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Suggestion: Bot AI
« on: August 02, 2019, 10:14:33 PM »
Now I know the bots won't go beyond, I think it's double the starting time before releasing you regardless of the cards. But I would like to see two things put in place instead of this, allow the user to define the absolute max time, that way if someone wants a lock that should last 3 days but is willing to do 90 days if they get bad luck the not doesn't release them at day 2.5 while there was still 60 cards in play.

With that said of even the "mean" bots releasing a lock earlier then expected time, would also like an option to set minimum time before a bot can even think about releasing ignoring the cards.

For example let's say I create a lock with 10 reds 5 double ups and 5 freeze with a 12 hour draw time, the program estimates 5 days locked based purely on the reds so the AI releases on day 4 making the double ups totally pointless, with these two changes the same deck would go something like this...

10 red, 5 double up 5 freeze with a 12 hour draw and user set a bot minimum before chance at release time set to 26 days and maximum before forced release 47 days, now even though the estimate time is still 5 days the bot will have a 0% chance of releasing before day 26 and a 100% chance if it runs to day 47.

If I hit two doubles in a row on first draw I don't want it to just be "ok now it might as well be a fixed time lock because the bot will release me before l get 20% through the cards so there is zero point of playing" , I want it to be "well shoot, that's terrible luck but I should still play because I might still be able to get out before the bot 'feels bad' for me".

Another example would be if I want a lock that should take 3-8 hours if you are drawing every hour but with non cummulative draws but runs the risk of taking many more hours, I don't want the bot to unlock me while I sleep, I want to make it so the bot will not even think of releasing for 30 hours and will definitely unlock on hour 72. If I am not drawing I shouldn't get rewarded after sleeping 6 hours.