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For me i think it really gets frustrating when the starting duration is passed for a long time after i was expecting to get out.

So for a lockee that was playing for just a 3 hour session 6 or more hours might really push their buttons.

For me, I was locked up by the bot Zoe, who always let me out early (so that was my expectation). i set up a 6 day session and by day 13 i was going crazy. I was moody, i was so horny, i was depressed thinking i would never get out. It was a pretty wild ride. Zoe let me out on day 16, i was shocked and at work...

That would be my suggestion, like any punishment, it is NOT punishment until the punished no longer wants to be punished, then the real punishment begins... (within sane and consensual limits of course. Play hard, play safe!)


It seems that Zoe sets the Locked time to the number of Red Cards ... And probably a little more than the number of Red Cards...