Feature Suggestion: Hold to show lock digit (Specifically for multi-dial locks)

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Problem: When creating a new lock, the app tells you what to set your combination to before then showing you a bunch of numbers to make you forget the combination. That doesn't really work for me because I'm really good at remembering numbers, but I've been doing some thinking.

Solution: Instead of just showing all 3-4 (or many more) digits to the combination all at once, instead have the user hold down on the digit they'd like to show, have them set that number, then move on to the next digit. This way the user can't see all the digits in a row, could enter them in in any order they want, and could potentially make it harder for them to remember thus making the forgetting stage that much easier.

Example: My new combination is to be 073 but at this point I can't see those numbers. I decide to set the number in the third position first so I tap and hold the third number slot. I see a 3 so I set the third position to 3. I repeat the process with the first and second numbers of 0 and 7 respectively. In this way I set my lock to 073 without ever seeing those three numbers lined up next to each other so it becomes harder to remember and easier to forget in the next stage.

NOTE: This would work for multi-dial combination locks (like what most bike locks have) and probably wouldn't work for digital or single dial locks.

That's probably not a hard thing to implement, but does it really make it easier to forget a 3 digit code like 073 which is even easier to remember as 73?
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I too have a 3 digit lock box, at least at the moment, it is going to be my next upgrade.  I found myself remembering my numbers and being really tempted to cheat, especially on the bots.

What has worked for me is keeping the last locks code firmly in mind, what I used to open it last, as I set the new one.  Then as the numbers flash, I actually ask for more time if I need it, and all the while read as many flashing numbers as possible, but actually try to remember the last code, the one that is useless now anyhow.

Hope that helps.

I think it would be a nice thing to at least have the choice to not see all digits at once since it is easier to remember a full number than to remember a bunch of single numbers, at least for me it is.
Three digit locks are maybe not the best example to use since they are more of a lock kept close by your morality than the actual lock itself (shouldn't take more than a few minutes to trial and error your way through the lock even if you don't know the combination).
But I myself and as I read on the forum one or the other member here uses two four-digit locks to generate a physical eight-digit lock and in this case just remembering the first four to six digits already takes away a lot of the difficulty and a different way of displaying the numbers would go a long way.
Thank you for reading and a good night I'm going to bed now.

While at first I had a similar issue, I did find that re rolling a code until no digit repeated, then having it show and read off digits for like 3 minutes where I focus specifically on on codes that I know has at least 1 correct digit and the other 2 digits are wrong (for example say I set the code to 573, when trying to forget the code after I set it I will look at the screen for any code that has a 5 anywhere in the code while listening to it ramble off random numbers as well, so for about 2 minutes I will read codes like 539, 857, 511, 583, 835, 275, 045, 556, 581, 559, 915, all of which have a 5 somewhere in them, then I will focus on every code for about 1 minutes more, then for 2 minutes more I will focus on all the codes that have a 2 in them, 273, 721, 912, 228,012, 852, etc and after about 5 minutes of listening to random numbers and intentionally focusing on a single number for 40% the time and a totally wrong digit 40% of the time it makes forgetting where that single number was in the permutation easier as well as forgetting the other 2 digits easier as well.

I'm not saying it is a needless feature, just saying there are ways to make it harder to remember the number even if you have excellent memory. Doing such makes it so you will forget the order of the numbers and you will know that either there is a 5 somewhere but not a 2 or a 2 somewhere but not a 5, with a 3 digit lock that still leaves you with about 600 possible numbers out of the original 1,000 so while does eliminate 400ish numbers is still pretty effective.

(And yes I know a 3 digit lock is pretty quick to get into, but that is what the OP mentioned, plus that is currently what I have because I have not found a 4 digit one in stores and I am not sure the exact MM diamiter fits into my cage so better to buy it in person rather then on Amazon unless I find out the diameter.)
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I'm pretty certain you won't find a fitting 4 digit lock for your cage, most 4 digit locks seem to be around 6mm thick.
As a workaround you can use a regular padlock or a lockable cage and then just lock the key away with your combination lock.

In my opinion it's more difficult to memorize a 4 digit code whose digits are to be set in a randomized order like palkiaboy96 suggests. (The App reading out the false codes loud is a great help, btw.)
I would appreciate the option of not having to set a new code with every lock, but to recycle a "used code" from the session before instead. The the app "only" would have to offer the option not to reveal the code of a run out lock, and to store the code for the following session instead.



What about at the begining of lockup and animated padlock locking with the clicking sound of the lock .?