New feature request

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New feature request
« on: July 02, 2020, 03:12:21 PM »
I would like to suggest a new type of card (or activity for fixed locks).  Call it the task card.  This may be difficult to implement programmaticly. I don't know the setup of the database.  I envision two implementations.  One seems easy to do.  The other has more options.
Implementation 1:
Add a card type.  Call it the task card.  Add the ability of a keyholder to send a task card to the app for variable locks.  For fixed locks, give them the ability to send a "do a task" type of message.  The lock will likely not operate until said task is done.  The option to reveal the combination to the safe at this time should be added.  This will allow activities such as cleaning or edging.  Then the lock combination will have to change, the safe combination be set to that, and the safe closed with the key inside. 
Implementation 2:
Pretty much the same as above but text would be added to the card.  There could be different text for each card.  It would be entered when the lock is first setup and/or when a keyholder wants to add a card (or 20 cards).  I envision a listbox grid input.  In one row would be a textbox and number input.  The card text would be entered and the number of cards to add would be set. 

Another idea on this would be fixed time tasks.  This would be especially useful for being released for cleaning.  They could be set in an interval (say every 4 hours), at specific times of the day (every day at noon), or at random.

These would add a lot of personalizition to locks.  Keyholders would be able to add their personalities to the locks better than simply adding time or cards.  Self lockees would also benefit from this.