How did you discover chastity?

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Re: How did you discover chastity?
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Oh yes, She was in control before this. She is in total control, and it was not the first infraction. She had previously tried spanking before discovering how that made me worse. I was not always locked, but she made sure that I could not touch myself by tieing my arms or handcuffs. The goal was not so much punishment, as making sure that she was controlling orgasms.



Re: How did you discover chastity?
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I was looking for a way to suppress my personal need because of chronic illness to my wife. I personally am anti-P ad anti-M, so I would have to say a permanent goodbye to O. I went to doctors, specialist, looking for a way to disable and/or deaden the ability to feel pleasure. I tried meds, to no avail, plus there is a concern of side effects. I found out about chastity and chastity devices and thought why not. It's no more extreme than what I have already tried so I though I would give it a go. I had no idea how great it would be. Once I got a device that worked for me in both fit and comfort, and also safe for permanent wear 24/7/365, since that was the goal, I was on my way. Chastity sounds like it would be no fun. But, unless you try it, and I don't mean for just a day or two, I mean try with full commitment, you won't understand how great it is. It has its own sense of physical and mental fulfillment. It is difficult to put into words, but, a few minutes of fun, versus sustained physical and mental pleasure, is not worth doing. Something happens to your mental state, as if a switch goes off in your mind that the feeling of being permanently locked in chastity feels so good, that you fear ever trading for or losing that feeling. You just can't. If you do, you will feel so bad that it will take some time to restore that feeling. You can't force it on yourself, it comes on you. When it does, you will know. Some of you think I am crazy, but that means you haven't done this. I don't know when that feeling came on me, it just happened. I have been locked permanently since New Years Eve, 12/31/17, almost 13 months to date. I am sef-locked, I could come out anytime I want but I can't, I won't. To reward myself, I will periodically shop and purchase a new style device to try. How can I lose? My wife loves and respects me. I have no worries about the temptations. I curb what I watch and read to avoid mental stimulation. At the same time, I have sustained mental and physical pleasure I didn't know was possible, even though I am practicing a chaste lifestyle. Let's just leave at this, I would be hard pressed to want to trade this if the opportunity arose for some temporary "fun". I just couldn't do it. Once a chastity device gets a grip on you and gets in your head, you won't want to do anything else because nothing feels quite this good.


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Re: How did you discover chastity?
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I had a friend that was into  BDSM, and one day he mentions to me how his leather chastity device was bothering him under his tight jeans. As a fairly vanilla 19 year old I thought he was crazy for being in chastity, and all the other "dirty" things he did.

Jump to when I was 28 and living with my GF for about 2 years. I am a pretty frequent masturbator, and my GF was going away on a bachelorette party for the weekend. I wanted to be good for her while she was gone, and be ready for a fun welcome home night.

So I googled chastity devices and found that they weren't leather, but simple plastic devices. I now began searching bondage shops in the city, when I finally came across the cb6ks. While my wife packed for her trip, I put on the cage and slipped the keys into her suitcase.

I had a very frustrating weekend watching tons of porn, but  could not get relief. When she came back home, I  kept dropping hints of being good, and chaste. When she finally asked what I was talking about,  she freaked out, and our night was ruined. As the thought of not being released hit me, I felt a wave of pleasure, I was hooked, even if she wasn't.

Luckily the next night her curiosity became piqued and wanted to feel the cage. As she did she became more interested. Though she released me immediately, she got over the weirdness.

About a week later I asked if I could try it again, and she said yes. Now she was playing along teasing me occasionally. She even asked if I could stay locked a day longer and she saw me shiver in excitement.

We have never gone longer than two weeks because she enjoys seeing me orgasm, but we have been in charity on and off for the past 10+ years.

Having recently found this app we are venturing into longer sessions as the app will tell us when to release. She enjoys picking the cards everyday.
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Re: How did you discover chastity?
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As far as I can remember, I have always been submissive.

It must be twenty years that I know chastity controlled but at first I found it inhuman and it was out of the question that I wear a chastity belt.
If someone offered it to me, I answered a firm and definitive "NO" ...

Time has passed and my opinion has changed, I now think that giving chastity to a woman is a real mark of submission, a real proof of trust and a way to play games very "pervert".

So I began to learn more and a few months ago I registered on (a French site) and I bought my first cages.
Problem: I am divorced and I do not have a Mistress.

Playing alone is good at first but then, if you want to last the pleasure more than a week it becomes hard. Not physically, the cage is bearable ... But the will is not strong enough, the urge to masturbate is permante and I do not want more ...
So I looked for ways to no longer have a choice, and someone on the forum talked about Chastikey.
I've been wearing the cage since Saturday and I wanted to hold more than 30 days so Wednesday I started the app and I program 28 days max, I choose to use a bot to add a dose of uncertainty and I chose Zoe who is a "mean" bot , I let him manage everything a bot can handle.
I click on Next and ...

I discover the counter, only 4 days ... Disappointed, I choose to add a random number of days ... Only 1 more day, the app does not care about me. I decide to add another 3 days then a random number of days, this time the meter displays 12 days, it's a start, I leave like that ...
A few hours later, zoe removes me 2 days ... I thought Zoe was "bad" ... Well, that's not what I was hoping, but maybe I added too many days from first, I let Zoe continue to manage alone, we'll see ...

Today there are 9 days left, I put an emoji "smile"  :) and a blue flag for the application to see that I am confident and that there is no need to withdraw days yet ...

Wait and see ...

Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand.


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Re: How did you discover chastity?
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I'm rather new to chastity, and like a few other's who have already posted before, I have a pretty bad Masturbation habit. I would like to get better control over myself, and I feel chastity is the way to go. Not to mention, when I can climax 5-6 times a day with no problem, it gets boring, and denial is just too exciting when you can just get what you want, whenever you want.

Though, I have a problem. I've purchased two different cages, one plastic and one metal. They both fit in some ways, and then don't in others. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Re: How did you discover chastity?
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New here so be gentle ;-) I discovered about chastity while at University here in the UK, one of my male flatmates mentioned while drunk about not jerking for a while, and he said maybe next time he'll buy a chastity device. I didn't think anything of it, just normal drunk chatter but a few weeks later I looked into it. I've had a few BFs try denial, but only done actual lockup with a few subs.
Looking forward to exploring the site and getting to know some of you.

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Ive always been a dominant male in my relationships. As I got older things kinda faded into a more take my time and enjoy the tease of a woman than to just go hard. One day at work I was sitting at a break table with my female coworkers and they were joking about a chastity device and sharing some funny stories. I dont believe any of them actually had any experience with one but when I was asked about it I laughed it off saying that's just stupid...why would you want to do that to yourself but...who was I to judge since I never had experienced it either.

Later, I read some articles about it and found my curiosity peaked. So, I ordered one.

It didnt take long for me to realize that I had a very submissive man buried deep down. I knew what a fetish was bit never really felt I had one. I do now. The level of excitement I get from the restraint is, at times, intoxicating. I have had a KH which is great and I tend to self lock as well. I support anyone that wants to try it and have learned not to judge ANY fetish that you have not experienced first hand.

I remember soon after trying a bdsm dom and spending 2 hours getting my ass handed to me. I wanted to explore new things. Needless to say I had a great time, couldnt sit for a week without wincing. Not my thing but definitely a fun experience.


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Re: How did you discover chastity?
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Well, I discovered the male chastity accidentally very late, in my early 40s. I was to have a beer with a couple of fellows, and one of them shouwn us a powerpoint presentation regarding how can a woman punish her partner. One of these punishments was a CB 6000 S cage. It seemed very exciting to me, thus I tried it. It was nice, but it is awful to change ring after ring until you'll find the right size. someone said "If you have a chastity cage, you belong to it". Thus let's have fun and enjoy our "fornication"!

And let's play safe, sane and consensual

Re: How did you discover chastity?
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I have done more self Bondage than Chastity, I was looking for a timer to keep me locked when I use chains, then I found here and reading through the site I might have to give this a try myself.

Re: How did you discover chastity?
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I was browsing eBay and saw chastity cages and was intrigued. I bought one and tried it a few times for short periods. Then I found the emlalick website and was untodhcwd to the idea of online keyholding. Ended up locked by an online master for about 3 months. Then got fed up and went back to masturbating. About 9 months ago I decided I had to stop masturbating. So I have been locked since then. I’ve played in ChastiKey a couple of times but today I signed up for a 100 plus day set of locks set up by FLMonk.

Re: How did you discover chastity?
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I've always loved self-bondage, but didn't really get chastity until I stumbled on it on XTube several years ago. One video in particular hooked me for life because of how incredibly it aroused me! I've had several devices over time, and I'm now using the Chastikey app and . Next time I'm free I want to get a PA to make it even more fun.