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Chastity Services
« on: July 08, 2022, 03:31:50 PM »
I know plenty of people have really poor experiences with chastity services they pay for and i have also read accounts of services which sounded really good, before entering into an arrangement i was pretty wary of the offerings on the internet.

I was wondering if anyone recommends any places where chastity services actually do deliver what they claim they will offer once you are signed up.

I entered my first contracted chastity period several months ago and spent a month as a chastity slave ( if anyone is interested), i had tasks to do, weekly calls with the keyholder and although it was tough it actually worked out really well, has anyone else any similar experiences?

For me personally being in chastity is about the control and the power the keyholder gets from this so the task based nature of the service really appealed to me but i know a lot of people will not have the same personal reasoning. A mixture of humiliation, tease and denial and some fairly basic admin tasks thrown in as well made it a pretty interactive experience.

Re: Chastity Services
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2022, 06:42:50 PM »
I Just thought i would write an update to this blog, now that another month has passed and i am living life as chastity slave 11.

Generally my experience has been very positive, the chastity has been difficult and seriously frustrating but that was the idea, for me chastity doesnt work unless it is used to impose the status of a slave on me and i have to work hard in order to gain any form of release. When i explained this to Mistress Star at the interview that she conducts with her applicants she made very positive noises about how she could provide this and i was reassured that i woulve certainly have an experience but i think it is fair to say the experience has exceeded my expectations.

Essentially i get points for completing tasks, some of them are fairly administrative in nature but others are either humiliating or simply arousing and they are designed to make the experience of being locked away harder. Added to all this the programme is strict, if you fail a task you get punished and not in a way which is pure fantasy, punishments you quickly learn are to be avoided and compliance is the best way to get your release......this realism in the approach seriously works for me but i understand that everyone is different and for some this would seem a very tough experience to endure.

Each week, on a Sunday evening we meet with Mistress Star (she currently has 2 other chastity slaves), she reviews our tasks and awards points based on our performance and general obedience to her through the week. She does have her own discord channel which is not specifically chastity orientated (more a general BDSM chat) but her contracted chastity slaves have separate rules they have to follow when they are present. It is an odd experience sitting on the channel sort of hoping she will engage with you but then again sort of hoping she will not as there would be the risk of making a mistake which could lose you points, but its a sweet form of risk made serious by the fact it could make or break your release date.

I have had two releases now since i first signed up and i guess as a lot of users of chastity will attest it was worth the wait.............not going to go into detail but the release was needed and when it did happen it was worth the wait! Post release you are locked up again and off you go trying desperately to earn points for the next time.

As with the first post i am really interested in other peoples experiences with similar programmes so please do leave comments. If anyone wants to read specifics of the programme i am on you can find it at where you can also join the discord channel i have mentioned.