How's your experience with solo play locks so far?

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How's your experience with solo play locks so far?
« on: October 29, 2017, 03:39:04 PM »
For those of you that create locks for yourselves how are you finding the experience so far? Are you finding it easier to remain in chastity for the length of times you desire? Easier than before you used the app?

How do you find the card system? While it may never be as good as a real keyholder do you like the randomness and the delays between each chance to find the green card? Does it do well at creating the feeling of not knowing when you can unlock and that the duration could be increased/decreased like a real keyholder making the decision as to when you can unlock?

I created the app initially for myself for solo play as there just didn't seem to be anything in the app stores that did this and I never found the right person that enjoyed holding my keys so I had some ideas as to what was needed. I'm hoping I was close enough but I'm sure there's more than can be done to improve the experience as we're all different.

The concept was based on a forum post I saw a couple of years back where a couple was using beads in a bag and depending on the colour bead the husband pulled out of the bag the duration would be either increased/decreased or he would be unlocked. This is why version one of ChastiKey had an image of a jar that you tapped which would randomly show a counter. The problem with that was that you couldn't pick a counter like you would if you're hands in a bag rummaging around for one which is why the card system was introduced. Now you can pick the card to reveal rather than having the app pick one for you.
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