Subby has been caged for several weeks and I am going away for the weekend.  Should I:

Leave him caged and explain that he will be given a treat upon my return, provided he doesn't cheat?
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Uncage him but say "If you relieve yourself whilst I am away then your freedom is gone for a month"?
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Leave him caged and offer no reward except his continued servitude and loyalty to his beloved KH?
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Something else which will tease and frustrate him whilst I am away?
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New to being a keyholder

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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #15 on: March 22, 2021, 08:43:57 PM »
Hello odslutpuppy,
Thank you for your thoughts and advice, it is certainly something that concurs with the research that I have undertaken.  I'll be honest, I am not keen on piercings so a PA is unlikely.  Upon reflection, I quite enjoy dishing out the punishment when Subby shows his indiscretions and I know that this certainly tickles his perverse satisfaction ;)
I'm pleased that our journey is of interest/entertainment; I certainly enjoy the writing which gives me a chance to chuckle at my impish actions and also stimulates my thoughts to come up with new 'tortures' for Subby.
I am very aware that I have not posted for some time.  Work has been crazy busy for both of us and the only recent adventures have involved falling asleep before our heads even hit the pillows; I know, dull, dull and DULL! 
I promise to write again soon so watch this space!
Kind regards,
Mistress Dominique xx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #16 on: April 01, 2021, 12:46:22 AM »
Hello Mistress Dominique,

Isn't it frustrating when life gets in the way of our fun? But in this environment, crazy long hours seem to almost be the norm. Good thing you're aiming for the pillows, otherwise you might end up with a serious headache.  :P

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for future updates when life gives the opportunity for frustrations in a "fun" way ;)

Take care - stay safe. :)
Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it and not in the way you expected.

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #17 on: July 19, 2021, 10:29:47 AM »
Hello Subs, KH's and interested readers,
It has been months and I am so sad that I have not written sooner.  Work has been intense but I am now on a break, had enough sleep for my impish side of the brain to start working and have been pondering how much my subby has had it easy recently.  Oh, he's worked hard, never a concern there, but I fear that he has been slipping back into old ways again.  It is about time to remind him of what a FLR is, and more importantly, feels like😉
I have finished work a week earlier than he has and it is clear that his workload is dropping off, judging by the longer shower times he has been having recently.  Saturday morning, he made a move on me but I had already been planning and, looking intensely under my rather lovely eyelashes said "Can we wait until tomorrow evening darling and I will make it really worthwhile?"  There is the beauty of being uncaged for several months: he had totally forgotten what servitude, which he had asked for, really meant.  His answer was a boyish “Oh, ok, yes, that sounds nice.”  My following grin though received a lovely double take and I refused to elaborate further; this increased the tension for sure.
Last night, after the kids had tootled off to bed, fans on for the heat and also to blanket any…whimpers, I sent subby to have a shower.  I followed him up and quickly got the playroom, formally crash-off-to-sleep room, ready.  This didn’t take long and nor did tightening the strings on my corset: feeling the lovely pressure on my ribs and breasts and then slipping on my silk dressing gown to hide the stockings and heels felt like a release for me.  This had me thinking “Why have I waited so long?”  Gliding to the bathroom door, I tapped twice and subby responded with a surprised “Yes?”
“Open the door and it is “Yes mistress”!”  I was impressed that he didn’t slip up, considering the speed that he travelled from the shower to open the door.  I boldly walked in, closed and locked the door and stood staring at his naked body with hand cuffs swinging from one hand and crop in the other; he appeared to like the scrutiny, judging from his inflating manhood. 
“Slave, you have let your body go.  Your muscles are weak, there is fat on your waist and you are way to hairy.” 
This was not the response that he’d been expecting and his boner soon dissipated.  “I want that forest gone, now!”  I scrutinised the whole process, perched on the bath side, and gave professional instructions on how to keep the ‘bikini line’ smooth, Brazilian style.
Once shaved and quickly dried, I cuffed his hands behind his back and made him pick up his towel with his mouth.  As he bent over, he received a brutal stroke of the crop across his arse cheeks, instantly leaving a bright red line and causing a surprised cry and the towel to drop to the floor.  “That is for not taking care of my property correctly slave!”  As he bent over again, retrieving the towel, Subby warily watched me as I tapped the crop in my hands.  I opened the door and instructed him with a glance to go to the bedroom.  The look he gave me was “What if the kids come out of their room?” but a narrowing of my eyes and the commanding comment of “Then don’t dilly-dally dear” got him moving quickly.  Watching those bum cheeks wobble slightly with a darkening red line across them made me smile; oh how I had missed this!
In the room I pushed him onto the bed, pulled his legs apart to secure them with rope to the two bottom corners.  I like to leave a little slack in the ropes so that Subby can wriggle but not escape.  I dropped the gown and seeing my short but nicely rounded form clearly made him believe that he was going to get the ride of his life.  Climbing onto the bed and straddling his form led to more thoughts of a fun night for him and he started to wriggle and get himself into a better position.  What he hadn’t noticed was the cage that I’d stashed under the pillow.  Reaching forward and giving him a chance to look at my small but nicely shaped corseted cleavage, I reached under the pillow.  The sound of the two stainless steel cage components, tinging against each other, changed his look of lust into instant chagrin.
“But mistress, you said yesterday that you would make the night worthwhile!”
“And I am, for me, not for you slut!”
Whilst he was still trying to protest I had the cage ring on him in a jiffy: the shock of a lost night of passion had the desired effect of making his dick nice and small and allowed the cage pieces to slip on without incident.  My favourite part is always seeing his dick slide into its new home and then turning the key.  I love watching the look go across my Subby’s face, one of resignation and frustration.
Visibly putting the key onto it’s necklace around my neck, I untied his ankles, told him to stand up and promptly inspected his smoothly shaved groin and silver restraint.  I like to walk around him, scrutinising him up and down, always with the crop in hand.  The final stage always ends with a caress of his balls with my hand, followed by a short but firm tug that causes him to flinch and grown.
Following GameLover24’s suggestion, I made Subby sleep at the end of my bed, still cuffed.  Don’t worry, I gave him a pillow😉  I slept well, even in all of this heat.  Subby did not and looked quite bleary eyed this morning.  I removed the cuffs but not the cage.  “But I’m at work today, what if people spot the bulge of the cage?”.  A short and curt reply of “That is your problem.” Ended that discussion. 
“I also want you to send me a photograph at lunchtime to show me that the cage is still snugly in place.  If you are back home in a timely fashion and compete your chores before I am too tired, then you might earn the chance to sleep in the bed tonight.”
Notice that there was no mention of cage removal.  The look he gave me clearly showed that he was starting to remember the servitude that I had trained into him several months ago.
Oh, I am feeling so relaxed today.  I want some ideas for tonight though.  I want Subby to fail and there to be a punishment.  What shall he fail on and what shall his punishment be?  Please let me know.
With love,
Demon-Dominique xx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #18 on: July 20, 2021, 02:00:23 AM »
Thank you for taking the time to update us, Mistress Dominique - how very nice to see you once again.

*What should he fail on?* I'm fairly confident that with the length of time between that his performance of his chores would not meet YOUR high standards. *What shall his punishment be?* - sounds like a perfect time to remind him of what he is missing, but that you don't have to. Have him pleasure you in whatever fashion you please until you are fully satisfied - stressing to him that he will remain unsatisfied. His own mind and desires will help with your punishment.

Looking forward to further updates.
Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it and not in the way you expected.

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #19 on: July 21, 2021, 09:17:38 AM »
Dear Sluts, KHs and anyone else interested in reading,
Thank you Odslutpuppy for your encouragement; gauging how strict I can be is still slightly unchartered territory for me.  You and I certainly have synergy regarding expectations, as you will read.
So Subby went to work, bleary eyed and a little forlorn.  It didn’t help that I had sat studying him during breakfast over a cup of herbal, in my short summer dressing gown.  I said little, thought loads and he knew that the focus was on him; he looked worried.  Giving me a light kiss on the cheek and a “Enjoy the sun dear, you’ve earned it. I won’t be late home”,  he walked to the car.  Just as he was about to get in, I reminded him of the photo and the importance of time keeping: “What time should I be back?” he asked to which I replied “Oh you know.”
Without specifying a time, it put Subby on edge and I continued to hold all of the keys still.
The day was beautiful and, after either dropping off children at school or ensuring that they had left on time, I decided to sunbathe.  I am not somebody that can sit for long without getting the fidgets; an overly active mind and doing a job that is nonstop the moment I get in, I suppose.  Checking emails, mostly out of habit, I then took a look through the Chastikey forums.  Not really looking for anything in particular, after a while I was drawn to one chat about ‘Self-Bondage Ideas’ and in particular a comment by LockMeDaddy.  My brain exploded with creative ideas and after a bit more surfing through Amazon, a little extra money on earlier delivery, I had some fun items coming my way…or Subby’s ‘end’ way😉  More about that in a couple of days though.
The day flew past, the kids came home and disappeared onto their electronics; I was too preoccupied to challenge them on that today.  I had decided that Subby should be home by 5:30pm, if not, then there would be consequences.  5:15 and I heard the key go into the door and my husband came in looking slightly flustered: “Hello dear..?”  I just gave him a stern look; how dare he be early!  Fortunately, my brooding thoughts were interpreted as “You are late!” so a great recovery.
In a sweet voice I replied, “Go up to the bedroom and change dear, you must be hot.”
I followed him up in measured steps, clearly making him feel uneasy, into the room.  “Where was the photo that I told you to send me?”  Instantly the little puppy dog had a look of chagrin and replied with “I thought you were joking?”  I simply crossed my arms and I swear he was trembling.
“Strip, I want to check that you have not cheated.”  I love it when he just stands naked.  Inspecting him always makes him self conscious.  I made a big show of checking his cage, inspecting the lock, pulling on it to check the fit and indifferently letting is drop with a tut: “I will know if you have cheated, don’t you?”  A rapid nod of the head showed that he was very worried.  “Now, about this fat.  You need to exercise, put these on.”  I handed him a pair of panties and an old bra.
“I can’t wear these, the kids will see!” 
“Maybe, that is not my problem.  Try hiding them with these.” And gave him a pair of ladies lycra shorts combined top: “Tell them that you are trying out the latest in impact training wear.  I don’t care, just start boiling off that fat, slut!”
The kids obviously didn’t notice but Subby certainly trained hard and fast in the garden on the rowing machine; I am sure that the cage and panties were chaffing as he walked strangely afterwards.  I gave him a long list of chores to do which didn’t end around the kitchen and house.  In the bedroom I explained that the cage was not coming off tonight but he could earn a release if he could pleasure me to the right standards.  My god, what a motivator that was, he has never shown me that much passion in one sitting!  An hour into sleep and he had me awake again trying to please me!  Oh, thank you to whoever invented the chastity cage and concept of submission!
Please send me other ideas for chores and punishments.  Subby now knows that I am posting his ordeals which is making him look even more furtive.  Be as creative as you like, the dirtier the better!
Well, Amazon has delivered, the sun is out and I have plans to make.
With kisses and strokes (of the crop),
Mistress Dominique xx

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #20 on: July 23, 2021, 09:15:14 AM »
Dear Sluts, KHs and slaves that are allowed to read,
Sorry that there has been a delay in writing.  I have been approached by a slut in a cage to become his KH so I have been busy training him.  This is my first slut, ignoring my Subby of cause (who should be ignored) and has been an interesting learning journey for both of us.  I might tell you about this journey or I might not, it depends upon how naughty this caged slut has been today.
So back to Subby…
As you all know it has been rather warm recently and apparently sweaty balls make for uncomfortable cage wearing.  This concerns me not but does interest me.  With all of that additional water, what fun can I have?  Oh lots!
The other day Subby returned from work saying that he was going to “Take a shower.”  He didn’t even ask how my day was or whether I needed anything!  Tut-tut-tut😉
“Hello dear.” I said, barely looking up from my magazine “I was reading today about the effect of heat on males and I am aware that your cage must be getting uncomfortable.  The advice is to keep yourself dry.  What do you think?”
Oh, I forgot to say, the kids were both in the garden, within ear shot too! He-he.  Subby looked around furtively, muttering under his breath “Please Mistress, the kids might hear.”
Now looking straight into his eyes, I commanded “Go to the bathroom cabinet and inside you will see that I have mixed some prescribed powder which will help to soak up the moisture.  Do not leave any on the floor and no showering!  Come back down and sit with me…slut.”
Oh how I love that look of 'naughty school boy' on his face that shouts "I have been caught doing something wrong."  Off he tootled and returned with acceptable swiftness, with a slight frown on his face.
“Thank you Mistress, the powder has soaked up the moisture nicely.”
“And your mess?”
“Oh, yes, I did that properly, I promise you.  I also spilt some on the sink and thoroughly cleaned that too.  What was the powder Mistress?  It is making my skin feel warm and a bit itchy.”
“It should not concern you, just know that it is your own doing.  What did you do wrong?  Remember the washing machine that I told you to set this morning?  It is still on pause, you useless slave!”
The powder was mostly Baby Powder.  No, I’m not getting soft, I had also mixed in some chilli powder and cayenne pepper😊 Oh how he started to itch and fidget.  Apparently, the more you fidget and sweat, the more the ‘herbs’ take effect.
I acted indifferently towards him for an hour.  His face became increasingly red and he looked like he was going to start pleading to me right there and then as I sat sipping my G&T that he had fixed me.
“Enough of the fidgeting already, go and shower, dear.  The cage stays on!  However, you will be offered a chance of release after you have made dinner, if you feel that you have earned it.”
Gosh, he almost ran to the bathroom!  ;D
More about the evening later.
I am feeling very impish today so what do you recommend that I do next?  I welcome your views.
Yours Impishly,
Mistress Dominique xx

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #21 on: July 24, 2021, 04:49:47 PM »
Dear Sluts, Slaves and Trainees,
Today’s post is with the above audience in mind.  I previously mentioned that I had been trialling a new slut, which I will refer to as CS, and I am pleased to say that he made some improvement.  Trainees can be a bother, I think, and this one still has much to learn!  I was very kind with him, I will admit, but the build up to ever more impish and cruel punishments is all part of the process.
CS asked me whether Subby was aware that I had a trainee.  I replied “Of cause, this is where I get some of the more basic chores and punishments from.”  When I told Subby, I was surprised to see him act petulantly about sharing my time.  My hubby jealous?  When I challenged him about this his reply was, with his bottom lip sticking out I will add, was “I hope that you are punishing him in the same way as you do me!” Obviously, I very clearly stated to him that “This in none of your business!”
Because Subby has limited internet rights, due to various porn infractions, he can only see stories that I let him see.  This makes it fun for me as I only share what I know will make him uncomfortable.  Equally interesting is a couple of suggestions that CS suggested and a ‘fun’ punishment that I set for him.  One of his suggestions I have already done and the other I will talk about on Monday.  I will elaborate…
Subby has now been caged for over a week.  Following the talc punishment, he has certainly stayed on top of the washing!  I have had a rather easy time for the last couple of days and this is unfortunate for Subby as my brain has freedom to roam.  I have delayed using the Amazon delivery, that came last week, until Sunday night: Subby has to go into work for one day on Monday and I want to make it memorable for him😉
This morning, after Subby brought me my herbal in bed, we sat chatting.  One great thing to have come out of being caged is he has become a really good listener.  Something that I don’t like though, is how he is bitchy whilst caged, petulant and sulky.  Oh dear, another teenager in the house?  No thank you!
I raised this with him: “Dear, I have noticed some changes about you, some I like, some I don’t…”  I love seeing his soul played out on his face, one a rewarded school boy with a compliment and then a scared rabbit for the criticism. 
“This morning you are going shopping, but you will not wear boxers” (CS might like this one and what comes after it)
“But dear, people will see the outline of the cage!”
“Do not dear me, slut!”
Head down and a “Sorry Mistress” showed that he remembered who he was talking to😊
“This will be your punishment for sulking about my Trainee but I am not without care.  You must still be a little sore from the other day’s talc punishment that you earned?  I want you to take care of your skin so rub this onto the itchy areas, it will help.  Do it now!”
I squirted some cream into his hands but didn’t show him the tube.  He started to rub it in and paused, “Speed up slut, rub it in quickly and get out of my bedroom, I want to get dressed and you have not earned the right today to see me naked.”  Rapidly, he rubbed, quickly pulled up his shorts and got out of my sight.
I took my time to dress and chose a loose fitting but titillating summer dress, humming to myself: this will drive him wild when he gets home.
The cream, if you had not guessed, was deep heat, or rather an own-brand without the odour.  Apparently, it works quickly and, for Subby, has similar effects as chilli powder and cayenne pepper.  He returned in record time, red faced and sweating😊 
“Mistress I need to shower, please let me shower?”
“Not until you have put the shopping away, if the ice cream melts then there will be a problem for you.”
“What was in that cream?  My balls feel like they are in an oven!”
“Oh, just something that my trainee suggested; payback I believe for some of the punishments that you suggested…”
His face darkened at this point: CS, be worried, if you are reading this, as Subby has some suggestions for me, for you😊
Oh, I am having so much fun!  I was very apprehensive about taking a trainee on but seeing how these two sluts are becoming so creative with punishment ideas towards one another, I am wondering why I didn’t do this sooner?
Yours gloatingly,
Mistress Dominique xx

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #22 on: July 26, 2021, 08:16:54 PM »
Hello one and all,
Your advice please:  Hubby currently has a metal cage with a barrel lock.  We are going to be doing various water sports over next week and know that salt water and metal do not mix.  Can you recommend a polymer cage which can be locked using cable ties please?
Kind regards,
Mistress Dominique


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #23 on: July 27, 2021, 12:20:19 AM »
Hi Mistress Dominique,
I would recommend kink3d.com cobra cage. Available with an optional airlock, a plastic insert in the place of the barrel lock that uses a plastic tag for lock.

Knockoff also available on aliexpress under the name of mamba cage.

Hope it can help.

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #24 on: July 27, 2021, 01:11:15 AM »
Hello Sub40s,
Thank you for taking the time to advise me.
Ooh, I like the look of that cage! Very modern...very strong. I love the description: "...dorsal bar resists the strongest of night time woodies". That will drive him wild. 
Now he can relax in the water with the confidence that I still own him.  Prrrrr!
Kind regards,
Mistress Dominique xx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #25 on: July 27, 2021, 01:11:31 PM »
Glad you appreciated it Mistress Dominique.
Best regards,

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #26 on: July 28, 2021, 11:27:42 AM »
Dear Ladies, Subs and KHs,
Today’s posting I am calling “Dressed in Red”, for reasons that you will see below.
Last week, whilst sunbathing and considering the needs, both for training and pleasuring my Subby, I found myself ‘flicking’ through various books on his Kindle.  The library and search history on it leans heavily towards BDSM and various other stories where the husbands are locked in chastity and sissified.  These are all courtesy of my husband who has obviously been exploring his inner needs.  I found some of the stories to be quite entertaining and could even relate to some aspects within them.  Mind you, if each of these couples actually did everything that was described in the stories then I don’t know how they would have time to work or even shop for food, they certainly have not got kids! 😉 
Many of the stories are about humiliating the husband and I know that this is what really helps my Subby to feel fulfilled.  I am growing in confidence with this aspect of my role but I still feel very awkward with it.  I’m no psychologist and worry that I am taking him down a route of no return which could damage him in some way…what are your thoughts?  I might be the dominant here but I also love my husband and want him to feel fulfilled; I am taking my role as his Mistress seriously!  It works both ways right?  I punish him, which gives him a thrill and he gives me the most amazing pleasure whenever I instruct him to, which has been a lot recently. 😊
I have been brought up in a very traditional family where ‘men are men’ and anything to do with wearing woman’s clothing or anal stimulation means that the man is gay.  I know in my brain that this is not the case but, in my heart, I still feel that it sissifies my husband in a way that is wrong.  This is a demon that I need to deal with, with the support of my husband and anyone else who has advice to share with me.  Please share your advice as your comment’s have always been helpful thus far.
Anyway, something that I have never tried on myself, nor do I ever want to, is anal play.  I had a distant boyfriend who tried to insert a finger and I almost jumped off the bed; a real confliction of my upbringing and association with what that part of the body is designed for, yuk!  However, I suspect that my hubby has explored this with himself, though he hasn’t had the courage to discuss it with me yet, out of respect I imagine.  I don’t want to rush him but I’m getting quite impatient regarding sharing inner truths so have decided to take the lead this time.  To some of you, anal play or cross dressing humiliation might be a no brainer?  For me these are two massive leaps and I am scared of how I view my hubby in the future.
I mentioned in a previous posting that I had ordered some items from Amazon; a couple of butt plugs, lubricant and a few other items.  I also added to this order, following a shopping trip in town, a skimpy matching set of bra, panties, suspenders and stockings; all in red.  I alluded to my Subby, from the previous Friday evening, that he was going to explore his needs on Sunday evening and be rewarded for it if he follows my instructions.  Suffice to say that his energy was boundless over the weekend and the house looks amazing!  He even had time to work out and his body is showing signs of toning up.  Subby has also given me much attention, which gives him a great thrill, and my skin has had a lot of contact with baby oil and his hands, lips, tongue…😉
When Sunday evening finally came, and I will admit that I was buzzing with excitement to, the kids retired to their various parts of the house and I went up to the play room, instructing Subby to come up in 30minutes, once he had cleaned up dinner and showered of cause.  I put on my outfit, corset, thong, stockings and black boots, finishing off with tying my hair back severely with a red ribbon, you get the image?  I then laid out the clothes that I had bought Subby, the ritual of which was insanely thrilling, and put the smallest plug on show.  There is such a contrast between the softness of woman’s clothing and the brutal nature of the plug, I knew that this would get my husband’s brain racing!  I actually found myself getting excited but didn’t really know why.  Everything was ready and I found myself tapping the crop in my hand with impatience; I’m starting to get into role so naturally now!
Shortly, there came the two respectful taps on the door, a pause and a whispered “Mistress, may I come in please?”
“Yes, but keep your head bowed and do not raise your eyes.”  Coming in, Subby closed the door firmly and stood at the allotted place by the bed, hands at his side now, having dropped his towel to the side of the room.  I walked up to him and raised his head by putting the crop under his chin.
“So, slut, I am going to reward you.  I am going to pleasure your body because you have earned it through hard work and obedience.  I am pleased with you.  First, let me inspect my slut.”  As I walked around him, making various comments about his body, inspecting his cage and complimenting him on his improved body toning, I could see that his eyes were darting to his rewards on the bed.
“Ah, you have seen that I have been shopping.  Go and have a closer inspection but do not touch!”
“Yes Mistress. I mean no, I won’t touch until you give me permission to, Mistress.”
“Do you like what you see?”
“Yes, I do Mistress, but aren’t the clothes a little on the large side for Mistress’ beautiful figure?”
“That is observant of you, well done. 😊  No, these are not for me, they are for you...”
“What?  You want me to wear woman’s clothing?”  Notice no mention about the plug, interesting…
“Oh, my dear slut, come on.  It isn’t me that wants you to wear it, now is it?  Be honest with me, you want to feel it against your skin, don’t you?”
He nodded slowly, eyes down.  Inadvertently his hand was stroking the fabric of the silky stockings and I could see that he was seeping a small amount of fluid from his cage; I don’t think it was cum but he was certainly in a happy place.  This was quite tough for me, it confirmed something about my husband and I had a choice to make: accept this or ban it.  If I ban it then he will feel guilty about it and this could cause him to withdraw again.  Also, will he dress in private and will this then make him feel guilty about who is and what he needs?  Oh, this is so difficult.  Or is it easy for him but difficult for me?  All these thoughts raced through my brain in seconds but, for this evening, I decided to switch off that emotion and see how this played out.
“Now dress.  I will help you if you need it.”  Oh my god, what am I doing.  I managed to convince myself that this was just a role for one night and we would explore how this makes us both feel later.  We both have to consent after all, if this is going to work and cement our marriage.  I know that he is not gay and for us to saty together for another 25 years will be down to how mature we are with communicating our thoughts and supporting one another.
I made him take his time and fussed over the tightening of his bra straps and positioning of the suspender belt.  “There, let me inspect.  Hmmm, the colour suits you, do you like the tightness and feel my darling?”  I will admit, I giggled a little here.  This seemed to relax his shoulders, so humour, as always, lessens the burden. 😊
“Yes Mistress, very much so.  May I walk a little?”  I nodded my agreement to this, though was wondering whether he would mince his way around the room.  I’m not prejudiced at all, but mincing just annoys me.  I needn’t have worried, he just wanted to feel the fabric playing against his body and enjoy the sounds it made.  Inside I was a little sad: fighting with my emotions I could see how much he liked wearing the clothes.  ‘But this is my strong husband, my brick on many occasions.  Was he going to change and become effeminate?’  Something to discuss later.
“Something is missing though.  Did you see the toy on the bed?”  Standing there, his eyes returned to the bed and nodded. “Do you know what it is for?” Another nod.  “Do you want to try this on yourself?”  He was definitely fighting with his inner emotions and I swear that his eyes were looking wet.  Was I taking him too far, too soon?  “If you want to stop then you must say red.”
“If Mistress instructs me to?” Oh, thank you very much, put the responsibility on me!  In for a penny, in for a pound… If it goes wrong then we will talk it through and work our way around it later.
Now here is a test that I read about.  If you want to know whether somebody has explored butt plugs, give them a small, inconsequential one, and if they don’t react then you know that they have tried larger ones😊
I had no intention of inserting the plug, yuk, but I was very interested in observing how he did it.  He nervously and in a rush, slid his panties down to his ankles.  “Don’t rush dear, I want to learn from you.”  After using a lot of lube, clearly not a novice, Subby played the plug against his anus before slowly but confidently inserting it, giving out a deep sigh.  Wow, I did not know that men enjoyed doing that!
“How does it feel?”
“It feels incredible Mistress.”  Again, his shoulders looked relaxed and I know that this was causing a massive relaxation and fulfilment within his body and mind.  My mind was still reeling but that is something he will have to help me with later.
“And how do you want to repay my kindness, slut?”
“With my entire body Mistress!”  And boy did he mean it.  At times it was very strange to feel woman’s clothing rubbing against me but the energy and determination that Subby displayed to pleasure me was incredible!
The next morning, I asked whether he would like to wear one piece of clothing to work.  He was worried about being caught but chose the panties al the same.  “Hmmm, too conservative dear.  I want you to wear the stockings as well.  You will feel them every time you move and when you go to the toilet, you can experience how inconvenient they are for a woman needing to pee!”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Oh, and don’t forget to hover, you never know how clean those toilet seats are.”
So where do I go from here?  Clearly, hubby and I need to talk, but at the moment this has all been about rewards, which, considering how big a thing this is, was the right thing to do on this occasion.  But I must remember my responsibilities as his Dominatrix and keyholder.  How do I use these two new additions as punishments, without causing guilt?
I have been exploring a website called collarsNcuffs, thank you Odslutpuppy, and I am sure that there is useful guidance here.  Likewise, Chastikey and it’s members have always come up trumps too, so let me know your thoughts, please.  If I get enough ideas then I will let you choose via a poll; this will drive my Subby crazy as it really turns him on when I hand his fate over to strangers 😊 😊
Yours adoringly,
Mistress Dominique xx


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Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #27 on: July 30, 2021, 01:26:40 AM »
One  way you could use them as punishments, Mistress Dominique, would be to take them away if he displeased you. This is particularly effective after he is "used" to the privilege of wearing the lingerie or using the plug openly. Going from kink to no kink can have a profound effect without any guilt association.
Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it and not in the way you expected.

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #28 on: July 30, 2021, 04:05:36 PM »
Hello game players,
I am calling today’s posting “Blindfolded Pleasure”.
I have been struggling a little lately for inspirational ideas to continue with my Subby’s training (I am going to have to come up with a better name for him soon).  I had hoped that there would be some impish Sub’s or KHs on Chastikey which might have made some suggestions to my previous posting, but sadly these were few so tut-tut to those too shy to add a comment😉  Fortunately I was inspired by a suggestion from Odslutpuppy (thank you O’) and, over coffee, I challenged Subby to come up with a bedroom game.  The rules were to be simple and would have rewards and punishments for knowing, or not knowing, what his KH likes and wants.
As soon as I posed the challenged, he started asking me questions: “No, you are going to do this by yourself and you are going to do it well!”
Oh, how his brow furrowed😉  In the end he went off to have a shower.  Upon his return he had a cheeky and smug grin on his face.  As he gave me my ritual end of day foot massage, properly kneeling as he did so, Subby teased me with a few comments about his brilliant game idea.  He would not give many clues which was exciting for me…I hope that he isn’t starting to get ideas of delayed gratification towards me, that would make his botty very sore!
After a glass of wine and watching part of our favourite ‘get in the mood’ movie, Subby respectfully asked whether I was ready to go upstairs?  Rather than sprinting, which is what I wanted to do, I stretched languidly and agreed with indifference.  I swear I should go on stage with my performances😉
Upon arrival to the room, Subby firmly closed the door, stripped and motioned me to join him on the edge of the bed.  I am pleased that he is so relaxed wearing nothing but his cage, it shows that he is growing in confidence and isn’t self-absorbed about being in his silver device.  Next to him were just three items, a tie, crop and five pegs.  I was intrigued.
“So Mistress, this game is called ‘Pleasing your KH.’”  Not a great name since that describes the role of every sub’ in the land, but we can work on the semantics later.  “Rather than you being blindfolded as I pleasure you, this time I am blindfolded.  What I will then do is pleasure you in the dark.”
“Ok.  So what are the crop and pegs for?”
“So, the aim is for me to pleasure you to the best of my ability but you are not allowed to talk.  Instead, you use the crop and pegs to guide me.  If I find a sweet spot then you put a peg on me but when you are bored, pull the peg off.  If I rush or go in too early then the crop comes into play.”
“Carry on, what about rewards?”
“Well, if Mistress is pleased with her slave, then, if it is ok with you, you could touch parts of me..?  But only if I really earn it!”  The latter came as a result of seeing my eyes narrow slightly.
I made a big show of assessing the rules and I could see that he was starting to get apprehensive after I gave it a good amount of thought.  “Ok, I am pleased with your creativity slave.  Know this though, however much you do please me, your cage is not coming off tonight.  I will give you a choice tomorrow morning for release though.”
“Thank you, Mistress.”
The game was surprisingly good fun.  It was nice to see him move around my body with such confidence and I had to get quite picky in order to punish him.  But I have never been one for shirking my responsibility so there were enough yelps and flinches for him to also remember the evening.  And boy was it an evening, I had a glow on my face for the rest of the evening!
I am interested to know whether any of you played some reward and punishment games?  I would love to hear about them.  If you have not tried this one and find ways to make it even more impish, then please let me know.
Yours playfully,

Mistress Dominique xx

Re: New to being a keyholder
« Reply #29 on: August 03, 2021, 02:24:10 PM »
Hello Trainers and Trainees,
I call today’s post “Caged Exercise”.
So far, all of Subby’s training experiences have either been within the home or to and from work.  Covid has hindered more public training, which I believe will be more intense for him.  Now that the restrictions are gradually dropping and we have both finished work for a while, I have decided to take him on a short vacation.  The plan, in addition of seeing different sights, other than the walls of our home, is to continue with his servitude in as many different situations as possible.  I am very active so this vacation will involve as many outdoor pursuits as possible.  Subby needs the exercise anyway 😊
Day one was interesting.  Apparently, putting up a caravan awning, whilst caged, takes a lot of focus.  Upon arrival and after being seated with a nice drink, Subby set to work erecting our dwelling for the vacation, with the help of the kids and, naturally, my sage advice😉.  Studying him intently, I could see that each time he squatted to hammer in a peg, his cage was pulling quite intensely on his balls.  After several incidents of discomfort, even pain, he soon learnt how to bend his legs properly.  Grinning to myself, he reminded me of the manoeuvre I use whilst wearing a tight skirt and sitting down on a chair: ankles together, bending at the knees and bum slightly extended, quite sexy really for me to watch.  His movements were becoming a little effeminate, and as much as I want him to be a man, an improved understanding of the inconveniences of being female is good for him😊
After a simple dinner, he had driven for 5 hours after all, it was out for an evening walk along the coast.  The terrain in the area is very hilly with lots of inconvenient steps both up and down.  The different stretches and movement had his junk jiggling all over the place.  I’ll admit that I was enforcing a slightly faster pace going downhill as this seemed to have the desired effect of pleasure and discomfort for him in equal amounts.  I am not very tall so usually have double the steps to his one but, interestingly, his pace seemed to shorten also.  This was partly for his comfort but also to be at my elbow for support; quite the gentlemen.
Arriving at a very rocky beach, I look with a little disdain at the bolders that we would have to cross in order to reach the waters edge.  I will admit that I have a real lack of confidence with bolder hopping and have an irritating and pathetic knee wobble during these times.  However, what I am learning, in my new role with Subby, is that the moment I start to feel weak, I make him work harder to take care of me.  Being his KH and Mistress becomes better each day!
“Dear, I’m not happy with this, you will need to help me over these bolders.”  His smirk was quickly replaced with determined support after I nearly slipped and gave him the filthiest of stares.  He was quite the attentive gentleman after that, putting my needs first with calming words and steadying hands.  The funny part was when he also tried to help our daughter at the same time.  We both started giggling, exchanging a look of “Men!”  Poor dear, his need to please me is becoming a way of life now.  😊
Naturally my daughter is ignorant of Subby’s training.  However, she is perceptive (as you would expect being a daughter of mine) and, call it woman’s intuition, she was instinctively making demands of him.  Note: Let me make it very clear now, this is not some perverse situation here, my daughter and boys are not and will never be part of Subby’s training.  However, Subby’s understanding of what it is like to be a woman is making him a more emotionally intelligent and caring man to all of our children.  I wonder whether all males should receive some level of training in order to make them better people?  The kids are certainly noticing his increased attention to me and are regularly giggling and calling out “Get a room!”  So perhaps my boys will become the wonderful young men that I intend them to be through observation and association.
The evening was equally interesting.  Lack of access to a toilet in the caravan (no awkward sounds or chemical smells for us, yuk) and the need to walk for a convenience break, meant that he was not able to leave it to the last minute.  Likewise, he also had the additional problem of going to the toilet cubicles rather than the urinals.  His solution was to time it when the kids or our besties (did I mention that he also had this scrutiny to contend with?) were returning from the toilet in order to avoid awkward questioning.
Subby was regularly checking on my comfort, it was getting quite chilly in the evening.  My bestie was very observant, as you would expect from any intelligent woman, and at one point berated her husband for not being as attentive as mine was.  I caught Subby smirking at this point until he clocked me watching him.
“Ok my love?” he enquired
Making to kiss his ear, I instead whispered “I will not tolerate smirking, there will be a consequence for that!”
Later that night, after the kids were tucked in and he had showered, Subby enquired “Dear, where is the baby lotion please?  I need to lubricate myself before I go to bed.”
“Oh dear, remember that smirk earlier?  Well, this is your consequence, no lubrication tonight.  I hope that you don’t have too many unholy thoughts.  Oh, and no fidgeting, I really do need my sleep.”  😊
Should I be punishing him like this?  Oh yes, it is important that he receives at least one consequence a day.  Mind you, he was in some pain that night and though the smirking stopped, I prefer punishments which humiliate rather than cause pain, of this type. He found a way though, judging from the lack of fidgeting, and wasn’t too tired in the morning.
The new day is going to involve some mountain biking and I am sure that will create some new sensations for him.  I also want to tap into his servitude to also include my bestie.  I want him to respect all woman’s needs and this could create a new level of stress.  The reason for this being, though he and my bestie are great sparring partners, which I normally leave them to, it should also open up opportunities for me to make his life more challenging and rewarding😉
As always, I welcome your guidance and if you have suggestions, please let me know.
Yours truly,
Mistress Dominique xx