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When creating a variable lock the ability to enable 'consequences' with n% chance

The effect would be that when drawing a card if the n% chance strikes then a random card from the initial cards selected will be added to the active deck regardless of what has been drawn already 

Random chances proportional to the numbers selected initially, example if 16 reds, 1 double and one reset and 2 green at start, on any card draw that triggers a consequence then there is a 80% chance its going to be a red added, 10% another green to find and 10% chance a bomb card just dropped ..whoops

That one double it began with and you pulled yesterday may not be the only one after all regardless of any active lock management going on .., think of pulling the last green and it spawning another green , I can taste the tears

Alternative way to do it would be for the chance to trigger a consequence apply only when drawing a green card but also enable setting of how many cards to randomly roll and add so if in the above example it was set to add 4 cards then the first green drawn might add 3 red and a double. This was my initial idea and while it won't add much to a needle in a haystack low green count deck i think i prefer it to the chance on any card as fearing the greens a little changes things up nicely :D

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I see what you're saying, but you can accomplish this with adding some number of random yellow cards, right?

Pull a yellow random, and it decides to add 1-4 red cards.

Or add another double-up card, or another reset card.

The concept of pulling a card out of the deck is already there with your n% chance.

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A yellow can only add reds,  this mechanic if there are doubles or resets in the original selection they can be added too. Next time you pull a card think about having a risk that if it is green you are possibly adding a reset card to the remaining deck as a consequence and the effect later pulling up that reset card would have on what has been pulled already and what may have been added and not yet pulled ..then be afraid, very afraid :D

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So, if I understand you, the feature is like so:

"Enable Booby Trap" (y/n)

If Y:  set a % probability (1-10) (10-100%) and add cards according to these rules:

[ ] Green draw, adds random (red freeze, reset, 2x)
[ ] Red draw, add random (red, freeze, reset, 2x)
[ ] 2x draw, oops, it's actually a 4x  ;)
[ ] Reset draw is a sticky reset (doesn't come out of deck)
[ ] Yellow cards add a 2x card instead of 1-4 reds.

Something like this?

Re: Consequences
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Consequences only on greens as other cards effects are their own consequence already (and we may want the game end at some point).

Chance of card type added is based on original deck composition so there is some measure of control of the chances such as not including any reset cards .
On reflection also ignoring the greens as adding another green does not achieve anything and adjusting the green count is a way to adjust the likely severity of the total consequences likely to be received.

Running a 20 card deck using 10 greens, 9 reds and 1 double would mean each green pulled have a 90% chance to replace the green with a red, 10% to replace it with a double.

It is up to the Chaos Butterfly how many extra doubles get added and how many reds are around if and when they get pulled.