What Do You Think About the CellMate and other Smart Devices

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Hello there,

I've read about the CellMate device and how it can be controlled by a holder anywhere in the world through their app, which is really a great concept. But what about wearers  with custom made devices or for those person's who may not fit comfortably into a Cellmate device?

I've been looking at different "smart storage" safes, boxes, and or locks that operate on a similar app pased system, to secure and open the locks. In particular I was looking at on "lock box" made by "IKeyp" available online and at the various big box retailers.

This sort of thing really excites me, it makes the whole chastity session more personal with the wearer and keyhole regardless of where either resides. Also, there's less opertunity for being naughty. I was wondering, has anyone else experimented with such a device or smart locks with a remote keyholder? 

If so, based on your experience, how did it go, and could this be a viable alternative. Or what are your thoughts on this or even with the CellMate device.

Thanks for viewing my first post. I am really looking forward to reading your responces, and hopefully some conversations to follow.



IKeyp Smart Storage Lock Box:



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Re: What Do You Think About the CellMate and other Smart Devices
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2020, 10:02:42 PM »
      Based on reviews I've read of cellmate I personally would be uncomfortable using it. I was looking into it a few days ago and saw a lot of scary user reviews on amazon.(oddly, looking at it now some of the critical reviews seem to have been removed.) People we reporting connectivity issues to the app, several claims of being unable to log on(thusly unlock) for almost a week. I should note I never actually tried the product myself.

     Haven't tried any smart safes/locks, but sounds like fun if they have a combo/key backup. I know masterlock makes key-boxes with remote app unlock, usually for real estate agents. Probably can't pair up with anything for games/timers, but it could let your keyholder unlock you from anywhere at their discretion. Sorry I'm not familiar with Ikeyp at all. Hope this helps, take care.

Re: What Do You Think About the CellMate and other Smart Devices
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2020, 07:32:46 PM »
I don't think anything good about an integrated device like the cellmate, because finding a cage that fits you is already fairly hard.

Ezada Sinn has an honest review about it:



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Re: What Do You Think About the CellMate and other Smart Devices
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2020, 04:32:54 AM »
The idea is good but from what I’ve read online as reviews I’m staying away from it.  If the developers can make the app better, offer more ring sizes and modify the cage for better hygiene  that would be a good start.  I’m sure other advances could be made down the road but for now like I said I’m not going to try it.

Re: What Do You Think About the CellMate and other Smart Devices
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2020, 03:33:44 PM »
I've been wearing the device for 4 days and counting. I bought it because I was really interested in the Bluetooth idea, but I wasn't expecting it to fit well at all based on the pictures of it.

Surprisingly, the fit isn't all that bad, despite its 'boxy' look. I have the large ( the box came with an "M" on it though ). The sizing is comparable to other large ( 50mm ) ergonometric style rings on the zillions of cheap cages on Amazon. Tube only comes in one size and is more or less average, slightly bigger than generic 'small' tubes out there, but nicely snug.

Plastic cages really irritate my skin. Thankfully the cellmate has a stainless steel ring, which is good, but smaller than most in thickness, which made it uncomfortable for me. If other cages dig in around the bottom side of your balls and were painful, this one will probably be painful too. I've had to use lidocaine each morning.

The tube itself is plastic, but it has an unusual, but nice 'hard rubbery' feel to it. It hasn't irritated my skin at all.
***BUT the tube is made of two halves glued together, like the CB2000 was, and the joint is weak. Maybe its because I use oil to help put cages on, but almost all two-piece plastic cages I've had have split at that seam. The CellMate cracked shortly after I tried it on, after I squeezed the tube from side to side. It didn't take much force at all and I didn't expect it to break, I was just kicking the tires so to speak.

It came apart at the seam and that crack was now a nasty pinch point. Grr. It's a thermoplastic, so I welded the two haves back together with a soldering iron ( don't breathe the fumes! ), and then reinforced that with some epoxy. So far that's held together well, but certainly not something to expect to do for a $100+ cage.

There is a small drain hole along the bottom that I was able to fit a locking PA ring through ( available on amazon ) for more security.  The extra lock and key kinda ruins the point of Bluetooth though. Without a PA ring  I'd say you can pull out ( like pretty much every other device ) if determined. However the cage itself has a pretty tight, but comfortable grip on the balls and there is no chance that will pull off.

The device seems to unlock with a small servo motor and so far has worked well and is very smooth.  It's easy to lock ( no key needed! ) , and so far I don't see an easy way to pick it open without breaking the housing. ( And I'm pretty good at picking locks ). Once Zoe lets me out I will probably take it apart to see the internals.

The electronics are on top, and it makes a noticeable bulge, more than any other cage I've worn, but can be hidden with loose fitting clothing.

The app - which is a must to be able to open this thing - is awful. Thankfully the cage came locked, or I might have put the thing on before installing the app. It turned out the app ( for IOS ) simply. did. not. work. After a tedious set up page ( verify email, enter code, then it started asking for my weight, height, sex, role, etc ) it would freeze on with 'registering, please wait'. GRRRR. I don't know how long the app was broken, but an update was posted about 3 days later and I was finally able to register and start the app.
The app is a weird mix of social media, chat, and lock controller, all in very broken English making it difficult to figure out.  But I did manage to open the cage. There is an option to set a timer for solo play ( but nothing more ) or to give control of the lock to a different user - who can either unlock it or set a timer on it. You can't override the timer even if your are the keyholder.

I strongly recommend downloading the app ( free ) and checking it out before buying the device. ( qiuitoy dot com ). Honestly the app doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy about privacy protection/spyware - but I have no evidence to base that on other than my personal feeling.

There isn't any API that I can tell , so it won't work with anything other than the vendor's app. I would be awesome if there was an API to get it to work with chastitkey, but right now, no. I ended up setting up a second account on the app, ( using a separate email account that I locked up the password to ), giving control of the cellmate to that second account, and then setting the password to that account to the combination from a chastikey lock.  Tedious, and again ruins the point of having a bluetooth controlled lock.

It is, however, one of the only locks out there ( other than the super cheap padlocks ) that can be put on without the key. I really like that.

If it had a metal cage and a good API I'd recommend it, but as it is now, meh.

I hope this is helpful,

Re: What Do You Think About the CellMate and other Smart Devices
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2020, 04:11:24 PM »
Update for those that have read this far....
After five days of wearing it:
The ring was a little rough and too thin, it really cut into my skin and caused painful irritation. Its not stainless, but plated ( looks like copper? ). Not sure if the plating contributed to the irritation.

I broke it apart, since I'm not wearing it again ( see pic ).
The battery ( which can only be changed when NOT wearing it ), is a nonstandard 14200  lithium ion with a cable soldered to it. Good luck finding a replacement for that. And go look up lithium ion battery fire and decide if you want that locked on to your privates after repeating soakings in water.

The circuit board is marked "Bluelock v2.01", its very small. It attaches to a tiny motor and gearbox that pulls a pin down to release the lock bar. Lots of wasted space in the housing, it could have been made much smaller. The electronics and battery are in sealed compartments, but the motor is not. I found water in the housing.  ( since this mechanically connects to the locking bar, there isn't an easy cheap way to seal it anyway. )  Interestingly, the controller can tell if the latched released or not. There are no sensors. After playing with it I think its detecting a current surge when the motor stalls.

I wish I could find more information on the circuit board. It's using an nRF51802 SOC. I think it's originally for a smart padlock. It would be great for DIY projects.

So bottom line : bad ring, bad cage, bad app, dangerous and hard to replace battery, and interesting concept.
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