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Title: New to app
Post by: Umjm on May 04, 2019, 10:16:04 PM

Iím new here
Iím not sure how this works.
Does the app work with a physical lock?  Where do I get a physical lock to play with this app?
Title: Re: New to app
Post by: chose on May 05, 2019, 12:23:51 AM
No, the app does not work with a physical lock, I am designing a system that can be driven by the app, I would suggest this improvement to Kevin Cross as soon as I finalize the idea.

For now, the app generates a code (configurable from 3 to 8 digits) that is displayed (we can restart a new code if it is too easy to remember), it is only necessary to program the system lock with this code and then once the code lock or code lock is locked press Next.
The app erases the code and shows random codes in all directions (screen saver) for a while, we can repeat this phase as many times as necessary to forget the first code. Personally I focus on the numbers displayed trying to remember what tends to make me forget the oldest.

Problem with code locks: There are only 3 digits and it's all too easy to remember.
As the cage that I am wearing is with built-in lock, I put the keys in a small plastic box (type keychains with condoms it is pile hair the right size) I make a hole in cases at the height of the hole of the key and I pass a first padlock which crosses the box and the key (by the key hole biensur).
Then I make a second hole in the case so that even if we managed to open the box, the key can not switch to the outside and I insert the 2nd padlock which makes me a code to 6 numbers in all.


Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand me well.
Title: Re: New to app
Post by: KevinCross on May 05, 2019, 07:42:06 AM
Combination padlocks can have 4 or 5 digits as well. And I've seen ones that have letters and 5 dials. None of these would be attached to the cage. They would be attached to a box. You can also use digital safes which allow for 8 digits. I recommend a cheap digital safe
Title: Re: New to app
Post by: chose on May 05, 2019, 02:17:10 PM
The 8-digit digital safes are of course a better solution, but what about the Safety key?

Because the first price safes are battery operated and there is always a Safety key in case of battery failure.

In addition, the batteries are not compatible with long-term use (for Maso who like to be caged very very long lol)
Title: Re: New to app
Post by: DogMike on May 06, 2019, 02:19:48 AM
I explored many different ways to avoid having to give a real person my key to hold. The closest thing I found was a product called a kitchen safe that could be used to hold the keys for a set amount of hours or days. I explored bluetooth locks that can be unlocked using a phone. The problem was how to prevent someone from unlocking the lock. There are apps that can lock a phone for a few hours, but that wouldn't work for extended wear. I was able to do trial and error with the 3 and 4 digit locks just by spinning the dial and trying all of the numbers, it is easier if you know the first or last digit of the code. The 8 digit safes are the better solution because most will disable for a period after several incorrect attempts.
Title: Re: New to app
Post by: consultant1 on May 06, 2019, 11:55:41 AM
@chose, I have a solution for the emergency keys for my 8-digit safe.  A digital 8-digit safe also has an emergency code (usually 4 digits) that allows you to open the safe.  My solution covers both of these items.

For my ChastiKey session, I put the my Neosteel key in the Digital Safe and set the combination via ChastiKey and lock that digital safe.

Then I take the emergency keys for the digital safe and put them in a 4-digit physical key safe like the kind used by realtors.  I also put a piece of paper with the emergency code for the digital safe in the realtor safe.  When it is time to lock up I set a new random combination for the realtor safe.  I then photograph this random code into an Emlalock session.  I set the Emlalock session for longer than the session I have planned under ChastiKey. I never see the code on the realtor safe, once I take the picture, I scramble the combination.

I think it is a good idea from a safety perspective to use two systems just in case of a server outage or lost contact with either of the systems.  I use the ChastiKey session, usually with Hailey as my actual locked session for my Neosteel, which works well. 

Both Emlalock and ChastiKey have a method of getting out of the session due to an emergency.  I think this method keeps me from being tempted to use the emergency key.  If something happens then I can choose which system to use to escape in case of emergency.  I have encountered times of connection interruption with both systems (probably more about my ISP service than the apps themselves) so I feel more comfortable having a redundant backup that costs me some $$ to use.

The Neosteel works very well.  There is no getting it off or getting myself off while wearing it so the need for a backup is serious for me.  I feel that I could easily accidentally delete the ChastiKey lock for instance.  A lot of things can happen by accident so I think a backup method is wise.

Title: Re: New to app
Post by: chose on May 07, 2019, 12:01:33 AM
There is also that ... The battery is between 8 and 16 months, it's ugly ...

And it must be nice if the battery explodes ...

I do not know how much it costs but personally I will stay on the good old traditional methods ... (
Title: Re: New to app
Post by: KevinCross on May 07, 2019, 08:04:47 AM
Those are both relatively new bluetooth cages in your link @chose , and therefore not traditional

I've had my safe for probably a couple of years now and it's still working well. Even if the batteries did die while it was locked you should still have your safe backup keys to access your safe. The app tells you not to put the backup keys in the safe as well, and I suspect the manual that comes with the safe would say the same thing.