Option to remove word censorship (and other forum settings/tips)

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I know I'm not the only one to notice that if you tell someone to fuck their ass with a dildo, the board censors the words that might be "offensive."  It seems odd that on a board like this, someone would be sensitive to dirty words.

(I know Kevin's been looking into turning that option off, but if anybody's still seeing it, keep reading.)

Well, I was digging around in my profile settings, and discovered that you can turn censorship off for your account.
If anybody's interested, here's how:

1. When logged in, mouse over your username at the top right.  A menu will pop up.  Click on the gear icon immediately below your username.  This takes you to your profile settings.

2. Down the left hand side of the page, there are various categories and subcategories of things you can set.  Under "Modify Profile", click on "Look and Layout".

3. Underneath the time offset section are a bunch of checkboxes, one of which is "Leave words uncensored." Click it.

4. You can change the time offset too, if you don't want to have to convert GMT to local time in your head.  Since the forum is in England, the forum time is GMT.  Just take your timezone - eg. GMT+1:00 - and put whatever you have for the "+1" part into the offset box.

Hope that's helpful to someone besides me.....

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Re: Option to remove word censorship.
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Thanks @StagBullSwitch

There doesn't seem to be an option to turn off censoring in private messages for everyone so you will have to go through and change the settings as shown above.

I've stickied this and changed the title of the thread as I wanted to point out a couple of other settings and things related to private messaging.

  • By default when you send a private message they aren't saved in your outbox so you can't see what you've sent to someone. When composing a message you will see an option saying "Save a copy in my outbox". If you check/turn this on, all messages you send going forward will be saved in your outbox.
  • To group together your messages from one user and in order they were sent, go to Personal Messages > Change Settings and then choose "As a conversation" beside the Display personal messages option.
  • Please do not reply to the private message notifications you receive via email because they do not make it to the recipient. The message says do not reply to this message but occasionally you do and they come through to my email address (the board can only have one system email address).
  • Lastly, private messages are stored in the database as plain text and I can't do much about that. I don't have any interest in reading through them but please keep that in mind before sharing any personal data you wouldn't want saved in the database.

If you have any other forum tips then please share them below.
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