Sugestion Archive for Olds Locks

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Sugestion Archive for Olds Locks
« on: June 13, 2020, 01:07:10 PM »
Sometimes a Lockee finds somewhere at the bottom of the forum or somewhere else on the net an old lock which is no longer managed. 

So would it be possible.

  1.  If the creator of the lock has been banned (it may not be possible for old bans) to automatically display an alert message (for example "Warning, banished user, this lock is no longer managed, it is impossible  plan when you get out ")

 2.  In case the Keyholder has deleted this Lock from his list display an automatic alert message (for example: "Attention, the Keyholder has deleted this lock from his list, he can no longer manage it, please contact * Name of Keyholder  * on Discord, he / she will be able to offer you an equivalent lock)

 3. Create in Chastikey an "Old" or "Archive" space in which we could store the old locks, the Keyholder would have the possibility of releasing these old locks for certain occasions  (or even edit them to update them.)
 The Keyholder could be informed by a Flag (perhaps a red spot or another color of his choice if he is color blind) if a user has loaded an archive lock.  Configure an automatic message warning the user and asking him to contact the Keyholder before launching (perhaps associated with an automatic release to avoid a loading that the user could regret if the lock is not managed)

This would allow Keyholders to no longer worry about old locks while keeping the possibility of intervening if necessary.  And to focus only on active locks.