New to being a keyholder

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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #15 on: March 22, 2021, 08:43:57 PM »
Hello odslutpuppy,
Thank you for your thoughts and advice, it is certainly something that concurs with the research that I have undertaken.  I'll be honest, I am not keen on piercings so a PA is unlikely.  Upon reflection, I quite enjoy dishing out the punishment when Subby shows his indiscretions and I know that this certainly tickles his perverse satisfaction ;)
I'm pleased that our journey is of interest/entertainment; I certainly enjoy the writing which gives me a chance to chuckle at my impish actions and also stimulates my thoughts to come up with new 'tortures' for Subby.
I am very aware that I have not posted for some time.  Work has been crazy busy for both of us and the only recent adventures have involved falling asleep before our heads even hit the pillows; I know, dull, dull and DULL! 
I promise to write again soon so watch this space!
Kind regards,
Mistress Dominique xx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #16 on: April 01, 2021, 12:46:22 AM »
Hello Mistress Dominique,

Isn't it frustrating when life gets in the way of our fun? But in this environment, crazy long hours seem to almost be the norm. Good thing you're aiming for the pillows, otherwise you might end up with a serious headache.  :P

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for future updates when life gives the opportunity for frustrations in a "fun" way ;)

Take care - stay safe. :)
Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it and not in the way you expected.