App Down? Offline (Connection Problems)

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App Down? Offline (Connection Problems)
« on: July 16, 2019, 06:02:47 PM »
Just caged up to start a new lock, and the app seemingly went down?!? My network is just fine, other apps are loading/connecting on my phone (Android, S9), but I keep getting the "Offline (Connection Problem) will try to connect again in 60 seconds" message at the bottom of the screen. Anyone else having this issue at the moment? Or any tips on how to fix it?  Thanks in advance!  - Faptrap

Re: App Down? Offline (Connection Problems)
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2019, 06:21:47 PM »
After reading around more on these forums, I didn't realize this has been an issue for a week or two now.  I apologize if this post is just repeating stuff that has been said before.