All ChastiKey Locks Unlocked

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All ChastiKey Locks Unlocked
« on: May 01, 2022, 05:03:59 PM »
Hi, all locks have now been unlocked. Those of you that are solo locked may notice that your locks aren't unlocked in the app and that they are still showing as running in the app. This is because the app was programmed to not check for these kind of lock unlock updates on the server (keyholder updates).

If your lock is still running in the app you will need to go to the menu and choose "Refresh Locks From Server" for it to show as unlocked, and for the combination to appear. If you don't do this and instead pick a card or make any sort of change to the lock it will set it back as locked again in the database. There is a script on the server that will run every 5 minutes from now on that will set it back as unlocked each time.

Not refreshing the locks from the server via the menu means you could run the lock for much longer, but I'd strongly recommend against this because within the next month or so I will be shutting down the server completely and wiping the database which means your combinations will be lost along with your lock, and access to the app.

If you haven't already I'd recommend checking out which is the app that most ChastiKey users have moved over to.

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