Ideal duration

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Ideal duration
« on: June 04, 2019, 01:17:07 PM »
A question for the locked guys what point are you at your most frustrated? Does it reach a peak then no matter how long you're denied after, you're still as frustrated without it increasing?

I once slowly edged a guy who'd been denied just over 3 weeks, the tugging on his handcuffs and moaning into his ballgag suggests he was as frustrated as could be.

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After around 1 week of denial I find that’s the peak , especially after multiple orgasms a day before being denied. However, it can still increase I feel

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For me it's usually around the three day mark


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Re: Ideal duration
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I've only gone for about 13 days but I felt that frustration is very high when being locked ... Everything gets easier after 3 days, and again after 7 days but in general frustration is highest when being teased, no matter how long one is locked....

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I have found that around the 5-7 day mark I am pretty frustrated... but honestly, with a bit of teasing and attention I've found my desire build and build and build..... with no end to how badly I want relief...


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Re: Ideal duration
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I start to get frustrated now at around the first week. 9 or so days in, i start to get pliable and feel myself slip deeper into submission


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Re: Ideal duration
« Reply #6 on: June 05, 2019, 01:08:12 AM »
I am getting very frustrated after about 15 days.

When a woman begins to tease me at that moment, I feel my bird swell in his cage at the slightest teasing.

I do not know if the frustration can still grow after because I've never passed the 18d ...
I have to try, soon, I would look for a KH that a lock very very mean, anyway the hardest is not physical, it's in the head.
I think at most the duration is long the more the pleasure of being frustrated is big.

Sorry for my bad English, English is not the language of my country ... I hope you understand.

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For me, after the first week it will start. Usually double after 2 weeks...then its just a matter of how much mental game you want to delve into. I have never had the experience of someone teasing sure that can be intense.

Being a solo player I find hypno audio files and similar things to increase my desire for release. There are times when the sensations are incredible. After a few weeks of this I can understand how someone could become obsessive when the arousal keeps you sleep deprived. I'll release myself when all I can think about is relief.bits a beautiful pleasure that is equally unbearable. Giving someone that much control is an amazing fantasy bringing out the ultimate submissive in anyone that plays with chastity.



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The longest I have been in chastity was 11days in a row. It was without a keyholder. The first week was actually harder then the last 3 days.

I believe having a good keyholder teasing you should make it more difficult and interesting.

Re: Ideal duration
« Reply #9 on: June 26, 2019, 12:40:12 PM »
I've been locked the longest at 85 days. During that time I had several releases. Princess usually keeps me pent up max a month.
My frustration max is at a week. Depending on the amount of teasing she gives. It levels off at that point . I constantly think of sex of some type.
Then when things are going good I want inside her very badly .  If I've given her lots of oral ,or shes been teasing alot I feel it in my prostate.  Eventually I'll get rid of the fluid one way or another.  Generally no orgasm involved,and I remain horny. The frustration eased,but builds back by the next day.
I'm sure everyone is different.  It depends how long, and how often your teased and denied.