing and so, thought that a comical picture of him in unflattering underwear would dispel other images that I had already started to create.  It certainly helps, I can tell you!  Poor man, should I feel guilty?
On Hubby’s pillow were the instructions: “Hello Slave, enjoy your weekend.  Below are a list of tasks that you need to complete before I return.  Do them well and I will have a nice surprise for you.  Do them poorly and your junk will be caged for so long they might just shrivel up and fall off!”  I then listed just enough jobs, such as cleaning, food shop and other chores that bore the hell out of me, that would fill his time and prevent him from getting distracted.  “Finally, you will notice that some of your clothes are missing and have been replaced with something else more suiting to a cross-dressing sissy such as yourself!  I will send you other instructions when I can be bothered to.  Remember, have your phone near you, do NOT keep me waiting.  Mistress Dominque”
I picked up my phone and texted: “Hello Sissy.  Describe to me how the new clothes feel.  Send me a photo but I do not want to see your snivelling face!”
10 minutes later he replied “Hello Mistress.  The clothes are baggy but fit.  The top is sweaty and the socks keep falling down.”  The photo, which was attached, looked like something from a 60s brochure: he looked ridiculous! Perfect!
“Why did this take you so long?  10mins!  Reply within 1 in future.”
“Sorry Mistress.  I was cleaning the toilet and couldn’t get the marigolds off fast enough.”  Now picture that image. Ha-ha-ha 😊
After this, and a bit of cruel smirking on my part, my girlfriends and I went to the spar.  After much giggling and chatting about life in general, I returned to my room, got dressed for lunch and met them in the bar.  Chatting about what we would do with the afternoon, shopping without annoying husbands in tow at the top of the list, prompted me to send a picture of a very sexy lingerie set to my Subby with the message of “What are your thoughts about these?  And be honest.”
The reply was suitably quick and read “They are beautiful but not really your style or colour Mistress.  Your beautiful skin is much better suited to dark lace or silk.” Hmmm, not what I was expecting but he was right, the set would not suit me.  Damn, the man might actually have a good eye for clothing…at least female clothing anyway!
Later, I sent a series of pictures showing stockings.  The reply was fast once again, subby is obviously training well😉  I even put a picture of a man wearing stockings to near his reaction.  His reply to this was most interesting of all.  “Sorry Mistress, I don’t know how to answer this one.  I don’t like seeing cross dressed men as they look silly.” What?!
The next photo obviously was a great choice, as he replied: “Mistress, this is teasing me too much.  Please stop!” and I swear there was a groan there.  Obviously, I didn’t stop.  Over the rest of the weekend, I sent a whole array of photos and by the end had a good idea of what his style was and a few good ideas of what he could get me for valentines and birthday too!
I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and on the last day bought Subby a gift that I had spotted in a small boutique.  When I returned home the house was spotless, Subby was waiting at the door to collect my bags and there was a delicious smelling roast coming from the kitchen.  I nodded my approval and could see him relax with that.  Yep, definitely trained.
Later that evening, and after the children had gone to bed, I instructed Subby take me through his weekend, step by step.  It appeared that he had covered his clothing with baggy layers, to hide his ‘undergarments’.  Unfortunately for him, he got rather hot from all the chores I had set him and the polyester vest didn’t help.  Shame😉
“Well dear, you have pleased me.  I have put a tote bag on the bed, get it for me and I will reward your servitude.”  Hubby almost ran up the stairs and promptly returned with the bag.  He found me on the sofa with his key in hand.  “Now sit down. And close your eyes.”
I deposited onto his hands, black satin pyjamas.  The short sleeved top and shorts had an ivory edging and I knew, from the text conversations, this would be perfect for his feminine taste.  “Without opening your eyes, tell me what you think.”  I whispered to him.
“It is light and smooth.  I love the texture.”  He said, lightly gliding his hands over the fabric and even put it to his lips.”  Interesting, he really is in for the whole tactile experience.  The way he inspected the clothing was not dissimilar to how he gets me aroused. 
“You may now open your eyes.”  Clearly, he loved what he saw.  “Now, you may wear these to sleep in but not in front of me, do you understand?” 
“Yes mistress”
“Now, I am tired and need to sleep.  You can use the spare room.  I will now unlock you.”  The next thing was very surprising.
“If it pleases Mistress, I would like to remain locked.”
“Yes? As you like.”  I was not expecting this.  Hubby is a very complex person!
The next day Hubby was so relaxed and affectionate.  In fact, the rest of the week was filled with surprise flowers, early returns from work and very high levels of attentiveness.  I will have to go away more often!
Yours, and definitely pleased with myself,
Mistress Dominique xxx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on January 30, 2022, 10:49:52 AM
Hello Odslutpuppy,

So good to hear from you and, if I have not already done so, 'Happy New Year'! 

Yes, you are certainly meaner than me, but that is what I love about you.  That said, I will take on board your points when I next go away: it will keep Subby on his toes to be treated harshly without explanation or rewards.  Poor soul:-)

Regarding "...that conversation"  in one sense i would love to have my bestie in the know, but as much as I love her, she is not very discreet, certainly when the gin is out.  It would be fun as she already gives Hubby a hard time about everything as it is, but once that box is open there is no going back.  Still, things change and who knows what will happen in the future.  I certainly find myself treating Hubby differently and instinctively so.  Observant people have probably already guessed.  It would be fun to know whether there are any other husbands being trained but I suspect not.

I hope you enjoy the gag in the second instalment of my girly weekend away as I am quite proud of my inventiveness.

Stay safe,

Mistress D xxx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: odslutpuppy on February 01, 2022, 04:33:54 AM
Mistress Dominique,

Your wicked inventiveness always serve to enhance the enjoyment in hearing what "poor" Subby has to "endure". (lucky lad)

You're quite right - once that box is opened there is no going back. And it is a risky business - only you will know when, or even if, the time is right. I can certainly understand your hesitancy given the "gin discretion". Who knows what the future will bring.

As to the gag - I hope that you take this in the spirit in which it is intended. While I enjoyed it greatly, it was somewhat anticipated/expected. Maybe because it is a wonderful combination of his interest in feminine attire and a humiliation aspect brought in to discourage that interest. A nice touch but just a little predictable for my personal liking....but that's just me.

Glad to hear that the weekend away was so successful. Looking forward to hearing what the future will bring. (Hope you don't mind if I live a bit vicariously through you and Subby.)

Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on February 18, 2022, 05:29:43 PM
Hello Chastikey et al,
I entitle this story as “7 gifts of Valentines - Part 1”
Hubby and I feel privileged.  Yes, we work very long hours, have had many knock backs over the years and have had to work as a team to get everything that we have.  Do we want more?  Yes!  Not material things, what we want is a deep, dark, red and a passionate life.  For the last two years we have been getting there, exploring chastity and everything that goes with that.  Material items pale into insignificance when you have chastity in your lives.
For the most recent valentines, we wanted to avoid the commercial motivation and instead move towards the darker aspects of our desires and just use the date as a focus.  We agreed that the 14th would just be a date in the middle of a fortnight of fun, pain and discipline.  True to tradition, “Ladies go first” and since Subby is the biggest lady in our relationship, he started the fortnight.
Hubby tried his best, a dozen beautiful roses on Valentines-7, chocolates V-6, lingerie and so forth.  I will admit, he has good taste and the heels he bought me on Valentine’s day were particularly sexy, extenuating my ankles and firm calves.  They also feel amazing!  Subby’s reward each evening was whether he had permission to pleasure me, would have to watch me pleasure myself or was cuffed to a horrid wooden stool, only able to hear me.  The stool is something that I found in a skip whilst we were out walking and clearly has had a tough existence: one of the legs is unstable, the seat is missing a strip of wood so uncomfortable on a bare bum and the lack of a backrest makes access to his bare back, complete.
“Subby, do you like the lingerie that you bought me.” I asked whilst he was balancing on the stool and I hovered behind him.  “Yes, Mistress and they look amazing on you!”
“Hmmm, but who are they really for, my slave?”  I whispered this into his ear and quietly backed away.  God, the panties felt amazing and the bra gave me a cleavage that I did not know I owned!  I don’t normally get very excited by lingerie, too much a ‘sterotype’ sort of thing imposed on women by society.  Give me PJs and no bra any day of the week!
“Sorry Mistress, I don’t understand?”  Perfect answer! Swish, crack and yelp!  The cane left a red welt across his shoulders.  I waited for the pain to sink in, realisation to dawn on his mind and then 3 more swings, the last two across the bulge of his bum resting on the stool.  He nearly fell over at this point but recovered just in time.
“Who was this lingerie set really for, slut!”
“Honestly Mistress, I have not worn them!”
“Oh, I know.  Your slovenly body wouldn’t squeeze into them.”  I hissed with mirth.  “No, but think, who is getting the most satisfaction from me wearing them, you or me?” 
“Oh, sorry Mistress, me.”
“Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” And each affirmation was followed with a swing of the cane.  His back was glowing and Subby was panting.  As I moved around him, leaning over so that he got an eyeful of my beautifully cupped breasts, I could see that he had tears in his eyes.  Did I feel guilty?  Of cause not, the little slut had pre-come dribbling from his cock and was getting off on this as much as I was.
“So, you have once again thought of yourself first.  When are you going to learn that your thoughts should be about serving me and not what makes you feel horny?”
“Oh shut up!” Grabbing a gag, I silenced him.  Satisfied that the cock shaped mouthpiece would both mean he was humiliated and was unable to do anything other than gurgle.
What I did then, in front of him and completely oblivious of whether he could see or not drove him mad.  Panting, I looked up as my body was starting to come down from an incredible high and could see that he was hard and desperate to break his bonds.
“You are still enjoying this!  Spread your legs!”  I picked up the crop, which is never far away these days.  Stroking his groin, it only made him harder and I could see the tension in his eyes.  Three hard hits across his circumcised cock caused to deflating end to that.  This ‘treatment’ was new to him and he was clearly shocked.  “I am going to shower, stay here.”  Not that he could go anywhere, he-he.
When I returned, his manhood had shrunken down to a pathetic stump.  Wrapped in a dressing gown I pulled on a pair of marigolds.  “You look pathetic and I don’t even want to touch that lump of flesh with my bare hands.”  The pre-come was useful now as I pushed his junk through the ring of his cage and locked him up.
I removed the gag, admiring the red marks that it had left across his cheeks and neck.  “I acknowledge that you have worked hard to please me for the last 7 days, and even though the lingerie was born out of a selfish act, they clearly show that your feminine side is being trained well. Tomorrow I will start to reward you.  Remember, what I do for you will solely be focussed on what you need slut and are not for me, do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.  I am here to serve you!”
“Yes, you are.”
The next day I was with Hubby again.  We both love the openness of our relationship after a ‘session’ as there is no sexual tension, just companionship.  Though we had to work, the breakfast and evening were cuddles and chats.
“Ok dear, it is shower time.  Would you like to go first?  I have put a towel out for you.”  My eyes made it clear to him that this was a non-negotiable. 
What Hubby found was a fresh towel wrapped around a new razor, a bottle of Veet and a note which read “From your neck down, all hair must go.  If you want to wear woman’s clothing then you are going to feel like one.  It is your turn to know what it takes to appease social conformity and expectations.”
I personally hate the smell of Veet but the benefits are superior to a razor and certainly last longer.  Hopefully my Subby read the instructions with the Veet and uses the razor on key areas of his body, because if he doesn’t, it won’t just be hair that he removes!
I am pleased to say that the result was excellent.  Seeing him stood naked, totally void of hair, other than for a few hard to reach places, was wonderful.  I’m not a fan of a ‘manly and hairy chest’. Hubby is/was and certainly looked embarrassed as I inspected him, razor in hand rectifying patches that he had missed.
“Photo time”
“What! Mistress please?” 
“Hahaha!  This is only day one of my gifts.  You do like it though?  Feel it, this is much better, don’t you agree?”
As he stroked his body, I could see that he had mixed feelings, one of joy and another of shame.  How was he going to keep this hidden?  What if somebody asks questions when he goes to the gym?  Well, that is his problem!
Mistress Dominique xxx
Title: Re: New to being a keyholder
Post by: dominiquerichards81 on February 20, 2022, 01:19:40 PM
Hello Chastikey et al,
I entitle this story as “7 gifts of Valentines - Part 2”
The next morning, I was woken to a gasp from Hubby from the ensuite.  I stretched languidly after a very relaxing sleep, giggling to myself as I remembered what had been Day 1 of Subby’s introduction to what a ‘conditioned Valentine’s woman’ is expected to be.  I did think that I would ignore him and snooze for a little longer but I was intrigued and my brain won’t switch off once it is intrigued; plus I knew that he would be fussing over whatever it was that he had discovered in the bathroom for the rest of the morning.  Hmmm, that might be something to refer to this evening😉
“Morning dear, everything ok?”
“Is this normal!” He asked as he came through the door and back into our bedroom.  He was holding the front of his boxers open looking worried.  As the curtains were still drawn I couldn’t really see much but the light from the ensuite did glint off his freshly ‘mowed’ chest.  Hmmm, that looks good!
“I’m not sure, what is the problem?”
“My nuts are red raw and itch too buggery!”
Looking down I could see what he meant.  “You didn’t use the Veet all over your body, did you?”  I knew full well that he had but, LOL, welcome to being a woman!
His eyes looked up and he genuinely looked scared. “Yes, shouldn’t I have?”
“I did tell you to read the instructions.  Veet is effectively paint stripper you know.”  I laughed at this point, though perhaps I shouldn’t have as Hubby would be in A&E if I didn’t put an end to this quickly.  “Just keep putting on baby lotion and you will be fine.”
“But, what if…”
“Enough!  Do as I say and you will be fine.”  I was surprised by the steel in my own voice.  Honestly, I am a very sympathetic person but, recently, I have found that I drop into character very easily.
“Yes Mistress, sorry, I didn’t mean to question you.”
“Once you are done, wash you hands and I think a cup of tea would be really nice.”  And off he went.  My brain was still in ‘Mistress’ mode so whilst Hubby was in the kitchen, I planned how his next gift would be delivered.  This would take subtlety, I want to keep the humiliation building up but I am not ready to share what we have with friends, certainly whilst the children are too young to understand.  Plus, with Hubby, gradual build up always drives him crazy!
After breakfast, I laid out Hubby’s suit and a short-sleeved shirt.  “Why this shirt dear?  It’s still a little cold for short sleeves?”
“Yes, and more so now that your shaggy body hair is gone.”  I grinned.
At this point his predicament started to dawn in his mind.  “But people will see!”
“But what do I say, how do I explain why there is no hair on my arms?”
“Tell them…tell them that you wife has decided to take control of your image.”
“What, I’ll sound like I’m hen pecked or something.”
“Aren’t you?  This is what you have asked from me, no?”
He nodded, head down.  “People will laugh.” 
“No, they won’t, not the woman anyway.  They will be thinking how beautiful your skin looks and thinking about either their own or whether they can get their husbands or partners to ‘man-scape’.”  I said this firmly but also with a hint of lust in my voice.  The latter wasn’t wasted on Hubby, he could see that I liked him this way and that I was also buying into his need to feel feminine.
Midday I sent him a text from work “How is your day going my smooth slave?”
“There have been a few questions, some of the guys laughed, one actually said that he ‘scaped himself.  The women asked how I did it and most said that I looked better for it.  This attention has been difficult for me, you know that I’m an introvert.  However, it is making me feel so…good.  Thank you, Mistress, I love you!”
That evening, after the children had gone to bed and we had cuddled watching a trashy mini-series, I led Hubby up-stairs.  “Sit here my beautiful slave, I have a second gift for you.”
I studied his face, getting a clear image in my mind of what I wanted.  “Now, this will cause some pain, very little pleasure but you will love the outcome.”
“What are you going to do?  I’m not sure that I want makeup on Mistress.”
“No, and nor do I.  I am going to reduce those bushy mounds above your eyes into something more pleasing.”
“Oh, ok.”  The quietness of his voice is always an indication that something deep inside was pleased but his social conditioning was concerned.
It was actually quite fun to pluck away.  Watching him wince is always good and this was a lot less effort than using a cane or crop.  Thinking on it, I should have made him undress but, hey-ho, hindsight and all that.  I was pleased with the end result, not too feminine and his freshly sculpted eyebrows framed his piercing blue eyes well.
“What do you think.”
Instantly he answered “I really like them Mistress.”  Then, without pausing he scooped me up in his arms and dumped me on the bed.  My god, he was as horny as hell!  Should I uncage him, this could be amazing?  Nope, no time for that, it would appear, and certainly penetration was a long way from his mind as he roughly removed my clothes and buried his face into all of my crevices!  Bloody-hell, Subby has become adept with his hands and mouth!  I completely lost sense of time and had to bury my face in the pillow so as not to wake anyone!
“You have pleased me slave.  But I am exhausted and need to sleep.  Go to the spare room and sleep there.”
With a look of shock, Subby left the room.  I didn’t give it a second thought as I was asleep in moments.
It is only day 2 but this valentine is proving to be the best in our history!  There might be high expectations for Day 3 but, perhaps a step back is necessary instead.
Kind regards,
Mistress Dominique xxx