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What an awesome app this is!  Thanks for your efforts developing and maintaining it. I need help though. After a combination is generated, the harder I try to forget the numbers, the more imbedded they become in my mind. I never feel like the look is completely locked because I remember one or more numbers.
Any suggestions on how to totally forget?  I don’t have someone to set the combo for me.
For several years I used the Photo Time Lock app. It isn’t nearly as well developed or fun as this, but it does allow for taking a picture of the lock before scrambling the combo, and then releases the picture after the set time has run. With that you never have to see the picture while starting up the lock, and you are truly locked in.
Is there any chance the photo process could be added to ChastiKey as an option on locking up?


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I've no plans on adding the option to take photos of combinations. I've covered the reasons why several times. If you're using a 4 digit combination then there's lots of advice and tips here and on Discord that will help you forget, the best advice is to use an 8 digit combination in the app and come up with a pattern to extract a 4 digit combination from it i.e. the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th digit, or 2nd, 8th, 4th, and then 6th etc. whatever pattern you choose be sure to write down the pattern (not the digits) so that you know what digits from the 8 digit combination you used once you're ready to unlock.
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What type of lock are you using? I started with the 3-4 digit locks and had the same problem. I moved to an electric safe that allows for an 8 digit code. That works for me. If you are using the padlocks, try buying multiple locks. Set the first lock, then the second, and third locks. By the time you setup the third lock and go through the effort of setting it, you hopefully will forget the combination to the first or second lock. Look on Amazon for "group locks". I had never heard of them, but they are ways to put multiple locks on a single container. If you lock the key in the container using three padlocks, each running a different lock, you will have to get all three open before you can use the key.

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Thanks, Kevin and DogMike —
Two really good suggestions. I’m so new I haven’t read through all the conversations, though I knew it had to have one up before. 
This gives me the help I need to get secure locking from the start.