Feature suggestion: Partial Blindfold

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Feature suggestion: Partial Blindfold
« on: September 22, 2018, 01:27:16 PM »
One new feature could offer Keyholders the ability to selectively reveal information about the current state of the card deck.

I can think of two basic approaches to implementing this:

First, have a "rolling reveal" that hides only the last X days of changes made by the keyholder. The keyholder could have the option to select how many days back that the deck is obscured.  So a lock starts, and the blindfold goes on, and the keyholder sets a 3 day window for the blindfold to work. On days 1 through 3, all Keyholder actions are hidden. On day 4, the lockee Is now able to see the changes to the deck that were made on day 1. On day 5, the Keyholder actions from day 2 are revealed, etc. This lets the work and efforts of the keyholders be revealed during the lockup, but still maintains the mystery about the current state of the deck. It is also a "set it and forget it" type of setting, easy for keyholders, but offering more opportunities to signal to the lockees by manipulating the state of the deck.

A second approach is to offer keyholders more granular control over what is revealed. Updates contain three basic categories of information: Action (add or remove), Number (# Cards), Type (color of cards). In a partial blindfold mode, the action could be replaced by a generic "changed," the Number could be replaced with "??," and the Type could be replaced with "? ? ? ?."

Give keyholders the option to obscure any or all of these three categories, and the lockees will have much to ponder:

"Keyholder changed 10 Red cards" (Hide action)
"Keyholder added ?? Red cards"  (Hide number)
"Keyholder added 10 ? ? ? ? cards"  (Hide type)

That is just a simple example. Add in the other card categories and Keyholders will gain some fearsome abilities to tantalize and manipulate their lockees with hints about their changes to the deck.

There are all sorts of devious possibilities for keyholder if they could manipulate the blindfold on this level of detail.

"Keyholder changed ?? Freeze cards" Now that is something that will send the mind spinning!